Monday, November 25, 2013

She has a name!

And, on day 6 she got a name.
Lennox Joan.
Joan is my Gram's name, my mom's middle and my middle.
I REALLY wanted to have her middle by Cynthia after my mom (or Cindy since my mom goes by Cindy) but it just didn't go with many names.
Her nickname can be Leni. Yup, her belly name! ha.
Good thing Anika wasn't named her belly name: Guzzi! lol.
I went to the town hall this morning to "register" her. My midwife filled out the paperwork the other day and said we had 2 weeks to bring the paperwork and the baby to the town hall.  I even met my mom at the café across the street today to get a bite and coffee and then head over together. Andrew was at the emergency dentist- he has been dealing with some major teeth issues the past several days,  so that has also been a major distraction to the naming game.
Well, after stalling at the café, and then going to the post office and health store all on the same street, I got in my car to nurse Leni before heading into the town hall to give my forms for her birth certificate. My forms were mostly filled in- just needed a name for the child. ha.
I nursed Leni...and then I put her back in the car seat and left! ha.
I just couldn't decide.
I went home and waited for Andrew to get home and to go back with me. I wanted to talk him into Lennox. He loves it ONLY For a boy. He thinks its way too masculine for a girl.  But, he was ok with Leni as of last night.
I seriously almost posted on facebook 3 days ago that her name was Phoebe.
Then back to Philippa (Pippa), then to Pearl. Then Josephine (call her Josie or Jos).
 We just couldn't decide! Clearly.
We went into the town hall to name her Philippa late this afternoon. When people ask Anika what her sister's name is she says Lennox 8 out of 10 times. 
So- I asked Andrew one more time after I bought more time at town hall by registering his truck first, then going to the bathroom, etc.  ha.
He said fine, do what you want. Then I felt more guilt but we did it. We named our baby.
The town clerk asked him if he was forced, coerced or bribed and he said YES! And,  she looked at him weird- the question was in regards to a form he was signing that had to do with PATERNITY! lol. He thought she meant for picking a name. 
One of Anika's homebirth books talked about how they had a cake for the new baby's "Birth Day" - She has been talking about getting her sister a cake. Since we finally have a name, we had cake tonight and ANika sang Happy Birth Day to her sister


  1. Another pregnant friend recently announced what she is naming her son and she kind of discussed that part of her hesitated with it. I think we've talked about how I wasn't in love with one of the boys' names. I feel like sometimes these babies have names already and we just have to accept it. I love her name! Anika sounds like she is being an awesome big sister!

  2. I love Lennox for a girl! I can't get over the chubster. Wasn't Anika a skinny little thing?

  3. I love that name! And that's funny that Andrew said he was tricked, that's hilarious! I really like Leni I think it's do cute and then when's she's older and a professional she can go by Lennox. It's perfect!

  4. I love, love, love the name Lennox! I'm so glad you and Andrew settled on a name, even if he was coerced (haha)...I think it's beautiful.