Thursday, January 10, 2013

Where was I for Christmas?

I know many of you know where I was by now, but if you don't know, we went to New Zealand for Christmas!
We left December 17th and returned early this morning!
We actually got home at 1 AM. We didn't get to bed until after 2 AM and I went to work today!
I had to go to work after taking that much time off. I am lucky my job let me take such a long holiday.  We went back to spend Christmas with Andrew's family and do a lot with the house over there.  I will post photos and stories in the coming weeks of all our travels. The trip over is about 30ish hours door to door, so I am sure you will want to know how Anika was on those long flights!
I took a lot of photos of Andrew's old house (So sad to see it the way it is now post earthquake- we fell in love in that house and that is where I stayed many many nights (almost all) when I was studying abroad there in 2005) and we saw our new house, but it has a renter already.
Just a few pics for tonight. I have 3 suitcases to unpack and lots and lots to put away. ALl of our Christmas stuff is still up.
We came home to LOTS of Christmas cards and I was so excited I sat on the couch at 1 AM with my wide awake child and opened them all and loved them all. I wish I had a better way to display them all. This way covers some up. Please give me suggestions for better ways.
Some pics from our 25 days away.
 Anika playing in Poppa's Zen garden! ha, not normally for kids play.  That truck was her daddy's when he was younger.
Anika and her cousin, Indi.
Christmas morning at Nana's and Poppa's. We just did a stocking for her and she got gifts from family. It was perfect. We have Christmas with my parents this coming weekend :)
Can you believe no one else really dresses up for Christmas in Christmas dresses in NZ?  NO little kids had Christmas dresses!
A delicious cake my MIL made. 
Photo from one of our road trips.
Mt. Cook
Lots of time with Poppa.

It was PERFECT and not nearly long enough! We both have a bit of the post holiday/vacation blues right now.  We talked A LOT about moving there. A LOT, but in the end, I will not take Anika from my mom and dad.  And, I don't want to leave them either :) One day.
Oh, and no smart phone for that whole time!!
When we drove in the car, we actually TALKED. Andrew LOVED me not having my Iphone- LOVED IT.  it was like the old days when we first started dating :) Except we had Anika this time to share the fun with.


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time! I still cannot believe how big A is, and she is so beautiful. You look fabulous, too! I have the hardest time wrapping my mind around Christmas in it weird? I miss you! Welcome home.

  2. What a fun trip! I bet you are tired today and you had to work...yuck.

    I like that red dress on you it makes your waist look teeny tiny.

  3. Gorgeous!! Anika is getting so big! Glad you guys had a great time!