Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weekend Review and Stuff

 If you MISSED MY BIG Post Yesterday,  IT is VERY COOL news, but it didn't seem very popular by my readers. I guess you guys are like Andrew...he didn't realize it was a big deal UNTIL he was there.
SO, after our big day Friday, our weekend stayed kind of busy.
Saturday morning was our last session of water babies. We are not signing up for the next session because I HAVE 5 ski races this winter on Saturdays :)  Anika will come and watch some, but she will go with Nona or a sitter for the others, so Andrew can come ski/board too.  My mom thinks Anika will have skis on before the winter is over :) 
Just because we are missing the next session does not mean we are done. We will be back to swim.

It was Andrew's turn this week.  The instructor said how well Anika kicks in the water and she must get it from all her tub time. BAHAHAH. She has had like 3 baths in her life! We do showers.  AND, the instructor tells all the parents how awesome their kids are.  I see right through her! Its like when all the kids get ribbons for participating. haha

Swimming to the toy....She is supposed to put her face in the water, but she just isn't into that.  I don't blame her. I dont like chlorine either.

Saturday after swimming, the 3 of us went shopping. I think we are about ready. We spent WAYYY more money on groceries than I would have liked.  I feel like its such a waste to spend so much on food. BUT, I try to remind myself that FOOD IS NOT A waste. It fuels our bodies and we only get one body for our good, whole foods are important and worth the money. Ok, easy to say now- hit me up when I REALLY NEED new Laura Mercier moisturizer or other Sephora items.
I am teaching A the word GENTLE because she is always grabbing that buzzy bee mobile! AND my face.

Saturday night we went to my friend's Christmas party. The theme was crazy suspenders. IM so sad I didnt get a picture of the WINNER. It was cool and fitting for him.  I made mine that day. I just hot glue gunned a bunch of crap onto a pair.

The flash kinda made my shirt see through

We just picked Andrew's up at walmart that day too and I ran out of time to decorate, but we did put his American flag pin on there :)

ha, I had Anika's bib in my bag and Anna wore it :)
I made lots of my homemade all purpose cleaner as hostess gifts :) I actually need to make a few more. I got the spray bottles at walmart for 99 cents.  Made my labels and put some bows on! Easy.

My mom made me this flower arrangement for Christmas. My dad made the box. He made lots of them for her out of trees. literally. My mom gives these as teacher gifts too I think.
I had the manger on the secretary, but moved it to the only place I had room...the liquor cabinet! hahaha. Fitting?

Here is Anika in HER SUSPENDERS. I got them for the suspender party before I knew it was a No kids allowed  party!  I still put them on her before she went to Nona's while we attended the party.  SHe totally would have won though :)

Her American Flag from Daddy's ceremony.

Anika got  a few presents from Andrew's Auntie in NZ. ALso from his sister in NZ. We don't wait until xmas around here :)

Awesome shirt from a Maori Village where Andrew's aunt has a batch (holiday home) and his family is the ONLY white family who owns a home/land in the community because of something Andrew's grand dad did for the Maori many many years ago.

When I was going through Andrew's packet from his citizenship,there was a big envelope within an envelope that said "FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES"
and inside, ANDREW"S personal letter from OBAMA! lol.
Ok, it wasn't personal, but I made it out to be a big deal to him. haha

Then, Andrew got this card in the mail. IT WAS COVERED In Flags. I was PRETTY SURE I knew who it was from, but I wasnt sure and I was dying for Andrew to get home and open it! hahah

ANd, it was from my friend C. AND, she said the store ran out of Citizenship cards, so she had to improvise. I couldn't believe they even had a Citizenship section! ONLY in the City! lol.

I took Anika's 9 month photos and I will post them in her 9 month post. OH BOY! WAIT till you hear all the stuff she is doing. BUT, isn't this picture hilarious??? DO YOU SEE WHAT SHE IS LOOKING AT?? LOL

Sunday, I wrapped and did lots of stuff around the house.  Caught up on filing and organizing. Did some fun stuff with Anika too of course. Then we went to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner. My cousin and his kid were there. His kid is 11 months and RuNNING. I guess he started walking at 9 months. He and Anika played well together and it was quite cute to see them interact. I wasnt impressed when my uncle tried to give Anika a Christmas cookie, but owell.


  1. Would you have preferred a letter from Mitt? Hahaha :)

    And I am sure Anika doesn't want to mess up here hair. I don't put my head under water either!

    She is seriously so adorable.

  2. Your nativity scene/bar made me LOL!!

  3. that is so neat about the Maori village story! Love A's tweed suspenders - so adorable! Looking forward to A's 9 month post!