Tuesday, November 5, 2013

One More Day

I am just ONE day away from my due date.  I really cant believe it. It doesn't feel it AT ALL!! I don't know where the time went.  I don't FEEEL full term.  I don't feel like its time yet.  It is so strange. I didn't feel this way with Anika. I was so anxious for her to come...and then I waited and waited.  We are ready in the sense that everything is set up and prepared for a baby. I am prepared for birth and all that. I have been prepared with "THINGS"  for weeks- that's just my personality. But, I just don't internally (or externally I guess) feel like any big thing is about to happen to my body! ha.
I have gained about 40 pounds and that's sad, especially how hard I work out.  And, I don't lose my pregnancy weight easily either, even with full time nursing.  I will be a flabby fat mess. I know this.  That part sucks, but I am so so grateful with how I feel DURING pregnancy. I am sleeping through the night still (unless Andrew, Piri or Anika wake me up).  I am active and busy and on the go. I am me still though and through. Nothing has changed in that aspect.  I just look different.
I haven't even tied up loose ends at work yet.
Where my finger is pointing is where there is a body part almost ALL the time. A hard body part sticks out there about 70% of the time. I like it. I will miss it. ha.
Andrew took Anika shoe shopping the other day. In search for some shoes for a wedding she is in. 
We are looking for white or cream color shoes. We have found black and gold and bought them just in case, but still looking for cream or white.
They didn't find the right shoes, but he did get her these slippers.
I think its funny because she wont even keep shoes or socks on when its 20 degrees. I cant wait to see how little these get used :)

This was this morning. Anika came in around 6 and brought her dolly and she said she wanted to read a book to her dolly and to Leni :)  She can be the sweetest at times.
She also wanted to text my friend this morning bright and early. I asked what she wanted to tell her and she said: I want to tell her I am a good girl...and...I wan to nibble her.
So, who wants to take bets on this baby showing up. I am going for November 10th- Sunday.
My dad's birthday and its a weekend so Andrew will be home.   My mom's bet is the 14th- exactly 9 months from Valentines Day (conception :))    WE WILL SEE!!!!!!!!!


  1. Who knows! I went 41-weeks and was more ready than you know it! Hang in there!!!!!!

  2. can not wait to see when you have Leni and what Leni Is :) excited for you! thinking of you for your birth!!

  3. Can't wait to hear the exciting news! Good luck!

  4. So exciting! I rarely comment it I wanted to say that the way you exercising during pregnacy is awesome & inspiring