Friday, November 4, 2011

Apple picking a few weeks ago.Some of my FAVORITE Pics of Anika

A few weeks ago, we went apple picking. It was the first cold weekend of the season. We invited Andrew's brother, his wife, and the twins to go.  They were not THAT into it.

Andrew picking apples with the extender thing.

The twins were not that enthused!

Andrew took a lot of beautiful pictures of the boys...and of them as a family, but I dont want to post on here since this is my blog, and I didn't get permission :) I don't want to ask for permission because I don't want my family (ANY) knowing about my blog.

Andrew's twin. He is very photogenic. He was cracking jokes the whole time we where there.

The All Blacks are NZ's rugby team. Later That SAME night of apple picking, Andrew went over to his brother's house to watch the All blacks game (at 3 AM our time). He went to watch another world cup game the weekend before at the same time. The All blacks ended up winning THE WORLD CUP. They have not won since 1984. And the Rugby World Cup actually includes countries from all over the WHOLE world. Not like America's baseball World Series- where it is only the US! Ha-Andrew always complains about that. The All Blacks played France in the final game, and won. France is a HUGE rivalry of NZ. They do NOT like the French because of The Rainbow Warrior (A Green Peace Ship) that was blown up in NZ harbour because they were protesting the French doing nuclear tests. The 2 suspects were sent back to France at France's request because the French said they would put the bombers in prison. NZ released the bombers from the NZ prison to be sent to a French prison...but when they got back, the French gave them medals for their terrorist act. By the way, this is what Andrew says...I didn't fact check this in a history book. I guess there are other reasons for them not liking the French. I hung out with a couple French students when I studied abroad in NZ, and I had no idea about this. Anyway, HUGE day in NZ when they beat them :)  So, the boys were in their All black gear. Anika doesn't have any :((

After Apple Picking, we went to this place down the road from the orchard called Shaker Village. I have always wanted to go. I know a lot of tourists go.  Andrew's dad went during one of his visits over here. The Shakers were interesting people. BUT, they practiced celibacy. So, as you can guess- they died out. Andrew said they were dumb for ruining their own kind by not reproducing. One of the guides at Shaker Village mentioned how a lot of the men left, and Andrew bluntly said "Because they wanted to get laid"
um. ya. The Shakers took in orphans and widows, so that is how they kept up for so long. We saw an old print shop, old kitchen, laundry, etc.

This is Anika and me in front of the broom maker building. A lady (not a Shaker-just a volunteer) made an entire broom in front of us. It was so cool.

I know she is young for the history lessons, but there was SOOO much to look at. And, she seemed to enjoy it. Never too early to start some culture, right? When Andrew found out we had to pay for this "tour" he wanted to leave! lol.  I talked him into it, as I often do for these types of activities. We couldnt take pictures IN the buildings, so I don't have any to share :( There is a GREAT restaurant there as well, but we didnt eat there this time, but I would like to go back and eat there.
I am glad we went, and I would like to go back to see more of the buildings sometime.

LOVE these pictures.

Later when we got home, Anika enjoyed the fruits of her labor- the apples! I made some apple sauce for her as well.

So, this was a way late post.
This morning (Saturday) we went to our FIRST water babies class. That post is one for itself! A few mishaps, but overall a good experience.

AND, ONLY 5 people entered for the free Christmas cards...and the 3 winners are:
Danielle, Lauren, and Dee

I will email you guys the codes for the free cards from Shutterfly!!


  1. I am so freakin pumped!!! wooo thanks :))
    Anika is the prettiest baby! She looks so long in those pics. And she looks like she enjyed that apple! Water babies class with hiccups & mishaps sounds interesting!! hope everyone is alright!

  2. Oh my word - Anika is so adorable in her little sweater and knit bonnet! She looks like a baby that you'd see in the magazines! And the boys are too cute in their ABs gear :-)

  3. all of the pics of Anika are beautiful - as usual - the girl is just so photogenic!! However, my fave is the close up of you holding her in the apple orchard - absolutely PERFECT! Lovely family pics of the 3 of you too, and the twins of course - what cutie pies!

  4. Seriously, that kid of your is so stinkin cute! Her big blue eyes are just adorable!