Monday, August 29, 2011

Miss 5 Months Old

Anika turned 5 months last week. I am behind in this post.
Let's see....At 5 months, little Miss Anika is a pretty happy baby.  She eats lots of veggies and some fruits.  She eats fruits in her little munchkin net thing. She eats dinner with us most nights and tries desperately to grab food off our plates. She has been successful a few times.  She is still bald, but we put a wig on her to see what she would look like with hair :)

Sitting in her rocking chair daddy refinished for her.
A little flashback ...Below Anika at TWO Months. Boy, how she has grown.
Anika ALWAYS smiles for her daddy. She actually laughs out loud for him more than she does to me.  She likes being worn on me still. She LOVES when I sing to her in the car.  I ran out of songs that I knew, so we have some singalong CD's. I am learning some new songs and I have even listened to them when alone in the car. I know- that is just pathetic.  She still loves when we read her books.  She does want attention most of the time, but then she can play independently for a while too. She gets up on her hands and knees, but then just falls to her belly. She does figure out a way to scootch around though.
I dont really know what else to say...she is such a joy and brings so many smiles to our daily life. 

This past weekend we went camping and then I had a bachelorette party. I will do my camping post here, but I think I will do the bachelorette post at the old blog that is private because just say I didn't really behave like Mommy Ashley. Tisk tisk.


  1. you can behave like un mommy ashley too sometimes! that is perfectly fine! every mommy deserves a night to herself :)
    Anika is darling! she seems like the happiest baby ever! Lexi is the same way with her daddy! it used to make me sad but now she is getting to where she laughs at me as well! :) so sweet

  2. Andrews face looking at her in that last picture is hysterical. My friend wore her son until he was like a year. Looks like she was going to tip over!

  3. I hope I can read the private bachelorette post!!! :)

  4. Those baby blues just kill me!

    I can't wait to read about the bachelorette party. :-)