Sunday, November 27, 2011

Anika is 8 Months ANd Thanksgiving

Picture overload coming up here.

The face...the hands...LOL. She makes me laugh.
8 Months...You are standing. You are taking a step or 2 unassisted, but mostly walk along things you can hold.  You climb stairs with no fear.  You started saying Dada just 2 days after you turned 8 months. You like to "help" me do everything. Like load the dishwasher, take laundry out of the dryer, stuff your diapers, etc.

For the past 3 weeks, your pointer finger is ALWAYS in your mouth.  You have a black spot on your gums where a tooth is coming in. YOu SUCK that finger like its your job. WILL NOT take a pacifier though.

You Love looking at flash cards and books. You like to put them in your mouth too.  You wear overalls all the time because they are easy to get around in. And, super cute :)

There is that finger again :)

Your eyes are still big and blue!  You still smile a lot and you laugh out loud a lot more often. I didn't really hear you laugh out loud until you were almost 7 months old.

You love the  books you can feel stuff.

Still very active and do not like to sit still.

Working on clapping those hands!!
You have a different shirt on in these pictures. That is because we tried to take your photos with Lenny the Lion and the duck at night...but someone just was too tired to keep her head up! :)

IM TIRED! haha

Oh Miss Anika, you are still a fun little girl to have around.  I don't think you have gained any weight in the past 2 months!  YOu are eating a LOT more at night so I am not sure what is going on. I think you just "exercise" too much and burn all your food! Slow down girl, slow down :)
Thursday morning we did the 4 mile turkey trot. You did it last year IN my belly. This year, you got to ride in the jogger. It was the coldest one I have done in YEARS. Luckily, you are less wimpy than your dad...and you didn't complain about the cold. You were in your snow suit.

Piri, Kaelyn, Anna and Shadow walked with us too. Nona ran of course.

Thanksgiving afternoon, we went to Gram H's house.  You dressed up in a pretty dress. I forgot to take pictures AT Gram's so we took some at home. You played with all your 2nd cousins. The family is so big now!

You made your first hand turkey at gym day care on Friday. So cute!!!

You cried when I took my camera away from you. 
You like to play with EVERYTHING in your room. Even get behind that shelf and play with the humidifier.
This weekend, I made this toy for you. I got the idea from Pinterest. I sewed pieces of cloth together and stuffed them in the old wipe container. It was a good project for me to practice on the sewing machine.

You pull the cloth out and it keeps coming and coming. It entertains you for a bit.  We are using cloth wipes at home now.  They are easier than I thought. I use a solution in a spray bottle with them. I wash them with your nappies.
We did some shopping this weekend. Mostly for daddy's surprise bday party coming up. Boy, I have been busy with that! We also did a little xmas shopping. We ordered Nona a kindle and case for it. 
 I got stuff to make an ornament wreath...and it was harder than I thought! I ran out of bulbs and had to get more. Then I broke some. Then I just hated it. SO, Daddy ended up helping me finish it when you went to bed Saturday night. haha.  It was supposed to be a gift for someone, but I think we will be keeping it in our home. It is NOT quite giveable :)

It is not great up close :)
Sunday we went to brunch for Shauna's surprise 30th birthday. There was a big group and you were a good girl for the whole 2.5 hours we were there.
Last week, you went to the dermatolgoist with me. I had a spot looked at on my face. It has been there since before I was pregnant. I thought it was a scar from a zit.  Come to find out, it was pre cancerous, so the dr. froze it off.  It is starting to scab and get yucky. I have to go back in 6 months to get it checked again. I always wear sunscreen so this is probably damage from when I was young and dumb. Luckily, make-up helped cover the spot today, but it was hot at brunch and my face was "glowing"  haha 

Seth even held you!
We went and took our Christmas card photos after that.  More on that later :)


  1. She is such a little go-er! and those eyes are gorgeous!! happy 8 months A!! Your cards came out great :) love them!!

  2. She is seriously so advanced. Reminds me of Big Nephew. Little Nephew however was VERY slow going...

    What possessed you to make that wreath??? Nuts ;)

  3. You look so great in the last pic! Your baby is beautiful (duh!)

  4. She's growing fast! Looking skinny girl!

  5. very cool idea from Pinterest - you are so crafty! Great pics - all of them! especially of you - looking lovely and thin:)

  6. You look so pretty and skinny in that last picture! I cannot believe how big A is! She is so big! And standing, and talking?! Crazy! She is so pretty with her big blue eyes and those long lashes!

  7. Ash, I just want to squeeze her! She is so stinkin' cute! Those eyes just kill me!
    Giada was sucking on two of her fingers all the time for a while, but that's something her daddy is totally agains, bc it was a really hard habit for him to break as a kid. So he always made sure to tell her 'no' and get them out of her mouth.
    And considering how much exercise they get from running so much around, it's no surprise our kids are not gaining any weight. I'm just amazed by the fact that I'm not losing more considering how much I run after her.
    You look amazing by the way :-)

  8. Um, that second photo. In love with it! What a little diva;)

    And Seth...looks like it's his first time holding a baby:)