Friday, March 8, 2013

Almost 2

Can you believe Anika is almost 2?!!? It is really crazy to think about how fast it goes by.
I AM STILL keeping a calendar for her like I did for her first year. I keep it hung in her room near the rocker. I don't always write EVERY night, but I really try to. It is so easy to forget all the small things, and I have been HORRIBLE at keeping this blog updated with her happenings. Just horrible.
Last Month...
ANika kept telling me her teeth were falling out. I thought maybe she had that weird dream people have. Then I found out the 6 year old at the sitter lost her tooth! ha.
The first weekend of February we went to Boston to meet some of my friends.  We slept in a fancy hotel and then went to the Children's museum the next day.  But, first Anika was up way earlier than everyone else, so her and I got breakfast in the fancy hotel restaurant and walked and walked and walked around the hotel.  She was in her nighty still. It was cute. She asked for coffee and we made a special coffee for her.   She asks for coffee a lot.
In February, Anika offered me my own breast to nurse myself.  That was nice of her. HA.
Anika has had a lot of snow to play in. She says she wants to play in it, but then she doesn't really want to. She would rather sit and watch the others. She wanted to build a snow man- kept asking, but then she wanted to watch daddy do it.
Anika has been using the potty a lot. She loves to wear undies. She also still goes in her pants a lot.
Valentine's Day was a special day for many reasons.  One reason being that Anika's Daddy gave me an eternity band to go with my wedding band and engagement ring.  I've been wanting the band for a long time. I LOVE it.  Also, On Valentine's day Anika was in the car seat and said "Mummy, I need you"  It melted my heart and I responded to it of course, so now she says it all the time hoping for the same response.  I love when she asks for something she knows I will say no to- her little voice goes soft and she gives me a look "Mummy, Cookie for me?" but she already knows the answer will not be yes. 99% of the time.
The day after Vday, Anika was in bed with me and asked to hold my hand. It was still early. Then, my alarm went off (I use my phone) and she said "MUMMY, Your alarm is calling"
HAHA. I thought that was funny.

She loves for me to call Daddy, Nona or Grampa in my car- we have sync so she often tells me to call people because she can hear them in the car.
She still loves to ask me WHY?  about many things.  She loves to make me things in her Hape Kitchen, like wine. ha. She calls the ketchup and now salad dressings wine. I don't even drink wine around her, so this is funny to me.  I do say wine when we get it at the grocery store though, because I tell her what everything is that I put in the cart, or I have her tell me.  Some weeks, I don't get wine and she reminds me.
She still likes to tell people what I do and what I said, so I have to watch myself.
She loves to blame others for her toots.  She likes to ride Piri,  She likes to help me with EVERYTHING: Make dinner, do laundry, do dishes, dust, vacuum, you name it. She is my helper.  When we get home each night from work, she puts her coat in the closet and helps me take my shoes off. ha. I promise, I compensate her well for all her work.
I am glad I got this update down.
I hope to keep up better.
Happy weekend Folks!


  1. YAY!! I'm feeling good about my updates on our life on the blog. Especially the pictures of Miss Shelby!

  2. Valentine's day :) yay! Lucky! You got a ring!! Lexi and Anika are very similar!

  3. Love hearing all Anika's funny and heartwarming blurbs - she is just the cutest! I don't get to read blogs much anymore so I can only imagine trying to keep up writing one - ugh...You're doing great though and so nice you still keep the calendar for A - I stopped doing Fiona's after about 18 months but I still try to write her notes about special things she does or 1sts - its hard to keep up at this age when they are doing so many new things everyday - and its so much more important to be a part of those moments than it is to write them down - so you've got that down pat!:)