Saturday, January 19, 2013

I did it!

The words spoken by Anika, not me.

EVERYTHING, and I mean everything these days are "Ill do it" or "I do it myself"

From getting dressed to getting in her car seat- she is independent.
In some ways, its great she can do so much herself- gives me more time...but other times I have to practice my patience.

She is up to all sorts of things lately.  We went swimming with my friend and her daughter last night. I was SHOCKED that Anika liked it so much. She just swam and swam and screeched and had a grand old time.  Before swimming, we went out to eat. Anika sneezed, and then wiped her boogy nose all over her dress! ha.  Such a lady.  When I get dressed in the morning, she likes to come up and slap my butt. In a loving way.
I got a text from her sitter Thursday that Anika had said "Its bloody cold out"  - the bloody would have been something she picked up in NZ.
She also was farting at the sitter's on Thursday and every time she did she said "Kate did it" (one of her little friends).
At the grocery store today a couple people told me she seems feisty and bossy.  I cant even get over the people she has interactions with when out shopping. The girl just doesn't stop.

And, HAPPY New Year to all of you.
Ill be back soon with my next post about NZ!