Wednesday, December 4, 2013

2 weeks

Lennox is 2 weeks old already!
AHH. I still need to write my  birth story. We had our 2 week apt. with the midwife today (check on Leni and me) and she gave me ALL my records. They have a very detailed time line of my labor and birth, so I am excited to have all that. The records will help writing my story.  Her notes are impeccable. Plus, I have photos and video,  so I already figured out most everything time wise and to fill in the blanks I forgot about.
We have been busy!! I have been out of the house most of the past 6 days. Leni comes with me everywhere since she is nursing. When we are home its been family time. I haven't cooked a meal since I had the baby- Andrew has. He is still home and I LOVE IT!  I am not ready to be alone yet! ha.  Anika needs the one on one right now, but at the same time Leni is still sleeping A LOT!  I love love love this new baby age. ha.
SLEEP, nurse, poop. repeat.  She does like to be held a lot when awake, but that's ok. She is pretty squishy and nice to hold. I wear her a lot too.
Yup, I had these made.  

I can only take 1/3 of the recommended dose because they give me too much energy.
Also, with Anika I didn't lose ANY weight besides her birth weight.  I didn't lose anything more for months and months until I hard core dieted. nursing didn't do shit for me with Anika.
Well, this time...2 weeks post partum and I have lost 28 pounds! Granted, Leni weighed more, but seriously? This is like a dream come true for me! ha.   UNHEARD of for me. I know it happens to others. I wonder if its the pills above...nothing else is different from Anika's post birth.

Thanksgiving at my Gram's.  Leni in a vintage dress.

And then after dinner.

Lennox and Grampa.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, we went to my dad's to cut down a tree as we do every year.

I want THAT tree Grampa!

You can see the tree falling....

He cuts off the top .

This actually isn't the one we brought home. He kept it for his work and we got one a little bit bigger.

oops out of order.

Lots of family time around here.

The tree we brought home above.
And all decorated. I decorated Anika's little corner too.

Anika Playing memory with mom and dad while little sister slept.  She is pretty good, but I'm kinda competitive. ha.
Life is busy these days. Lots of running around. I hope next week will be slower and I can write up a birth story and how Anika is handling being a big sister. After the honeymoon days passed, she realized what this shit is all about- SHARING MOM AND DAD! She has had a few serious tantrums and meltdowns. Even told me she feels left out, misses me, is lonely, etc.  The thing is, Andrew is available to her ALL the time- so she isn't lonely- she just wants me all the time. To herself.  Then there are times she is just so sweet and basically I feel its all normal. I feel bad for her. This is a huge adjustment for her in so many ways. I am SO grateful to have Andrew home during this new time. Its been fun being all together for so long.


  1. 28 pounds is amazing!!!! I think two weeks pp with my 2nd I was only down 12 lbs. What are those magic pills? Is it your placenta and if so how did you make them?

  2. 28 pounds is amazeballs!!! Congrats!! Your tree looks amazing and Lennox is gorgeous!

  3. Lenni is beautiful! Don't feel bad for Anika, I was the oldest and don't even remember my sister coming home and having that feeling of jealously. Just a part of life!

  4. Loving the tree and you are looking WONDERFUL