Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer is Over?

Labor Day marks the end of summer (to me).  This summer FLEW by. I am sure most people think this way, but it really did for me. 
Above is Anika's calendar for August.  I was able to fill in something for every day of the month.  Some days, it was just something like "I was happy today and talked a lot" ("I" would be Anika- I write for her :))
It was a big month of lots of foods, first crawl, big laughs, gained weight, first time camping, first night alone with daddy, longest walk in the stroller, etc.  We now move onto September...

We had a busy weekend. I usually get out at 3 (or 4) on Fridays in the summer. Andrew usually gets home early on Fridays too.  We went to get Anika's passport on Friday after work. Andrew met me there from work, and we went in...and I realized I forgot Anika's birth certificate!! Ugh. We will have to try again. Both parents are supposed to be there, but I might try to just use the power of attorney if we both cant make it again soon.  Friday night, we went to Chinese, but I dont really eat I just got steamed veggies and chicken...with white rice.
Saturday, we got up early and did a charity walk. It was 4.2 miles.  My mom ran it of course...well most people ran it :) Andrew, me, my niece, and my Gram all walked it. I was alone for a while because I wanted to keep a good pace :) Anika does great in the BOB when she gets to sit in it like a big girl. She hates the car seat in it.  
It was a good time.  Saturday afternoon, Andrew and I went to my friend's island to hang out and had dinner out there.  Sunday, Anika and I got up early again to go to another charity event- a Triathlon. The same triathlon I did last year while 14 weeks pregnant. I didn't participate this year. I haven't been swimming OR really running. I have been trying to get my weight off by doing spin, boot camp, and power tone before I really get into running. When I run with extra weight, it bothers my knee. I will really start running after I lose 10 more pounds, or so. Oh, by the way, I was down 1 pound last week. I am down 9.2 pounds since joining WW (40 since having Anika).  My mom did awesome at the run on Saturday AND the Tri on Sunday. My niece did the kids tri on Sunday as well, so Anika and I cheered her on.  I rushed home after that and met Andrew (he had stayed home to get the lawns mowed). Andrew, Anika and I went to a late brunch. It was yum and Anika did pretty well. There were people playing jazz music at brunch and she enjoyed watching them.  We were going to take the canoe out on a small lake near us and have a picnic dinner, but Andrew and I realized we don't have any adult life jackets. (We usually borrow them). So...we went around to half a dozen stores on a mission. We finally found some, but it was too late to go out by then.  We were going to go today, but it was rainy, we cleaned the house instead and did grocery shopping. I also got some fabric for Anika's Halloween costume :) Its going to be super cute.
I also tried on a bridesmaid dress I wore last October when I was about 18 weeks pregnant. I have a wedding to attend in a couple weeks, and I havent lost enough weight to fit into any of my other dresses. I tried on the dress today....I had it all dry cleaned after I wore it in October. Andrew went to zip it up for me and he struggeled a bit, but he said it was the zipper, not me.  I went and looked in the mirror and decided it would I asked him to unzip me. IT WAS STUCK!! He tried and tried. He got plyers and still it was stuck. He said the teeth on the zipper was messed up.  I was starting to sweat. I went and lied down on our bed in the A/C to stop sweating. Then we tried it again. Still stuck.  In the end, he cut the zipper to get it off!! So, I can no longer wear that dress!! I can get the zipper replaced, I'm sure, but I guess I will be going dress shopping next weekend.

I also had my first nightmare this weekend about Anika ...I dont even want to write it...but a dream where she passed. UGh, I woke up SICK...just sick and with my heart hurting.  IN the dream, she drowned. It was very real and very detailed, and I cant even tell the story because it was that bad. The worse part was that when the boat flipped, I rmemebered other things before I remembered she was in the boat (in my dream) it was just sad.

I finally posted about the bach party on K&C. Go read it HERE.


  1. Oh no t your dream about baby A!! I am so sorry and I can't even imagine!! Here is to no more bad baby dreams!!
    summer has drug on for us but we are boring and have no life ;) but really! bring on the fall and cooler weather cuz im super excited!!! What is Anika going to be for Halloween?

  2. I hear the BOB strollers rock the casbah!

  3. I had the same thing happen to me in a dress, and it was my friends dress. ha. I took it to a seamstress and she was able to fix it.

  4. Oh girl, it must have sucked getting that dress ruined! I think I would have cried a little over it.
    And the dream! My heart breaks just thinking about it. Ever since our friends' baby died a few weeks ago I have been all antsy and squeezing Giada WAY more than usual. It's just such a terrifying thought.

    PS: I know you said you sent me a password for your other blog, but I actually never got it..

  5. That is so scary about the dream. i'm pretty sure i've told you about Sam and the boat accident my family had, which is basically that but without a baby and substitute a dog and it actually happened.. it was awful. nice work with WW :-) keep it up!