Monday, March 10, 2014

Snow tea party

I stumbled upon a professional photo shoot on a blog a couple weeks ago.
The shoot had 2 little girls having a tea party in the snow.
Now, I am NOT a photographer. It takes me everything I can to capture a non blurry photo.
I wasn't going to try to recreate the artwork, but I thought the general idea of a snow tea party was fabulous. Anika LOVES tea parties. She plays up in her room for a long time talking to her dolls and stuffed animals playing tea party. Sometimes she invites us to play too.

We got dumped with snow and I wanted to go out right away and do it, but it is dark when we get home from work, so I had to wait for a weekend. We had 3 days of rain after all the snow, so it was off the trees and there was a crust on the snow I had to dig out. I think it would have been prettier with fresh snow fall.
BUT, I set this up with Anika's help and she enjoyed her snow tea party.
She also wore her ski boots. Of course! ha
All of the stuff is her normal stuff from her room.  She was eating crackers. Piri kept trying to get them, so I had to put Piri in.

 The flowers were $1 post vday special. ha
Her birthday party has nothing to do with tea parties, but I used it for her birthday party invitation.
Her party will be where she takes gymnastics.


  1. This is the sweetest! She is such a photogenic and beautiful girl!