Friday, August 26, 2011


Hey!! First real post over here.  My blogger here is way different than the blogger I was using.
Anika turned 5 months LAST Sunday. I have a post to do about that, but for now...I am camping up in Maine and I only have a little computer time. The internet doesn't work at the camp site, so I am up at the pool. Anika is having a great time, and I am taking lots of pictures.  Those are still on my camera, but here are some from last week.
Anika has been eating lots of peaches from our peach tree in this little thing- I stuff whole peaches into (Minus the pit).

Remember this picture from last year? I was in my friend C's wedding in October.  I was about 18 weeks pregnant. Me on the right.

AND, here is Anika modeling her onesie now :)  The girl next to me in the photo above had a girl 2 months after I had Anika, and we went to her christening last weekend. We should have gotten a picture of BOTH girls in their oneseis :)

OK, lots to come next week. I am gong to a bachelorette party up here Saturday and it was a pure coincidence that my mom was camping up here this week. Daddy Andrew comes tonight after work, and we cant wait!
ps. these pictures are showing up so tiny!! why?


  1. Good to see you over here...I just want to squeeze A!

  2. Be safe camping! There's a big storm coming!! ;0

  3. seriously i was wondering where you were, you tricked me! i was at the other blog! sorry so late :)