Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Iphone pics, Dad day and 20!

These photos are so random.
Last week, Anika and I went over to my friend's place for dinner. She made chili and other yummy things.  It is this screened in area she stays in the summer. There is a toilet, but its in the bedroom. Like, not a separate room. My friend lives there alone. Anika of course had to take a shit in the bedroom toilet before she could leave. ha.  

Anika had chocolate on her and I asked her what she ate and she tried to play dumb. ha.
I have been making a LOT of truffles for an upcoming bridal shower.  Ive had a LOT of test runs because I am really bad at dipping in melting chocolate.
Andrew wanted to get Anika a bike. We wanted this red one, but it was too big at 16"
and the ONLY 12" bike was pink. Of course. And we don't live in an area with lots of stores, so we settled on this one. Anika loved it of course. Doesn't look it in this photo, but she would NOT get off the bike in the store so I pulled her around on it. haha.
Ani made this tie for Andrew at the library last week (For Father's Day).  Andrew wears ties for weddings and funerals, so I thought it was funny, but cute of course :)
 Anika riding her bike. Except, she told us it needed gas and wouldn't go :) Andrew worked with her on how to get it to go!
 Father's Day, I made salmon eggs benedict. Anika picked out a card for Andrew. I gave him a sweet one. And, she made him some crafts. And gave him a small thing to make seedlings with her (save that for next spring).  Oh and I got him a $8 meat thermometer. HA. homemade gifts, cards and that little gift,  and he said he was spoiled. I wish I was that easy to please!
She finger painted this fish for him. In my house last Thursday!  Finger painting inside took a lot of breathing on my part! We would have gone outside, but it was raining and I had promised her already. She remembers when I tell her we will do something, so I have to follow through.
I spent some time organizing in my basement and Anika likes to pull out the baby stuff. She still fits in this infant seat! ha.
These binders and expanding folders are all from my pregnancy with Anika and her first year.  Mostly, pregnancy though. Yup- I did that much research! haha. there is stuff on car seats, cribs, nursery, names, hypnobirhting, car seat safety class, breastfeeding, cpr, registry info, - you name it, its in there.  All tabs and all. WOW! I don't even have a FOLDER for this new baby! haha. I guess I know everything now :)
I haven't been juicing as much as I used to, but we had some rhubarb from the garden and I had no idea what else to use it for, so I let Anika juice it and then add what she wanted. It came out pretty good.

This hand made wood clothes drying rack got all moldy from being outside, so Andrew is painting it with any spray paint he finds in our almost finished cans that he doesn't  want to waste...ya...this is what its looking like so far. haha.
TWO of my nails are growing! ha, pregnancy nails.  usually they are all stubs, so a little length is a lot for me.
playing Legos.
This is for Anika. I tried it and its the grossest thing Ive ever put in my mouth. I cant believe she will eat it. I want her to eat it, but wow. gross.
I have been putting this organic miso on my toast or English muffin like its vegemite! NOT its intended purpose but I am not making a lot of miso soup. I make a salad dressing with it and now on my toast and I think it gives a nice kick.  My go to breakfast is an organic English muffin with coconut oil, a thin layer of this, capers, onion, tomatoes and smoked salmon. YUM!
I am 20 WEEKS!  MY FIRST day wearing maternity clothes. Pants and shirt. I have been wearing a lot of  dresses
At my appointment, my midwife has a book with the baby at each week and the baby is attached to the big pages of the book with Velcro so you can take it out. I took it out for the 20 week baby and put it on my belly. They are ACTUAL size diagrams. The baby is sitting low- lower than my belly button, but this is the size.  
The picture of me in blue is closer to 19 weeks than 20, I think. but, I'm sure not a lot changed in a week.


  1. Birthing necklace? HA! It's official. You are a hippy :-)

  2. Lol to DeAnnas comments. Our little blogging hippy friend :) I cannot believe you have all of those files! That is impressive. And your friend in they screened in house? That is impressive as well!

  3. That's crazy how big the baby is! What are you holding in the 20 week picture?

  4. Salmon for breakfast? Yuck, but hey whatever works.

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