Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Home birth Story of Miss Lennox

I decided to take down this post.  IF you would like to read it, I have it saved in a word document.
Just ask and I can email it to you :)  Kiwisandcocktails@gmail.com


  1. I know woman have babies all day every day since the beginning of time, but I am always so proud when my friends do it!! You are such an inspiring mom. I love the pictures of Anika with her new sistah. These are great family photos. :) Love you and Leni and Anika and Andrew!!

  2. I'm so jealous you were able to have a home birth. Not jealous of the no drugs though ha! The after birth contractions make me glad I'm having two at once. Andrew was soooo supportive! I would frame one of those as a friendly reminder for times I was mad.

  3. So cool!!! I love this story and I will probably read it again. I love all the pictures too! How did you not have stitches with 9 pound baby?!?! Also, if you do tear at home do they numb you with something before they stitch?

    Do they do the eye antibiotics and is it a Vitamin K shot? I tried to decline those with my 2nd baby but they somehow talked me into it. What's the midwife's take on those?

    If I have another I'm going for a natural birth, not at home though. The only way I'll be able to do it without an epidural is if I wait long enough and then it's too late...so maybe I will end up with a home birth, ha ha! I have pretty quick labors, I was 7cm when I got to the hospital with Gunner so that's almost all the way, but the last few cm are the worst and the crowing??? Eeeks, how does that compare to contractions? I know what contractions feel like and they hurt but I can handle them if I had to...and I tore with both babies, that's a pretty scary thought too with no pain meds.

  4. Of course Anika thought she had a brother, that umbilical cord is very confusing!
    Andrew looks like he was very supportive. Did he want a home and natural birth? or did he not care and did what you wanted?
    Is Kate your friend? Can't remember?
    I am so impressed and proud of you for having her at home and sticking to what you believe.

    PS - you look great in labor.