Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dirty 30

I am 30 today.
Its a number I have dreaded. Dont know why. I expected things to be so much different by 30 (career wise).

I got a delivery at work today. The big Lilly bouquet is from Andrew. The small bouquet said "To Mommy, Love Anika"
I WAS TOTALLY surprised. I already got a big present, so I wasn't expecting a thing.

I am leaving one here at work, and taking one home.
I am going out to dinner tonight. I already know what I am having: gourmet lobster and filet mac and cheese.  I have had it ONCE at this local restaurant when I was pregnant. I usually cant justify that huge fatty meal, but I can today, because I'M 30!


  1. Happy, happy birthday! I could say the cliched thing about 30 just being a number, but I'll probably dread turning 30 when it's my instead I'll just say enjoy the day! The flowers are gorgeous. :-)

  2. Happy Birthday! Glad Anika remembered your big day :) And your 30's are going to be great!

  3. Happy 30th!! My 30th Birthday was my best!

  4. Yeah!! Happy birthday! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!