Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weekend Review..kinda

I finally figured out why I was having issues making my photos bigger. I WAS USING THE old version of blogger. I am on the new version now- On both blogs. Ugh. So much easier and better.
Remember how a few weeks ago I mentioned finding mold in my pump parts? Well, this week I found mold where the rubber strips go on the lids of my seal tight containers. I LOVE ME some tight lock containers that never leak, but I need to take out the rubber strips and clean them all the time, obvi. Oh, and I am a clean person so I don't know why I keep having issues. I have been in the process of changing from plastic containers to glass and I LOVE the Container store lock tight containers. I bring my lunch to work and I don't want leaks in my bag. I use a very small lock tight container for Anika's baby food as well (that one is plastic because I cant find a really small glass one).  
Last Thursday I went up to Maine to go camping. My mom and niece were already up there.
On Friday, we hung out at the pool...until I saw a kid jump in with a bloody foot and I decided Anika needed to get out :) I know, paranoid.

Anika loved the swing set.

Friday night we went to Build A bear...And Anika made a stuffed doggy. She LOVED IT. We took a million photos but I have tried to narrow them down.
Anika pushing the pedal to fill the stuffed animal with fluff!! Then she picked out a heart and the girl who works there had me rub it on her heart for love, her cheek for something, her knee so the teddy would always NEED her and a few other cute things. I have to say, this shit was kinda expensive, but Noni treated  and I think it is something I would do when she is older. My niece is 8 and has done it a few times before and she wanted EVERYTHING to add to her bear.
The kids "bathe" the teddy after it is stuffed and the heart is put in. Oh, she had a sound put in too...I picked a song to go in it. ANd then we picked an outfit and get her doggy all dressed!  THEN we made a birth certificate. 
This build a bear was in a big mall. There was a Sephora there. We don't have Sephora in NH...and Just a couple weeks ago I told my mom (in an email no less) that I have given up my favorite Sephora products in order to afford the organic and free range diet I have committed to. Well, that was an easy thing to say when I don't walk by Sephoras. When my mom brought my niece in another store, I went to Sephora and got some of my fave tinted moisturizer that I am almost out of (Laura Mercier). SHHH. dont tell. haha. I justified this purchase in many ways. one way was the fact that I BROUGHT all our cloth diapers camping. I COULD have bought a pack of disposables to make it easy, but I didnt. So, I deserve sephora, right?

 We put Anika's pack n play outside at the camp site and she played and played.  She also got to see a campfire for the first time and LOVED IT. She stared at it for a while. We videoed her staring. Daddy Andrew came Friday night after work.  We were sleeping in my parent's camper (my dad wasn't there when we were) and Andrew slept on the top bunk and Anika and I slept on a pull out couch type thing.   My mom was supposed to stay until Monday, but due to the supposed hurricane, she packed up mid day Saturday and they all headed home...and I went to the beach 3 miles away to meet the girls for Anna's bachelorette party.  The weather was ok, but I will write about the actual party on the old K&C site.

This week I had to go to a funeral (My boss' dad) and he was married for 67 years!!  HE also had 11 kids. My boss is the oldest of 11. I just cant get my head around 11 kids and 67 years of marriage. I mean, my grandparents will probably make that long, and probably my parents too  since they both got married young. I told Andrew about this 67 years and I asked if he could imagine it and he said NO! And he said he cant imagine being married that long and I said, GOOD because you wont be :) HE is almost 40 and we have been married a little over 4 years. You do the math :) Its possible...but.....

OH, big news. ANIKA crawled last night!! ONly a few "steps" or knees but she crawled none the less. Tonight she just got on her hands and knees like she has been..but she looks at us with a shit eating grin and like she is saying "LOOK AT ME!" It was soo cute. And then after talking to Danielle today and consulting Dr. Sears, her newfound crawling is probably why she hasn't been sleeping well. She has been waking up a lot in the nights, but not particularly hungry.  Come to find out...when babies are hitting major developmental milestones, they "practice" those skills in their sleep. Dr Sears says:

"...Yet, even though babies achieve this sleep maturity some time during the last half of the first year, many still wake up. The reason? Painful stimuli, such as colds and teething pain, become more frequent. Major developmental milestones, such as sitting, crawling, and walking, drive babies to "practice" their new developmental skills in their sleep. Then between one and two years of age, when baby begins to sleep through the above-mentioned wake-up stimuli, other causes of nightwaking occur, such as separation anxiety and nightmares. "

So...maybe that is whats going on? Or maybe its her teeth. Top ones are coming in and I couldn't find her necklace for a few days, but I have it now :)

I hope more of my readers make their way over here soon!!!


  1. Yay for the new blog! I'm making sure you're on my Reader. Love her hat and sunglasses - too cute!

  2. Thanks for the update. Anika is a litlte dolly.

  3. i can't believe she crawled! I mean - I can, just wow! that kid is sure to be an athlete she is so strong - college scholarships here she comes:)
    Can't wait to read about the bachelorette party!!

  4. I like the new layout :) very cute!! and appropriate ;) as for the mold- ew that is very strange! i havent even heard of that before. maybe it has something to do with the heat and humidity not necessarily the milk?
    Build a bear: i have been dying to take lexi there to make her first bear (i have 8!!) but ryan wont let me bc its expensive and she is still little so I think for her 1st bday we are going to take her the actual day :)
    Sephora- completely justified! enough said! :)
    and camping sounds very fun! im not sure how much fun it would be with lexi but ya know!

  5. She is so stinkin adorable! And I can't believe she's 5months old already!
    Giada started crawling around 5months too. I think they'll be early walkers too.
    And girl I've been working so much, I was totally thrown off by the fact that you've got a new blog. Is there some drama behind that, that I should know? Or you just felt like it? Either way, thank God for twitter, other wise I would have never known where to go. But here I am! have a great weekend!

  6. You are such a comment whore. Hahah! Kidding :) Anika in the swing is adorable. I cannot believe she is crawling already! (well almost crawling!)

  7. I have been reading but not commenting. Bad reader. Yay Anika crawling!! She made the same bear that Cooper takes his monthly pics with! My parents made it for him when I was still pregnant. His paw has a sound thing in it that barks, Cooper just found it the other day and won't stop pressing it, haha. I've heard about that sleeping thing. Cooper started sleeping a LOT a few months ago, and someone said that it might be because he's getting ready to develop something mentally, like talking or understanding things. Kind of the opposite of what they say about physical milestones like crawling and walking. And he is talking A LOTTTTT now. Not real words, but jabbering away in his own language. He IS saying Mama now :)) Finally!