Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cape Cod Bachelorette Pary

Oh, you know- just a while overdue.
And. PS. I am still with child. 41 weeks tomorrow.
I hosted a Bachelorette party Labor Day weekend down on Cape Cod.
It is about 4 hours from me. 2ish hours from Boston. All depends on traffic.
We found a house on line to rent. It was advertised to sleep 18. We had 17 ladies. Actually, you could rent it as a smaller house or as the whole thing. We rented it as the whole thing. People came in from all over.  There were 2 of us from New Hampshire (the other NH girl lives in Southern NH), 2 came from Chicago, 1 from Virginia, 6 from Austin, TX, one or two from Connecticut, and I think the rest were from Massachusetts.  The house was huge! It had 3 kitchens, 3 living rooms, lots of bedrooms.  The main house had the biggest kitchen and living area and then 2 in-law areas,  but all attached. Plenty of bathrooms for all those ladies.

IT was really humid out. I MEAN SUPER humid, so my camera lens was fogged up.

That table on the right is a game...haha I cant remember the name of it.

I got there mid day Saturday.  I left home around 8 AM and I picked  Ally up at the airport in Boston on the way. Ally used to have a blog and that's how I mostly know her, although she studied abroad with the bride (my old college roommate!) several years ago.  It was nice to have someone to ride with the other half of the trip. Most of the girls got there Friday. I didn't want to drive down Friday after work and plus Andrew often gets home late on Fridays.  The bride was already down on the Cape with her family the week prior.  She is from Massachusetts. I met her at college in Boston. She moved to Austin a couple years after I got married. Then, she moved to Chicago a couple years ago. Anika and I went and visited her last fall. She spent the past 2 years working from her city apt. in Chi. and doing a graduate program at Northwestern.  She is actually back in Austin, TX now. HA. Girl gets around!

We met a couple other girls at the house mid day Saturday and got settled in. Then we went and grabbed lunch and met all the other girls at a local beach. The weather wasn't really ideal beach weather.
We sat at the beach for a bit and then went back to the house and got ready to head out.

I reserved this bus. The Funk Bus!  It picked us up at the house around 6:15 I think.

The house was in Eastham and the furthest tip of Cape Cod is Provincetown.  Ptown is about 30 minutes from Eastham. The bride wanted to spend Saturday night in P-town- where there is lots going on for night life. I had called a lot of cab companies on the Cape first. I also asked if anyone else would want to be designated drivers with me,  but no one wanted to. This seemed like the best deal. It was $45 per person for the whole trip, tip included.  The driver was really fun and the whole company was a pleasure to work with. The driver gave me his number after he dropped us off at dinner and told me to text him when we were ready to get picked up. That ended up being 1 AM.

I don't  have permission to post people so I'm leaving a lot of pics out for that reason.
We got dropped off at Sage Lounge right in Ptown. I had wanted to have dinner here. They have a great tapas and drink menu, but after I analyzed the menu for weeks and picked out all the food ahead of time, I realized we had some diet restrictions, so I panicked and changed restaurants to a place with a bigger variety of food. I really want to go back and eat food at Sage.  Besides the lack of vegan and GF food, I loved how they wanted me to pre pick the food and that way I could tell all the guests a set cost ahead of time, so everyone could plan to pay $X.00 for their food. I had even worked out tax and tip ahead of time. Then, the lounge would have cocktail waitresses for people to each have their own tab for drinks.
I didn't know this ahead of time, but there ended up being 2 other preggos at the party and 2 trying and one person who just doesn't drink.
I still wanted to check this place out so we had cocktails at Sage before dinner down the street.  They still gave us the private room for drinks though which was super nice. Sage was also a pleasure to work with when I was organizing the event. A friend who lives in Cape Cod told me about Sage and it came highly recommended.

Ha, boy have I grown since then :)

They had some delicious mocktails and I had one.

Then we went down the street to Napi's for dinner. I think our reservation was 8?  I cant remember now. ha.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their meals at Napi's. The menu was very unique and had lots of different things to offer! 
After dinner we went to a gay club.  It was really loud and crazy.
At one point Ally and I decided we wanted to go outside, so we went from the pool area we were at outside, THROUGH the LOUD, dark club to get outside. As I tried to shimmy my pregnant belly through grinding men, I turned around to find Ally WRAPPED tightly in her pashmina (around her shoulders)  with her fingers IN HER EARS!  LOL.  If we didn't look like the biggest losers, I don't know who did:
Preggo lady trying to pass through club clad dancers and Ally with her pashmina and plugging her ears from loud music.
We sat out on a bench and talked and watched people until the girls were ready to move on to the next club/bar.

They did karaoke.

Then I texted our driver and told us we were ready :) 
We got home around 2 and I figured I should have munchies in the kitchen with all the drunkies instead of going to bed.

The next morning, we made a big brunch.

I made Belgian waffles, homemade whip cream, berries and NH maple syrup.
The other girls made lots of yummy food too.

Then I went and took a LONG, LONG shower in the outdoor shower. I want!

It took many of the girls a while to get up and moving and many left Sunday.
For the girls still there, we went back to Ptown to walk around during the day. It was supposed to be a beach day when I planned the weekend, but it just wasn't beach day weather.

This was in the public bathroom. I mean this sign was on every stall and signs that said NO Changing in the bathrooms and if you were caught changing clothes you would be kicked out. There was an actual lady working in the bathroom yelling at people to hurry and even yelled at a girl who draped her sweatshirt over the door and blamed her for changing! ha. it was insane.

Later we got some wine and snacks and went down the Beach Comber in Wellfleet.
I wanted to spend the day at this beach and eat dinner at the beach bar here, but the beach bar was full for the night, so we just ate our snacks and wine on the beach for a while.

That building is the beach bar that we didn't get to eat at. ha.
I used to go to this beach every year for an annual event called Let it Go.

We went back to the house and made dinner. We had LOTS of food to use there anyway.
Then we played that game...cards against humanity. I had never played before.

I think I fell asleep on the couch playing! haha.
The next day, Monday, we all went home :)
I think we all left by 10 AM and we seemed to miss the holiday traffic for the most part.
I love going to the Cape. Until next time.


  1. You and Ally are suck dorks :)
    I LOVE outside showers. Want one at my house.
    I haven't played that game either. Heard it is hysterical.
    Hope baby decides to come soon!!!

  2. I can't believe you stayed out until 1am being that pregnant.Rock Star for sure. I have always wanted to go to the Cape. Hope baby comes soon too. I know you have got to be ready! Are you still working?

  3. Sounds fun! I want to play that game! When do they start doing non stress tests on you?

  4. I can't believe you were 4 hours away from home at 41 weeks pregnant! You know that second baby comes out a lot faster than the first!!! Yikes. I had my 2nd an hour after I arrived at the hospital. Stay close to home lady and enjoy your last days of pregnancy.