Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ketchup And FIRST Swim Lesson Fiasco

Yes, I know the title of this is called Ketchup, as in the food.  I did that on purpose. The other day Andrew asked me to type an email to his friend, Joe,  in NZ. I was sitting next to him on the couch and I am a  faster typist than him :)  At the end of the email he dictated for me to type "Lets catch up on skype soon"  I typed "Catch up" and he said no Ketchup. I was like, "As in the FOOD?" and he said yes! I was like that makes no sense...they don't even have ketchup in NZ, so Joe wont even get the "joke".  They have Tomato sauce that comes in a bottle that looks like a ketchup bottle, but its not ketchup. No joke, I knew some American students who asked their parents to send over ketchup!!  Among other stupid things. Anyway, I refused to write ketchup! ha But, when I was writing the blog title I remembered it and thought it was funny.

As you probably know, it snowed here last weekend. We got 16 inches at our house. I didn't get around to taking a picture until 2 days after...and it had mostly melted by then.  This weekend, it is completely gone!
Here is Anika with the snow 2 days after (On Halloween).

That jacket is from Old Navy. Ya- white. haha. not the best choice for a baby! While I was outside, I realized I never took a picture of the pumpkin I made for Anika...it is half rotten and half frozen in this pic below :)  It was a white pumpkin, by the way.

This was Anika on Halloween day.  Someone at the store called her a boy in that exact outfit.  I mean, I know the shirt is orange and all, but the bow? When the person called her a boy, I was like "She has a bow on!" and he responded that boys wear bows. Okayyyyy.
This picture is for people who think Anika doesn't cry! ha.  SHE was NOT a fan of that huge snow suit...but minutes after we started walking she was happy again.  We went to a parade on Halloween night in Portsmouth. It was too cold for costumes!

Anika fell asleep. I was with my friend Ryan and her baby, Trin...but we also met up with another friend of mine and her little baby boy. He was sleeping too. He is 4 months and the same weight as Anika! haha
We slept over down there and drove back home early in the morning. We stopped to see my Gram in the hospital (who had a pacemaker put it). She still stacks her own wood, mows her own lawns, moves rocks on her beach, etc. She is in her 80's and VERY active. She still walks everyday and is very fit. Just a little ticker issue, but that should be all set now.  I dropped Anika off at Miss B's and I was at work by 11.  It made for a LONG day and night when I got home from work Tuesday. I was overwhelmed with all my chores to get done. On top of unpacking her and me, doing my normal chores, and taking care of Anika, I also had to get the wood stove going since it is wood stove season. Wah.
Anika got to wear her fur boots Noni and Grampa got her in Alaska this summer.  She still doesn't keep shoes or boots on that well though. Actually, my mom recently got her a pair that stay on amazingly. I will post about them.
And NOW- onto our first Swim Lesson!!
The Class is called Water Babies.  Andrew is the one who wanted me to sign her up. The class is every Saturday morning for 7 weeks. Well, Friday night Andrew informed me that he tossed his back out again. (The joys of being married to an older man)  hahah.  This happens from time to time. Sometimes worse than other times. Saturday morning, he told me he couldn't do it. I didn't really mind, because I was going to go with them anyway, and I was excited to do the activity with Anika.  We left home earlier than we had to. Anika fell asleep in the car and since it was about her nap time, I sat in my car while she slept in the Swim Club's parking lot. But then...I had to go to the bathroom. NOT #1. I decided to wake her up and head in. (She wakes up as soon as I touch her car seat so I never bother to even keep her in her seat).  The swim club is NOT my normal gym so I didn't really know where anything was. I was told where the Women's locker room and Junior locker room were located. I chose the woman's and needed the bathroom ASAP. I had to take Anika in the stall. I had my one piece bathing suit on and sweat pants and zip up sweat shirt. I took my sweat shirt off while holding Ani and put it on the door. Then I untied my bathing suit (it ties around the neck). I maneuvered my one piece down.  I sat down to go...and I had to hold Anika. I couldn't put her down on the yucky floor....and since my bathing suit was down...she thought it was time TO EAT! She started going to town on the boobs and I was like "NO!"  I mean- hello? I was going to the bathroom (#2) and this just felt SOO wrong. It was in a locker room so people could hear me. ugh. this was my first time to this facility too.  So, I finished and went to pull my suit up...and THE straps from my suit were WET...oh ya- They had been in the toilet! So gross.  I got my pants off and got Anika in her swim diaper and suit (out in the locker room- not in the stall).  My suit straps didn't appear to have ....anything on them besides wet. We headed out to the pool area and you cant have shoes on.  I sat in a chair and waited watching the other people swim. There were other lessons going on. I saw a few moms and dads with babies come in. I said hi to a few. After about 5 minutes,  Anika was standing up near my leg ...and I felt wet on my foot.  I picked her up and her butt was wet. Her cloth swim diaper had leaked. I looked to my left and a mom was staring at me. I was tying to think quick...what do I do. The floor was wet with water as well because it was the pool deck...so, its not like it was JUST pee.  I picked her up and headed back to the locker room. I checked her diaper and suit...the diaper was on right. What the heck!?! I had no idea what was going on.  After I got home I learned that swim diapers (disposables and cloth) are only meant to hold in the poop, not the pee. If the diapers held the pee, then they would also hold the pool/lake/ocean water, and they would weigh the baby down. The swim diaper she had on was a Bummis brand. I also have an Imse Vimse swim diaper. Over the summer, I just used her Fuzzi Bunz while in the lake.  Brittany Ann told me to put a prefold in the swim diaper to absorb pee that happens BEFORE we get in the pool. Another friend told me that,
“you do not need anything to absorb pee in a pool. Urine is sterile and you don't need to worry about contamination. Bummis is just perfect! Fuzzi Bunz don't work so well because of the fleece - if a poo did occur, it is more likely to "float" out! Should add- poop cannot get out because of crypto, e coli, and giardia (not too sure on spelling)... Water can then be swallowed and someone can get sick”
So...I guess I don't have to freak too much because baby swim diapers are not what I thought! Disposable or cloth. I am going to put the prefold cloth in next time to stop leaks before we get in the pool!

We started the lesson and we went around and said our names. We did some songs and games. My mom and niece showed up and my mom took some pictures!!  Oh, and UM--- I look friggen like fatty mcgee in these pics. I am pretty horrified. I mean, I felt a little fat that morning and puffy from a high sodium dinner the night before, but ugh. Oh, yes-when I eat salty foods, like Chinese, sushi, etc. It all goes right to my face and puffs it up. Please excuse below. OH, and OVER my one piece, I wear a little bathing suit skirt because my thighs are  a Mess still.  Oh, and I even have lost 50 pounds since having Anika and I am still looking like this. Kill me now. But, On Monday in Spin class a girl behind me poked me and said that I looked smaller than I did 2 weeks ago when she last saw me. She said I looked great. Then later at work that day, my co-worker said "have you lost weight? you look tiny"
UM-yes, obviously I have lost weight, but Tiny is quite a generous adjective, obviously.

watching the other kids and my skirt floating up.
This was a little game (with a song that I cant remember) and the kids go up and down so they can get used to going down into the water. Their heads are not supposed to go under water yet...but I mean- she was slippery and she did go under one time ...oops. She didn't cry. I could see my mom give me a glare from across the pool though.
The teacher brought out some toys for the kids to try to "swim" after.  Then one of the dads turned to me and said "Your face has stuff all over it"  I was like, huh?  And he said "you have black stuff all over your face" Um- I thought I had water proof mascara on!!  Ya- I looked up at my mom and asked "Do I have make-up all over my face?" And she was like "Ya, you do. Why do you have make up on!?" Um- hello? You didn't think to mention that to me BEFORE?!  SOME dad had to tell me! ha. My mom said she thought I knew! lol. SHe was taking all these pics of me with make up all over my face. My niece was with my mom and I told her to go get me a towel to wipe it off. ha.
Black shit all over my chub face. Look closely.

Anika was the 2nd youngest in the class. Some of The older babies didnt seem to like it as much. I dont think it had to do with them being older though- that was just my observation.
The little dolphin puppet. I was supposed to put my face in the water and blow bubbles for Anika to see what to do.
BUT, my mom and niece kept calling her name so she didnt pay attention to me!
The teacher wanted them to kick and try to get toys.  The teacher kept saying how Anika was doing exactly what they were supposed to be doing and kept calling attention to us!! I was all about my kid being the perfect student and getting all the praise, but I wasn't really about everyone looking at me in bathing suit and make-up running down my face.

Later that night when we were at a dinner party, we were the only people with a kid.  The other people were asking me if I encounter competitive parents, etc. PS- most of the people at the party live in the city where there must be competitive parents? ha.  I was kidding (kinda) when I said, well there was no real competition in swim class because Anika was the best! lol.  They all laughed at me and Andrew sighed.  He hates when I say stuff like that, even if I am kidding.  I told him he should have more pride for our daughter  being so brilliant and athletic! duh. But, in all honesty, I don't really experience parents being competitive around here....unless I am naive...or don't find anything to be competitive over. I mean, they are still so young!  Wait until my daughter is in real sports in High School or something...then I might be different :)

The teacher had also asked me if I was a homeopathic something or other because of Anika's amber necklace. I was like- no, I dont think so. ha.
Did I mention the teacher also had a life jacket on?? I didnt get that! lol.

The dinner party Saturday night was hosted by an old roommate of mine (a guy friend) who lived with me the semester before I went to NZ.  We were JUST roommates. I had rented the apt. with my college boyfriend and then we broke up so I needed a roomie. My friend from HS had an older brother who needed a place in Boston and it just worked out.  He was a really good roommate. I called him my gay husband, but he wasnt gay. I was in college still but he was a couple years older and worked. Him and his now girlfriend bought a weekend house up here, so they had a little dinner party. I never see him anymore, so it was quite fun.  I also got to see some other friends I barely get to see. My old roomie got to meet Anika. I had not seen him since I was like 30 weeks pregnant.  My friend J rode with us to the party. She was good friends with my old roomie before I was ever roommates with him. We dropped her off after the party and got all the way home and realized we left Anika's diaper bag at the party (somehow). I though Andrew had gotten it, so obviously I blamed him. It was already 10 pm, so I put Anika to bed and stayed home while Andrew went back to get it. I wish I took pictures because their house is awesome and Anika had a cute oufit on. I did have to sneak off and nurse her A LOT because she was kinda clingy to me due to the lack of naps we gave her that day. OOPS again. Seriously people-when will we learn that babies should nap...not just on week days, but weekends too! lol.

Sunday morning, Andrew, Anika and I went out to breakfast to our new favorite place. It is kinda a nice place, but Ani does pretty well there. I wore the same outfit I wore Saturday night :)  Anika had another cute outfit on. She has a better wardrobe than I do.  We left there STUFFED.  We came home and then Anika and I went to the swim club to watch my niece do her swim-a-thon. She did 33 laps in one hour for a fundraiser. It was so gorgeous out, so I decided to take Anika and Piri on a hike. We have some trails near our house.  Andrew's back was still bothering him to do anything physical. He wanted to try to come, but I said not to even try (so we didnt all have to leave if his back hurt because I needed the exercise after my piggy dinner and breakfast).
I FINALLY uesd my awesome Kelty pack for Anika. I LOOOOVEED IT!

It was SOO Nice out. Anika talked to me most of the time. THIS GIRL just LOVES the outdoors. I  kept saying "mama, mama, mama" while we walked through the woods. ha. I heard her say Ma at one point...but not quite a mama. I didnt know what else to talk about. ha

Not enough self portraits? haha.
After the hike, Anika and I drove half hour away to visit my Gram at her house. She is having a hard time not being allowed to lift and do her normal things for a few weeks.
And, if it feels like we did a lot...we did...because after DLS, Sunday just dragged ON AND ON.  We came home and did some cleaning with daddy...and it was still only 6 PM! haha
Oh...and this picture is out of order.

I have mentioned before how Anka was getting into the dog dish. Well, after a couple weeks of just redirecting her every.single.time to HER toys ...she now just ignores the dog dish! She crawls or walks right past it!!! And, when I say walk - she walks along furniture, walls, legs, dog, etc. Whatever she can.  She usually will let go of whatever she is holding and will stand for 10-15 seconds and then lose her balance. She never fusses or cries over her falls- just gets herself back up. It really cracks me up to watch her.  She comes over to my legs, pulls herself up on them and then reaches her arms up to me. I Like that too. I feel wanted :)  She also comes to me when she wants to nurse.  She also has been redirected away from some house plants that she now ignores. I am now working on trash cans and the new humidifier in her room.  I really try do do positive discipline. My Montessori school teacher friend has been coaching me. BUT, when she told me I should use the same techniques and practices on MY HUSBAND, I was like- no. WHy should I praise a grown man for what I think he should do anyway!? haha.
ps. I woke up with a stuffy nose and it better just be the dry wood stove air causing it. I have not been sick since I was pregnant (and even then, I only had a light cold and a 24 hour stomach bug). I made myself a vitamin conconction to make sure I stay healhty :)


  1. Ick, I am just now getting over a cold I had for nearly a week! Not fun but definitely could have been worse, like a stomach bug or suck, so I am thankful!!
    You are so hard on yourself!! You don't look like 'fatty mcgee'!! You are looking great, can certainly tell the weight loss! Sometimes it isn't the lbs that matter, because you are losing weight and gaining muscle! Be nicer to yourself, you really are pretty :)
    And as for your swimming incident, umm idk what to say!! Idk about the swim diapers either, but that is kinda ick, ha!
    Anika is so freaking adorable!! She is definitely guna be an early walker, you watch!!
    You need to share your positive discipline, because I need it for sure. I don't know how to 'discipline' an 11 month old strong willed, biting, head butting, and hitting baby!
    I agree that competitiveness is when they get older, although I do feel it sometimes with a certain friend..
    Your Gram sounds like she is in ridiculously great shape for her age! That is so awesome! And Sunday did drag on and on and on! But it was a very productive day for me :)

  2. That was a long post :)

    The pumpkin picture made me laugh out loud.

    Did your mom think you wanted the mascara on the face? At least the dad told you!

  3. love all the pics as usual - the ones of Anika in her Alaskan fur boots - um - too cute!! Still can't believe the guy called her a boy - and what a lame "save" he tried by saying boys wear bows - since when??

  4. We actually do have ketchup in NZ - Heinz 57! There's a bottle in our fridge as we speak, although we did have a run-in with tomato sauce, which is NOT the same as ketchup, when we first moved here. Blech!

    Your story about swim lessons was so funny! I'm sorry about the mascara and other stuff, but it looks as though she had an absolute blast :-)

    And I thought it was interesting that your hubs sighed when you said that about Anika being the best. I wonder if it's a Kiwi thing. I'm guessing you've heard about the Tall Poppy syndrome with Kiwis/Aussies, and your comment about your hubs reminded me of it. Its something that we've observed here, and I know that I've definitely made some "Tall Poppy" (i.e., braggy/stand out) statements that have called attention to my American-ness in NZ!

  5. I love the white coat on A! It's SO cute! And she is such a little fish! You go girl!
    We're also going to start swimming lessons with Giada this winter. But I'm so not excited about getting in there with her and showing off my after baby love handles for the world to see. On the other hand, I may be in good company :-)

  6. Hey! I found you again yay! I'm glad I did because I have been wanting to get a good hiking pack for Hadley. Do you like the one you have? Is it comfortable? What's the weight limit?

  7. I really love that over exposed pictures of the two of you hiking. I agree with the Montessori school teacher regarding your husband :-)

  8. She is SUCH a cutie! Dying over her little fur boots!

  9. Oh my gosh the bathroom! I don't often use public bathrooms when I'm out with C so I don't have much experience! Then with the bathing suit! Too much!

  10. You look great Ashley!!! When I saw the pictures of you hiking on fb, I immediately thought how good you look!! And love LOVE little A's fur boots:)

  11. I am so behind on your blog! :( I really want to put Cooper in a swim class. He tries to swim in the bathtub. like, legitimately swim, feet kicking and all! Haha. But I don't want to get in with him because I am so self conscious. Boo. I think you look great! I know it's not where you want to be, but you should be proud of yourself and how hard you've worked to get rid of those 50 lbs!

  12. She looks pretty happy with the snowfall! (But then again I think she is one of the happiest babies I've ever seen!) And those little boots are too freaking cute!!

  13. Wow you have been busy! Swim class must've been so cute with all those babies in little suits :)

    I think you look great.