Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend and A guest post!

Knock Knock.
I am here.
My friend Meagan is doing a series on super Moms. She was nice enough to ask me to answer some questions for her blog.
The post appeared last Thursday and I wanted to tell you all!
So, go Read it.
I think I want to get Andrew a bread maker for his Birthday. Any suggestions?
Not too Pricey!
I got him an Iphone 4 and gave it to him early. I thought I could pull that off as his gift from his generous wife, but he found out I got it for free! (He was eligible for an upgrade).  Bummer.
 Guess what he got me as An early Christmas Present:  
Frye boots. The ones on the RIGHT.  They dont have a zipper. I have replaced both zippers on my Ecco boots. I LOVE LOVE my ecco boots and I have had them for 4.5 years. Boots are my everyday wear around here this time of year. The ones above with a zipper were a little taller, but also a little tighter on my leg.
Anika playing in the leaves with her cousin!
A few lights and a "horse" as Anika called it.
We went to some new outlets in our state this weekend.
We have outlets pretty close to our house though, but these ones are a little more upscale. Andrew FINALLY Found a pair of jeans. I was about to beg the sales people in some stores to find him a pair that fit right. Its seriously been a two year search.

We also went to Macys which is over an hour from our house and I got Anika's Christmas dress!
Friday, Andrew asked me to pick up desserts at our butcher when I got some tips for dinner.
One dessert did not survive the trip home.
I lack control. I really do.
Hope you had a lovely weekend!


  1. Haha! I can't believe you ate it on the way home! That is great.

    Love the boots. I want a pair of Frye's so badly!

  2. I love the boots too. I got a pair of cowboy boots for Christmas last year. Love them :) Just not comfy to wear right now.

  3. How much are those boots? I like them! I put a pair on my christmas list but never seen them in person. Thanks for the shout out!