Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentines Week

We went to a store we don't usually go to, and they had these race car carts that Anika was quite excited about. I get excited when she gets excited about stuff like this.  I walked around this store with both girls for a very long time because there were so many things my normal store doesn't have. Both girls were so patient while I wandered around, which I appreciated.
The girls and I went grocery shopping with my friend this weekend and well...haha, It wasn't quite the same experience. The problem child was NOT the baby.  It was pretty ridiculous. 
Before the grocery store, we had gone to a few other stores too.  Anika has been doing chores at home and earned something she had asked for a while ago. She wanted some snow white gloves to go with her snow white dress for Disney world (We go in a few weeks).   I don't buy her everything she wants (obviously)  and when I said no, she asked how she could change my mind. I told her she could earn the Snow white gloves.
SO, she has been doing her chores and we have been keeping track and she earned her gloves. She went to the store and there was ONE pair left and then she paid for them.   I could have just bought them on amazon, but I thought it was good for her to do the whole thing of buying them.   While we were at the store, she saw something else she wants, so I told her she can start earning that now.
If you are wondering what she does, they are things she had done previously for a long time, but not consistently. She grew bored of her chores quite some time ago, so now she is doing them again.
She feeds the dog, clears the dinner table, picks up all her toys, puts her shoes and jacket away, puts her books away, puts dirty clothes in the hamper,  and follows directions :)
I am going to add in,  washing hair without going crazy. Right now, she goes CRAZY on days we have to wash her hair, which is not often. She just really hates it.

When I transfer her from the car to her bed, its a success!

I saw these little baskets at Home goods and I am always looking for something cuter to carry my wood in. I spray painted a plastic drink bucket a few weeks ago outside in 10 degrees, so ...the paint chipped off the bucket and it was all a big huge fail.
I like this canvas tote, but Andrew isn't feeling it. Not durable enough for him, but it stays for now.  I just need to carry wood in and have some there. We used to have a HUGE wood box, but it was too big for our small space.   I would rather go outside more often to get more.  Wood stoves save so much money on heat, but boy are they dirty and ugly. The paint chipped off the top of our stove and we bought wood stove paint, but as you can see it just chipped off as well! Nothing seems to fix it :(


She isn't a big fan of laying on the floor, so I moved her floor time play thing so she could sit up and see it.

TWO books we read last week had the word hate in it. A Llama Llama book AND this sesame street book.  It is just not a nice word for two year olds.  I think I already mentioned this, but Anika told me she hated me when she was mad at me.   She also told me the only people who like me are mean people.  She tries to hurt my feelings when she gets mad at me...she even told me those are her intentions! 
Why does she get mad at me? Oh you know, when I don't give her what she wants or I tell her no. 

We always read stories before bed and when Andrew is at work, we do it like this :)  Me and my girls.

I made this photo when we got out of the house on time for the first time. haha.
Leni is much like how Anika was as a baby, and is happy when she can be involved in everything.  She likes to listen to me talk to her as I make my coffee and make breakfast, pack up lunches, etc. The bumbo seat makes that very easy and convenient for me to get ready for work and out the door.  She also sits in it at dinner and always "eats" with us, aka: watches us eat and laughs at us.
BUT, since its recalled (that wasn't really an issue for me since I never leave her unattended in it) AND Leni was already arching out of it, we retired it and moved onto the booster seat...

She isn't really eating food yet! ha I just put that there.

Of course, Anika wanted her old booster seat when Leni was in it.

She got to help Anika and I make Valentine cupcakes.

Anika even cracks eggs without getting shells in it! She has a very interesting way of doing it, but I let her go with it.  I love days when we are not rushed so I can let her just do stuff. I cant say that always happens, but I know she feels more confident and happy when she gets to really help.

We used water from boiling beets to color the frosting.  Anika (as well as other kids) tend to react negatively to food dyes.  You can NOT taste the beets.
I made the frosting from memory- confectionary sugar, butter, vanilla extract and a little NH maple syrup.
Anika, Leni and I took Piri to the vet on Tuesday. (I have Tuesdays off right now)  ANika saw all the dog food and treats and told me she was hungry...and she wanted a treat or a snack. I was like, ohh, these are all for pets! haha. She was very disappointed.

We made the same Valentines as last year with the lollipops.
Above is this year.
Below is last year. haha.

I took this of Leni because she is a TRUE Valentines day baby.  When it ALL began for Miss Leni :) wink wink.
The girls opening cards from Nona an Grampa on Vday.Video below of Anika all excited. I love how she says Ballentynes instead of Valentines. Ballentynes is a store in NZ.



<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

 The one above- not embedding- but I love how Leni is just hanging out smiling and then Anika elbows her and she doesn't even really flinch but she stops smiling.  Tough little Leni.

 2nd link is a video of Andrew giving Anika her gifts.  She had wanted the dress and asked him to buy her a princess dress off ebay. HA! Then in the video she says thanks for buying this on ebay for me daddy.
For the record, he had me order it on amazon.  HE also got Anika a sterling silver bracelet, and he got me a bracelet too.
I don't know,  these videos wont embed. so annoying.

I didn't get the girls anything (I got Anika a small chocolate heart), but I think its really sweet and special Andrew did. I Hope its a tradition he keeps and I think the girls will love it.   
And a few of my Leni bug

ha, out to coffee with nona at the café

Daddy and Anika painting (they had just started and ANika wanted to use white paint, haha). Leni in the swing watching and smiling at them.


  1. Leni is such a doll. Sometimes I think she looks like Anika, but other times I think she looks so different! Good for you boiling beets. I hate beets, so not sure what I do after I got the dye!

  2. I cannot get over how cute the girls are! Leni just seems like such a happy baby, and Anika is a spit fire!

  3. I have heard that about the hair starting at that age. Gosh, who knows when Shelby will even get any?? :(
    Our grocery store has those same carts. I haven't tried them out yet, but I bet she would get excited. I really can't believe how much Leni has already grown!