Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Marathon Monday

Marathon Monday/Patriots day has been a favorite day of mine since my freshmen year of college at Northeastern University.   Northeastern is a large Boston university located in the city. Just a short walk to Fenway Park. I used to live right next to the Boston symphony and a few minutes from Boylston street where the runners run. 
Marathon Monday is the start of spring in the city and a fun time to celebrate. Back in the my college days,  It was also an excuse to drink all day : )
Even after I moved out of the city, I still made the trip down  for marathon Monday.
Last year and this year I met up with my old college buddy and we watched the race west of the city with our girls.
I went down Sunday night this year and we had a fun girls day and night. Then we got up Monday and walked from her house over to the race course to cheer on the wheel chair runners (the first people on the course).   I always tear up!  Some of the stories are pretty remarkable. Then we waited and saw the elite men and women go by and then we saw my old roommate, Anne. This is Anne's 4th Boston Marathon. 
In years past, I have made shirst and gone all out. I was not organized this year!

Anne heard us cheering! She was going fast. She finished in just over 3 hours!!

After a while of watching we went to a frozen yogurt bar. I actually let Anika pick her toppings!  She picked some gross ones.

Then, we went to a park and she hung from the monkey bars.
It was a perfect day.
Until it wasn't so perfect. MY friend's husband is a police officer and we all found out what had happened.
We were safe, but no one could get through to me. My phone wouldn't really work.  Of course I was able to get on Facebook and give a status and text.
Anika and I left a little after 4 and made our 2 hour trip home to NH.
I received a lot of texts, calls, emails etc checking in and I really appreciated it.
Anika heard us talking about it and she told her dad when we got home there was a bomb :( I don't want her to remember that part of the day.


  1. Glad you all are ok and that my friend Joan and you friend Anne finished before...

  2. I was thinking about you yesterday since I know you always try to make it into the city for the marathon. I am so glad you're all ok!

  3. Gosh, what a total downer to the entire day and entire race. Can't help but sit here and think of all of those affected.
    So glad you guys were safe and not on the finish line when things went down.

  4. You know I was so worried about you. I hate that Anika picked up on that. Sweet girl. So glad you weren't any where close.