Thursday, September 8, 2011

I am Anika's Mom now, I guess....And other Randoms

A couple more pictures from the weekend...

The pictures above and below were taken by one of the event organizers and put on FB. I didnt really walk on the side of the Bob the whole time. Just when that picture was taken because they asked to see my number.  I was a little ahead of Andrew, Gram and my niece. 
My mom ran the course in 30 something minutes and then came back to check on my niece and I don't know how she ended up with Piri (behind Andrew and Gram). I guess Andrew had some nice quality talk with Gram and dare I say- He even said he had FUN at the event! ha

family photo

I ordered this trick or treat bag for Anika from Pottery Barn Kids. I have NEVER ordered anything from Pottery Barn or the kids part. I think a lot of the stuff is very expensive for what it is.  Just my opinion.  Well, I get all the catalogs and I Saw a lot of Halloween Totes and I wanted to Get A one.  I figured this will last year after year and will get plenty of use. The tote, her name monogrammed and shipping it was $23.  I did notice there were strings of hot glue gun on it when I opened it and I can see the hot glue gun glue under the pieces glued on the bag.  I probably could have made this (My friend has a monogram machine) but....I am bad with crafts. So, I think it was worth the cost.  

My niece at her Tri after the swimming. The  only pictures I have of my looks like she is coming out of her top....She did the tri in one hour 25 minutes though, which is quite good (I think).

So, Anika is more popular than me. Its true. Not that I am that popular.  When we go out around town people come up and Say "Hi Anika" and I am like...who are these people? Yes, people I don't know, know her!! That is because she gets around with my mom and with Miss B. MIss B brought her kids to swim lessons this summer and then my mom also brought my niece for a different session, soA got to know lots of people there. Miss B goes to the beach a lot in the summer, and to library, and all kinds of fun things where Anika gets to be out and about. I cant even tell you how many people will recognize Anika or come up to me (at the store or the gym) and tell me how they want to steal my daughter. One lady went up to my mom and said she had the sweetest grand daughter and if her kids acted like ANika she would have had several more babies!  Then, Miss B introduced me to a lady at the gym the other day and said "SoandSo, do you know Ashley" and SoandSO said NO. ANd then Miss B said "Ashley is Anika's mom" and she was like Ohhhhhh, you have the happiest little baby ever.  I know Anika is happy when she is about and about- I have seen it. SHE LOVES People and from what I can tell, she loves attention!!  She loves to watch kids play and swim. She LOVES LOVE the outdoors. Put that child outside and just watch her glow!
I guess I am no longer Ashley, but Anika's Mom. I was warned this would happen. But, as long as I am the mom to a happy, cheerful little girl that everyone loves to hold and talk to ...I'm cool with that.  I dont want to be the mom of the bratty, whiny kid that no one likes. I pray she stays sweet and nice :)  hahah, but Im realistic...I Know her time will come :) You know what is also cool?- all the big kids love Anika too. They are SOOO sweet to her and love to talk to her. I think that is pretty neat and I hope Anika is a great big sibling one day. She plays the role as the youngest in a group quite well, and I hope she steps into the older role just as well :)
Library time is on Mondays here. THere is a program for 0-3 year olds.  Do you know how badly I want to be able to bring ANika to these types of things??? SOO BADLY.  I am trying to work something out. The library is a 3 minute walk from my work. I am tyring to figure out something at work so I can take an early lunch and meet Anika at library time on Mondays. (Miss B or my mom will bring her).  This would mean I would need to skip the gym that morning and go at night instead.  Its so hard to fit it all in!!!  I went to the gym twice yesterday since I did a power tone class in the morning but needed cardio at night. I am slowly seeing my hard work pay off.  Luckily, Miss B brought A to the gym, I fed her, then she went to gym daycare while I did the spin class that Miss B teaches. We were still home by 6:45. She got to play with daddy when he got home,  and eat dinner as a family. I had to have a STERN talking with daddy this weekend about him needing to do more if he is gong to come home after work each night. Remember, he used to be gone during the week. I need him to pick up after himself, do some laundry during the week, not just weekends! 

Anika backs herself up into lots of things. She seems to like reverse more than 1st gear. I was in the kitchen getting dinner and I walked out and she wasn't on the rug Andrew set up for her to play on....then I found her UNDER the stool. haha
Andrew gets down on the floor a lot with Anika. I am trying to make time every night to do the same. You know- on top of making A's solids for dinner and lunch the next day, cleaning her bottles and remaking them. Cleaning my pump parts. Making my dinner and my lunch. Unloading the dishwasher,  Doing a load of diapers. Putting away clothes. Unpacking and repacking her diaper bag. Showers for both of us, etc.  Going through mail and filing what needs to be, random cleaning, etc.  Bla. So, ya- making more time for Anika with my undivided attention at night after work is on my priority list.  I had to crop myself out of these becaue I actually had No shirt on. I had a bra and the belly shots are SCARY!!  I had taken my shirt off when I got home to nurse Ankia because it was too restricting to keep on and feed her. 

I bought this little playskool thing at a 2nd hand store last week. I like to buy a lot of the toys 2nd hand. She just seems to need new things all the time and I cant justify spending full price for a lot of the toys out there. Andrew puts her on the seat part and gives her rides around the living room. IT IS HILARIOUS. When a dog barks (either someone elses or ours) she tries to bark. When we were at our friends this weekend, a dog kept growling at her, and she would growl back! We find this quite funny, so now Andrew will kind of growl at her when he comes in, and she growls back. He said "barking" and "growling" are her first words. I was like- those arent words, they are just sounds.  I have been signing with A too. The signs for getting changed, milk, more, and car ride. She smiles at all of them even though she doesnt like getting INTO her car seat....but then she is fine once she realizes she has no choice.
By the way, she didnt pull herself up to this. I placed her at it. Also- this outfit was put on after dinner when her original outfit got messy, but it was too early for you get this mis matched ensemble :)
But- these tights are the cutest. She has 2 pairs (one in poka dots and one pair in stripes). So cute. That sweater is 0-3 months but it was HUGE on it fits more as a sweater now and the hat that came with it finally fits.

The Chicago Tribune had an article today about banning crib bumpers!!! LIke, not allowed to sell at all! I find that interesting. We have never used them, but I did put on breathable bumpers when she was about 4 months. Lately, she gets her legs Up OVER THEM and gets her leg stuck that way.

I want to share a few sites I found. - This site RENTS maternity clothes.  I would have used this site for work clothes and formal wear.  I think it is a great idea for weddings and suits!!
Another new site I love is   THey sell pet supplies. I recieved a 20% off coupon with something I ordered from (owned by the same people-they own and and I think now that sells toys). ANyway, we used to buy Piri's food at an Agway, but it recently went out of business :(  Walmart doesnt sell the food we like and there are not a lot of pet stores around us- we would have to travel a bit. is free shipping on $40 or more. I ordered Piri a 40 pound bag of the dog food we like and a bag of treats on Friday. It was free shipping and I used my coupon. It was delivered to OUR front door the very next day (Saturday). I was impressed.  It is hard to carry a baby and a 40 pound bag of dog food at the same time (I Have done it!) this makes life a bit easier.

I have been singing to Anika a lot in the car. She gets bored and likes the interactin. I run out of things to say, so singing has been my saving grace. I got some singalong CD's to learn the songs, and she loves them.  When we were all in the car this past weekend, I was singing along and Andrew asked me to stop. I mean, I know I am bad, but Anika loves it. Espeically when I try to sing high and low and in I make a song country or opera. haha  Andrew said it was giving him a headache!
I told him to watch it...because I just got my renewal license to carry a concealed weapon....
:)) All the importannt info was blacked out using Paint. Importnant- like my FRIGGEN WEIGHT!  WHy does that have to be on there!
I am down 39.5 pounds. SO Close to 40. Lots more to go, but at least its in the right direction.


  1. A concealed weapon? Haha! That is hysterical. The only person I know who has one of those lives in the country down south.

  2. Brad wants me to get a handgun too. A glock to keep in the house. I'm not opposed.
    Almost 40-pounds!!! That's awesome! I can totally tell :) Congrats!

  3. i just got an embroidery machine for my bday so i coulda hooked you up ;) but it is very cute! I think its great that she is such a happy baby! way to go on your weight loss, 40 lbs is great!! :)

  4. I'm so glad that she's such a good and happy baby! You're one lucky momma.
    And for the love, who in their right mind gave you a gun license? Haha.
    Great job on losing all the weight girl! You rock!

  5. I was just going to say you're looking great in the pics above and then you said you lost all that weight!! Yay!!! That's awesome! Anika is so cute! I love how she is always so happy with her big open mouth smile :) Cooper has that playskool toy. Last night he was running at FULL speed all around the house with it. Haha. Also, you remind me that I need to get Cooper a Halloween bag and figure out a costume. I will never be able to top the scarecrow from last year though....