Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Photo shoot

This was Andrew's original Christmas card idea, but the idea just didn't come out well in photos...or we couldn't get everyone (Me, him, Anika and Piri) to look at the camera at the same time. He wanted to be pulling the sleigh with Piri and then Anika as an elf in the sleigh and me behind the sleigh as Mrs. sexy claus. And then it was taking so long and Andrew's knees were he got up.  He wanted to wear the orange hunting vest to be know since he is dressed up as a reindeer.  This corny picture Idea was all his!  I agreed because he had that dumb mustache for Movember, and he couldn't shave it until December. I didn't want to wait until December to get the photos taken. I had coupon codes to use!  I actually ended up getting 130 cards for like $30, including shipping.  A lot of the pics came out blurry. My friend Kate took them. Usually she is VERY good, but she was off that day! hahaha. Or the camera was messed up.

We ended up using one like this. After I already ordered most of the cards, an online mommy friend from an online group I belong to, offered to FIX the photos for me. She made them a lot more clearer and crisp.  I got to use the clear versions in my 2nd order of cards.

And this one (above)

Andrew wanted Anika to be an elf and for me to be a sexy claus. I decided I would be sexy...without showing too much leg or cleavage. hahaha. My mom made Anika's elf hat. Well, she bought the hat and then made the ears. The sleigh is my moms. An antique that she has taken pictures of me in as a baby. And my niece.

ha, I like how she is holding the branch!

Ha- I love how Anika is looking at Andrew.

The girl loves to pull my hair. Probably because she has none of her own!

Danielle made Anika's Christmas bow. We LOVE it. We were in a mall this weekend and she had the bow on. OH MY GOOD LORD. We couldn't even get through Macy's. At one time, THREE ladies from the make-up counters surrounded Anika in her stroller and ohh'ed and ahhed over her and her xmas dress and bow.  They would not let me by, and Guess who walked away and left me? ANDREW!  I could see him at the other end of the counters waiting. HE HATES the attention. Hates it. He gets all embarrassed.  At one point, she got sick of the stroller and wanted to be carried, so he was carrying her and people kept talking to her and I left him to deal with it :)
At one point, Anika and I separated from Andrew to get him a gift. I LOST her bow! But, I retraced my steps and found it on the floor in the women's department in Macys, where I had looked for a sweater for my mom. A little prayer to St. Anthony did the trick.

Anika's pet cat at my mom's house!

ANika had her first bug last week. She didnt even act sick. She just kept throwing up on me starting at 3 AM while in our bed. She puked in my face...and when I turned the lights on I realized there was puke all in our bed.  Then she just kept puking until 1 pm that day. I just nursed, nursed, and nursed some more. Mommy's magic milk helped fix her up quickly.  I had to stay home with her that day and while she napped I cleaned out our basement! ha. I really wish I got to stay home with her more often...except on days when she isnt puking all over the rugs. That part sucked. I had to change our clothes so many times that day.


  1. she is ADORABLE!!! and she certainly rocks that bow! i loved how your pics came out- cute idea even if it was corny, ha! I think you pulled off the sexy claus as well :) sexy mama!!
    poor Anika, at least she is better now! that doesnt sound fun!

  2. Babies and puke is always fun :) She is adorable.

  3. That hat KILLS me! Hilarious! You got some really great pics - sorry about the pukies, though :(

  4. Could she be any more adorable? OMG thsoe eyes!!!!

  5. Um, I love this idea and loved the card!! I wish we would have been on the ball like you. We ordered our cards but they still haven't come from the company yet...I'm starting to stress since I leave for NH on Saturday..AHHH!!!

  6. You guys are a HOOT!! love this!! so very creative!

  7. I love, love, love the Christmas card!! I have mine up on the fridge and it makes me smile every morning. Also, love your red dress.

  8. Love the pictures anika is beautiful!! Holy cow what kind of cat do your folks have? It looks like a lynx!