Wednesday, November 20, 2013

We had a girl!!

We welcomed our beautiful 2nd daughter at 2:37 AM Tuesday, the 19th!
Born at home and no name.
I worked on Monday. I left work mid day to go to my midwife apt and then went to my bio physical testing to check on my fluid and baby's movement since I was 41 weeks and 5 days. I went back to work after all that.
Around 4 pm while at work,  I felt crampy in my lower back but didn't think much of it. I did text my midwife that though just to see what she thought. She said it could be promising but wasn't sure. 
 I stayed at work and worked a little late. Then, I went to the grocery store to get some gelato before going home. I was SOOO thirsty and just wanted something cold to eat- not real dinner. 
I got home around 6 pm and Andrew and Anika were home. Andrew had stayed home Monday because the other option was to head to his new job site states away,  and he would be about 5 hours away from home,  not counting traffic. He had been about 4 hours away the weeks prior, but in a location with no traffic if he had to rush home. Plus at 41, 5 days we assumed this would be the week! Or, at least were hoping!
We got Anika ready for bed at 8 and I kept asking where my phone was and Andrew got annoyed asking me why I needed it. (He thinks I am on it way too much)  I said oh, I'm timing contractions on that app you put on my phone. He looked at me confused and said, you are having contractions? I said ya, but nothing too bad.
After Anika was in bed, I told him we should head down and get the birth tub ready and all the other birth stuff. I had it mostly ready, but in the guest room. I wanted to set it all up and clean the house up.
I had contractions through setting up and me cleaning the house.
Around 10, I needed to breath through contractions.
I tried to go to bed and listen to my hypnobirhting CD I had not listened to ONCE this entire pregnancy! ha.
I texted with my midwife a bit. Finally at 12:15 I told her to come. She was at my  house at 12:35.
She checked me at 1:15 AM and I was at a 4. I was sooo mad I was only at that. I couldn't believe it.
But you can do the math since the baby was born at 2:37 AM. It didn't end up being so much longer! ha. It was pretty intense.
There is lots to tell, but it will have to wait. As you can imagine its pretty busy here with a newborn and toddler, mom, midwife visits, friends, family, etc.
I will leave you with a few pics though.
Anika meeting her sister. She announced it was a boy though :) She said "HI I am your BIG SISTAH" so so so precious.
Holding her hand
My mom looking at her soon after. 
hours old
Anika didn't go back to bed. She was so excited. We all slept for like one hour early Tuesday morning but then were up all day until 9 last night. I slept from 9 last night until 2 when Leni woke up and then I was up with her from 2-4. Then we slept 4-6 and Anika came in and got cuddles.
My mom with Leni about 4 hours after birth.

Oh, and we don't have a name yet :)
We all have opinions but Andrew and I need to find a name we both like that fits her. 
I am doing fantastic!


  1. Awesome!! I can't believe you don't have a name yet!! ;)

  2. Yay! These pictures make me so so so excited for Chase to meet his brothers!!!

  3. You sound like WT "Born at home No name." Or maybe a star like Dolly Parton recounting her childhood? Hahaha!
    I am so freaking impressed that you had that little (well - chunky-monkey) munchkin at home! And that you even prepared your own water birth tub. I really can't wait to hear how Anika was when you were pushing. Also can't wait for you to name her! So proud and happy for you! xoxo

  4. Way to go mama! What an accomplishment :) congrats! Must be those second babies bc I went fast too! Can't wait to hear a name and how y'all adjust! :)

  5. Congrats and how cool you did it at home. I can't wait to hear the whole story. Leni isn't her name? I think that's a cute name. Why not stick with Leni?

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am beyond excited for you, Andrew, and A. :-)

  7. Ahhhh congrats. She's so adorable and squishy! I cannot wait to see what you name her.