Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Today was the day...

This morning I ran.  I haven't really RAN since I was 18ish weeks pregnant.  I have been doing spin, Tabata, strength training, the elliptical, walking, and hiking. But, NO running. Sure, I tried a few times, but I wasn't commited. I told myself when I got to a certain weight I would start running again. I wanted to get some weight off first, because running while heavy can hurt my knee.
This morning I got to the gym and I was going to get on the elliptical (There were no classes early enough this morning for me but I usually  do classes)...so my mom walked in and said she was debating whether to run outside or on the treadmill. She often runs outside near the gym and then does a boot camp at 9. I rarely do boot camp because it is at 9 and I have to be at work by then. Anyway, she got on the treadmill and I got next to her. I started to run...and then I Ran two miles. Just like that.  I thought I was going along pretty well at 5.3 mph...then I looked over and saw my mom at a steady 7.3.  hahahaha. 
But, I made the leap and im back into running!  Today was 2 miles and I could have gone further, but I had to shower and get to work...plus my knee was STARTING to get weird, but not bad.
I will be doing a 5K in no  time and the June 10K in Portsmouth for sure!  Thinking positive :)

ANd, I will end. After yesterday's marathon post about Andrew's party, I figure I will leave you with a short one today :)

Oh, but before I go. Andrew and I exchange ornaments for Christmas.  This year, I am getting Anika one and he is getting Anika one as well. We will all exchange on xmas eve. New Tradition for Anika. I already know Andrew got Anika a monkey because she is such a monkey climbing and moving...ew and she is obsessed with putting her hands in our mouths...which the one monkey I knew in real life tried to do that to me. My dad used to get so annoyed because he would see the monkey scratch its ass and then put its hands in people's mouths! Oh, I digress. So...I saw last night that Andrew googled "titty xmas ornaments"  LOL.  You see, Andrew calls them titties. When I was in NZ 7 years ago I saw a program on TV where there was a 5 year old girl breast feeding and she kept going to her mom "Mummy give me your titty" I was HORRIFIED. By all of it. I Thought breast feeding was gross back then. But, more weird was that they used the word titty on regular tv like it was no big deal. Come to find out most people in NZ just use it like that. To this day, Andrew will hand Anika to me and say "Here is Mummy's Titty"  Ugh. I hope its not her First real word.   I told him to stop calling it that.  Anyway, I guess he searched Titty ornaments because that is what he thinks I am into this year!!  Breastfeeding! lol.   I mean, maybe something about just being a Mommy?!
Oh boy. cant wait to see what I get.
Speaking of him buying presents for me...After he was on line shopping for us and after he didn't give me a hard time about all the money I have been spending (mostly on his party) I was really in the mood last night.
Ya, just call me a prostitute. I will  put out for presents and money  :)  I will probably end up pregnant around Christmas this year if he keeps this up :)  Christmas is usually the ONE TIME of year he is not mr. Frugal/Cheapo :)
Lastly, these locks on cabinets are shit. Anika takes them right off.

She also takes the socket covers off with her fingers.  We need better safety devices. She also likes to take the light bulb out of her night light and I am starting to get pretty pissed about her doing that one because its like the ONE thing in her room she is NOT supposed to touch that is on her level!



  1. I 'try' and run for a bit while at the gym but I just hate it.
    Good for you though!

  2. I seriously hope Andrew you gets you some kind of boob ornament...that is too hilarious! :-)

  3. Good job on running! Have always been impressed that you work out before work!

    I hate the word titty.

  4. I hate the word, titty too. I think it's gross. Good job running and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. God I have missed you! I'm taking a bit of time today to try to catch up on blogs, and came right over to yours. This is the first I've read, and yay for running!! Like Dee, I "try" to run on the treadmill, but usually just do that fast, hip swinging, arm swinging walk. You know...the walk that our mom's did back in 1985 or whatever? Anyway, good for you.

    Now, I need to go read about this party of sorts!

  6. Girl you crack me up - between the "titties" explanation and the putting out for presents and money - seriously - my stomach hurts from laughing so hard!:)

  7. you sre HYSTERICAL!!! your 'titties' situation and putting out haha thats so funny!!! you never lack on the laughs :)yay for you for getting back into running!!

  8. Bahahahahha, I love how he refers to it as tithes...and good god if that is Anika's first official word I will die. The ornament idea sounds so cute!!

    ANd can I just say your mom is booking it on that treadmill. I wish that was my jogging pace!! I do 6.2 and I'm nearly dying after 10 minutes or so

  9. I HATE the word tit, though I do seem to recall hearing it bunches in Australia. Good job on the running! Ashley puts out for presents bahaha

  10. BTW your stupid blog won't let me post a comment with my google address. wahhh

  11. I love exchanging ornaments every year, and getting Giada one too. It's such a fun tradition, I just need to remember to write the year on them.
    And can you believe my house is still not baby proof? For some reason though, Giada does not open cabinets too often right now. She gets plenty of other stuff out, but nothing from the cabinets...