Thursday, September 22, 2011

Night I met Andrew. And Mean Girl.

Ok, so I thought my next post would be ANika's 6  month post. AND, that is coming. I have videos for it too :)

But, I just realized something super duper cool. Andrew and I FIRST met in person at a wedding. That wedding was at a ski area near where I grew up. It was the wedding of his brother to my cousin.  I had only seen photos of Andrew before that night, and in the photos I thought he was pretty cute. This is one of the photos I had seen. This is a cropped version and I think I took a photo of a its not as great as it was.

Oh, and in the original photo..his whole body was showing...and there was a bulge.
I'M not going to explain that further,  but it got my attention.
Then, I saw him at the wedding standing up there as best man, and he looked like this:
Sure, he was Like, WAYYY older than me. But, I liked.  I knew he had a girlfriend back home in NZ...a pretty serious one. So, I knew he was not available. I was introduced to him after the ceremony by his brother. I shook his hand and said "nice to meet you"  Then, he went from looking at me for a sec and turning to his brother and said in his thick kiwi accent "When can I take this penguin coat off" meaning his jacket. haha. His bro said he could since pictures were over, and I never saw someone get out of a jacket so fast.   I was used to formal wear, so I thought he was a bit...odd. Odd, but I was intrigued!! He also seemed to have a nervous energy.
Such a nervous energy, that my dad thought he was a crack head! lol. He wasnt.
Then, his cousin hit on me. I turned that down.
Then, during the toast (which his dad gave because Andrew was too shy to give it) his dad went ON AND ON AND ON. All about the NZ family that couldn't be there. Their mom who had passed soon before.  Mid toast,  Andrew got up from the head table and skipped out of the function room ....then came back 10 minutes later. Apparently, he had to pee!! I later learned that when Andrew drinks...he has to go when he has to go. BUT, at the time- I thought he was a WEIRDO!! But still hot. haha
Fast forward a few hours and LOTS AND LOTS of drinks for me later...and Andrew comes up to me at the bar. HE said "Can I buy you a drink?"
I looked at him and said "How can you BUY me a drink when the wedding party has open bar? Its not like you would be paying for it-the bride's parents are"
Andrew looked at me kind of drunkly and said "Fine, can I GET you a drink?" I think he slurred too. Not like I was standing too well by that point! haha
And I said "No thanks. I have one already"
AND, I walked away. I may have come off as a bitch, but he intimidated me. AND, I thought he was hot and I knew he was taken, so why take a taste if I couldnt have the whole thing? haha
ANYWAY- I didn't talk to him the rest of the night...not until I went to NZ 9 months later to study abroad...and by then, he was single :)

OK, the point of this story IS...we are attending a wedding THIS coming weekend AT THE SAME PLACE. I have not been to a wedding at this place SINCE the wedding I met Andrew.  
AND, weird- This weekend is EXACTLY 7 YEARS SINCE that other wedding!!  SAME FRIGGEN WEEKEND!
UM- how cool!!??
The wedding 7 years ago is ALSO the wedding I met my friend Kate at. Only problem is- I didnt know that! LOL.  The first time I remember meeting Kate was 3ish years ago through a friend.  BUT, apparently Kate had not liked me BECAUSE of that wedding. She is married to a kid I went to HS with, but I didn't really know him either.  Kate and her husband were at the wedding 7 years ago, and according to Kate, I was giving her dirty looks from the dance floor "THE WHOLE NIGHT"
Kate obviously didn't know that my drunk dance moves included a "Sexy face" that came off as a scowl? or a Mean girl look. ANd, she thought it was directed towards her. Funny, when I met Kate 5 years later, I could swear, I had never seen her before in my life. So, Kate is my friend now, but she still brings this up. Kate will be at the wedding this coming weekend I guess it is our chance to fix the past, right Kate? I will get on the dance floor and give you the warmest, nicest smile from across the room. 
I will mention here, that After that wedding, I got a myspace friend request (ya, myspace) from a user name Jason and Kate. I looked at the pics and I knew Jason....but I had NO idea who his bride was (Kate) so I accepted just because I didn't want to be mean and say no to Jason...even though we weren't even friends in HS.  Well, come to find out, Jason didn't even use myspace and still doesn't use FB to this day. Kate had just put his name on there. So, Kate got to stalk me through there..even though she thought I hated her. (Fyi, Jason is not his real name- I changed it)  Obviously, Kate was just obsessed with me and wanted to hate me for my awesome dance moves.  :) )
Also, A while ago I wrote on my blog that my friend JL is the only friend who has ever watched Anika. That was a mistake. Kate watched Anika the night of my reunion. She was upset I made that horrible mistake on here. Sorry Kate. I retract that statement.
Speaking of reunion....
Unrelated, yet funny.  Remember the girl who wrote on FB about Anika at the reunion? I am not FB friends with her, but I was told. And then I sent her a private message...yadia yadia.
If you want the link-its at the old blog.
Well, I got a message from my friend today saying she wrote something kinda rude to this girl.
I asked to see.
It wasn't about ME or the reunion,  but that same Girl wrote THIS as her status yesterday:
(I am not correcting her spelling, by the way)
i hate listening to someone complaine about road construction, exspecially because they r the same people who will complaine when the road is a mess!

(Then: or listening to some complaine they r fat but they eat fast food every other day
Then: Or listening about to someone complaine about something in their life but then dont do what it takes to fix it

ANd, my friend commented:
so is it fair to say we don't like listening to someone complain about those who complain?

Ha. AND, then, I just heard that she just got married recently and I guess her and her hubby got in a big fight AT THE WEDDING reception.  Eeks.

Very Interesting !! So, I think its safe to say, she just likes to complain, so I feel better about her being mad at me.


  1. Andrew is So freaking hot, you are a lucky duck! :) You go girl! Get yo FREAK on this weekend!! haha and yeah that girl on fb needs to get a life - passive agressive fb statuses are the LAMEST!

  2. Oh & he looks like Prince William in the first pic!

  3. I love how you said he couldn't get you a drink. Ha.

  4. That is crazy that you guys will be at the same place you meet on the same date seven years later! Funny what those 7 years held, huh? The FB sounds like a tool. Now I suppose it's not right to call her that, but it sounds like she need to stop complaining about everyone else and work on her own life. Some people!