Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's the 21st Already?

It is already the 21st of the Month? How is that possible. That means ANIKA is 11 months old today. STOP. JUST STOP.
Sorry I have been gone a week.  So, Andrew came home Last Tuesday (Vday). 
They have him on a pain management regimen at home. He went to Dartmouth ER on Wednesday but was just sent home with more drugs. He hates to take the drugs so really tries not to.  This weekend,  he was able to not take them...and same with today. Today was the first time he had Anika alone  in a while, so I could take a class at the gym after work.    HE is  still in pain, but its getting duller...so the dull pain is always there, but not like it used to be (sharp all the time). He still has attacks of severe pain, but those times are less than they used to be.   So, there is still something wrong...but he is able to function a bit more the past couple of days.

He is seeing 2 urologists at Dartmouth this coming Thursday. HE really thinks its a urology issue. A urologist saw him at the other hospital, but didnt think there was an issue.  The hospitalist suggested he get a 2nd opinion elsewhere.  
When I got to the hospital last Tuesday, there was a meeting with Andrew's hospitalist and a few people from patient services. We went over the plan and they even thought he needed to get to a bigger hospital-A teaching hospital. THEY were very nice about it and I felt better.  We also went right across the street to a new primary physician they set Andrew up with. BUT, that doctor was Chinese and couldn't understand a word we were saying.  I'm sure he is a great doctor, but not being able to understand each other is an issue.
Andrew gave his big Valentines balloon to one of his nurses when we left the hospital.  She was excited and said she couldn't wait to tell her husband she got it from a hot New Zealander.  Its nice to know even through all his crazy, his nurses still liked him. We also have ALL of his medical records and SEVERAL of the doctors who saw him over the long hospital stay wrote nice things about him. That he was pleasant, etc.  His nurses also told us to keep pursuing this because something is not right. SO, we are.  The Urologist this week. GI 2nd opinion in a few weeks. AND, he is going to see a doctor that specialises in nerve blocks. 
Thanks for thinking of us and praying for us.  I feel like a lot more happened at the meeting and since his discharge, but I'm too tired to remember. 
So, here are some pictures from the past few weeks.
Getting into the liquor cabinet.
I have been going to a local Farmer's Market.  That chunk of meat is grass fed lamb. It was good!  I have been making lots of garlic tea, because there are a lot of sickos around us and I'M trying to keep Anika and myself healthy. Espeically with all those visits to the hospital!  Garlic is a GREAT for your immune system and fights infections. IT can defeat bacterial, viral and even fungal infections.  It doesn't taste great, but I haven't been sick when everyone else has been....so Ill do it. I told my dad to drink it when he was stuffy and he got better too!  Another GREAT natural remedy- RAW unfiltered apple cider vinegar (ACV). This can also help you lose weight!  Its hard to just drink- seriously, the first shot I took of it was worse than a shot of vodka.  I add it with juice or put it on salads. OR, just buy the drink where its already mixed with juice.   AVOIDING dairy is also a great way to stay healthy and fight colds.  ESPECIALLY sinus issues.  Cows milk  (pasteurized) is a BIG contributor to sinus issues. Commercial dairy is not good for anyone...but as you know, its hard to avoid. I really try my hardest, but of course I cant resist cheese a lot of times or ice cream.  I do eat a lot of goat cheese though. HA.  And, then I buy soup at a local cafe once a week, and the homemade soups are made with cream. yum. So...its hard to give up completely, but I'm very conscious of it ...and Anika gets none! ha. Easy to tell her what she can and cant have. lol.   I also was eating tons of baked goods last week that were around- so refined sugar plus cow milk- not great for the immune system, so I had to make sure to get all my supplements in!

I am not a milk drinker anyway, but I have coconut milk and almond milk for things I might put milk in.  We definitely avoid soy as well. Again, I would love to write about all that...I hope to find time one day!   I found yogurt made with coconut milk as well!  I can put that in my smoothies and even Anika can have that.

 We got some kefir and raw goats milk too.  I added the kefir to my smoothies. Fermented foods are also really good for us...although im not a fan of the taste. Anika can drink the goats milk because its a lot easier to digest than cows milk. There are a lot of homemade formulas made with goats milk.   IT takes a baby 20 minutes to digest goats milk but 8 hours to digest cows milk!  Goats milk is the closest to human milk as well.  As I have mentioned before, I have supplemented Anika with goats milk instead of commercial formula in the past. I had given her formula a few times in the early days after I went back to work,  but after much research, ended up with this option that I am happier with.  It has worked great when I just haven't pumped enough at work.  It is just to supplement once in a while. It cant REPLACE breast milk or formula unless MANY other ingredients are added to it.

We have also been dabbling with a LOT of other homeopathic options.  I am so happy that at 11 months Anika has never had medicines (except baby Tylenol once). And, she is one healthy little critter, even though she goes to regular daycare and gym daycare.
I'm still learning more and more every day, and I'm just so happy that Andrew is on board with this way of parenting.  Many things he even suggests and researches himself.
While we are on this subject, I will mention that  Anika has also gone to the chiropractor a few times. Ever since we started going, she sleeps a lot better!  I will have to write a separate post about chiropractic care for babies.
Love this preppy little outfit.

This dress was given to her by her Nana and Poppa in NZ a while ago.  Its a nice organic Cotton jumper/frock (made in NZ).

These little overalls were MINE when I was younger.  Except I wore them at 3 months old and Anika fits into them at 10! ha

Chunky monkey Ashely on left in same overalls, but my mom is not great at scanning and its hard to tell.

MY OLD Pink Overalls! :) These ones have a small stain so they are "play clothes" and ANdrew seems to put her in them OFTEN!
S is for Suckling.   She entertains herself so well. PS. sorry if you are friends with me on FB and you have seen all these pictures.
Fell in the toy box!  She was actually crying trying to get out Andrew said. He took the picture.

 These purple overalls were ALSO mine! ha. My mom loved to dress me in overalls.

Look- Piri to the left. Piri is always close when its feeding time!

Mum Mum and Anika.

Thanks for checking in friends. I will try not to be gone so long again. Things have just been crazy busy around here!
I Have started making things for Anika's BIRTHDAY PARTY! It is not until June, but I have so many craft projects for the party to get done, so I got started this weekend. I went to Hobby Lobby to get some supplies, and that store is AWESOME. Too bad its an hour away from me!


  1. I is to drink apple cider vinegar religiously. It does help with weight. Not to self. Bring bottle to work. I need to stop with dairy too. Hard

  2. love love love the pics of you and A - beautiful! Glad Andrew is feeling a bit better, best of luck with the appts coming up - hopefully someone can figure out what's wrong and get to work on fixing it pronto!
    I have been wanting to try the kefir - but it just looks so unappetizing - I am going to be brave and try it this week though when we hit up the farmers market. I love garlic - so much that I would eat garlic ice cream - but something about the idea of making tea out of it - echk totally weirds me out - good for you for doing it and keeping you healthy though:)

  3. I'm glad Hobby Lobby was a success! I can't wait to come home and go:)

  4. I can't believe how much you gals look alike. She is such a cutie! And man, I'm so sorry that Andrew is having such a rough time still! I really hope they can figure it out, because there has to be a reason for all this pain.

  5. You look so pretty in those last pics with A! I seriously can't believe she is 11 months old. I really hope that you guys get some good answers for Andrew at these upcoming appointments. I didn't know about apple cider vinegar and weight...I don't know why I would, I get all of my hippie info from you! Ha :) I actually really like the taste of vinegar, so maybe I should try it. Lee finally agreed to get more of our groceries from Whole foods, including fruits, veggies, and meats! I am really excited :) I said it was better for Cooper and BAM he said ok!

  6. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show yous some blog luv! def enjoyed this post :)


  7. She looks SO much like you!! And those Gerber Baby eyes are just amazing!