Sunday, February 5, 2012

None of your Business!

 People keep saying things to me like "You are STILL breast feeding?" or "HOW long do you plan to do that for?" 
Really? Why do people care?
First of all- ALL babies need to be fed Breast Milk or Formula for the FIRST year of their life!  Would someone ask me "Why are you still feeding her formula?" at the age of 10.5 months? No, probably not. Why would I waste our money buying formula that is mass made FOR ALL "generic" BABIES when my body produces CUSTOM made milk for MY Baby?? FOR FREE!!!  
Between the savings of not buying formula and not buying diapers, my kid's college account is looking pretty good f or a 10.5 month old!

SECOND- The American Pediatric Association recommends a baby be breast fed for one year.  The World Health Organization recommends two years.   So again- WHy do people find it so odd that I breast feed a 10.5 month old?  Is it because she is walking?

Third-  My 10.5 Month old is around kids ALL The time. I take her everywhere. She goes to an in house daycare and she goes to gym daycare.  I have seen her get sneezed on and then NOT even get sick!! In her 10.5 months of life, the girl has had a few runny noses and one 10 hour belly bug.  Her  10 hour belly bug was more a laundry issue. She didn't even act sick or phased!  So, this girl is HEALTHY.  I am also healthy and I pass on all my great immunities to her. I also take a lot of supplements that boost my immune system and she gets all those great supplements through my breast milk.

Fourth- I am paranoid of cancer, including breast cancer. I don't want cancer. The longer I breast feed, the less my risk is of getting breast cancer.

And, then I wont get into the convenience factor, because that's obvious.

I am not a controversial person. I don't care what other people do, so just stop looking at me like a freak for feeding my kid the natural way!

Ok, end of that vent.
Boo-the Patriots lost.
But, Anika had a great time at her first Superbowl party!  She even wore the right colors. The dress she wore was MINE when I was her age )  My mom just brought over 3 boxes of my old clothes that Anika will be wearing. So cute.  Andrew is still sick. He is in pain. He has some good moments, but then bad. Sunday was a bad day.  We had family plans, but he just couldn't move, so Anika and I went and did them -just the two of us. He called his Dr. today and he said to go to the ER, but he wont go.  I am not his mother. If he wants to live like this, then fine. IM annoyed about it, obviously.

Yesterday Anika and I went to a birthday party, half hour away for a 4 year old. Then we drove down to Massachusetts and went to Trader Joe's.  We dont have one in NH. Then we went to Marath*n sports where I like to get my running sneakers. I Needed new running sneakers, and they fit you for sneakers that are best for your feet. I have weird arches.   It was a little hard to do the testing with Anika, but we managed.  I am doing a 10K in June.
I did the same one RIGHT before I got knocked up with Anika.

Oh, and she had her first explosive Poop in seriously, like 6 months while at Trader Joes. She DESTROYED her tights. I tried to change her in my car and she got poop all over my back seat (Thank God for leather).  Then, I sat in it.  I didn't have another pair of tights for Anika so I had to put on ugly black fleece pants with her dress. I Just wiped it off my pants.    There was poop on her dress too but I  refused to take that off, so I just cleaned the poop off with wipes.  After all that, we got to my friend's Superbowl party (also down in MA) and they had a plumbing problem. SO, their basement had poop in it just hours before we got there, so no one smelled poop on us since they had their own poop problems! haha.   Anika stayed busy and that kept me away from all the yummy food!  She was the only kid there and was KINDA on good behavior. She kept going up and taking people's food though. She also tried to take pizza out of someones hand a the bday party.  We left the party around half time to make the hour and 45 minute drive home. She slept the whole way since it was her bed time.
Saturday morning Andrew was feeling ok, so we went with him to get a hair cut and then the Farmer's market.  Before the market, we went to breakfast. 
 I have a feeling most of you might have freaked out!  The restaurant was a small place we had never been before(well, I went with my mom before many many years ago). We usually go to a bigger/more formal place, but this place was small, tables close together, more like a family diner feel. It seemed like a "locals place" but it was a few towns away from ours.  We were supposed to seat ourselves, but it took us a while to catch on! The waitress came over and told us there were high chairs over near the men’s bathroom if we wanted one. I went and got one but the tables were so close, it was hard to fit the seat at our table. No big deal, we made it work. When the waitress came over to take our order, she started talking to Anika and then Just PICKED her up. Then she asked me if she could bring her back to the kitchen because she “Just had to show the cooks this adorable baby” I kind of looked at Andrew and he didn’t have a look of fright on his face, so I just shrugged like “OK” LOL. The whole restaurant was looking at us smiling…and just saying “oh how cute, etc” The waitress came back a minute later with Anika- smiling away! She said she wanted to show her mom who was out back in the kitchen , etc. She also said how she has 3 boys and always wanted a girl, etc. VERY Friendly waitress AND restaurant. Other patrons were talking to Anika as well. Ani waved and smiled and seemed ok with it. She is so social and friendly. Andrew HATES attention so he does get annoyed sometimes, but yesterday he was ok.
SO, tell me, would you have freaked out if this happened to you? LOL. I feel like if someone told me this story, I would think it was weird, but it just seemed so….safe when it was happening. I usually have pretty good mommy instincts, I think. OH and by the way, there was a lady with her baby and husband sitting near us and I KNEW she looked familiar. I finally went over and we GO to the same LLL meeting!! It was fun to see her.
I feel like living in a rural area like we do might make a difference in this story. And, babies just make people happy- especially old people.
I let Anika walk and follow me at walmart on Sunday and she kept going for the doritos display! like OBSESSED with the doritos! haha
If you you leave the dishwasher door down, she is up on it in seconds. It appears when she climbs it sometimes,  she is trying to get up on the counter!  SHe tries pulling herself up on the racks!  She also Would NOT leave the stairs alone at our friend's superbowl party. It was SOOO annoying .She can go up just fine, but its coming down she needs practice with.


  1. I got those comments too. The most annoying ones were when B was about 6 months old. And he was SO tiny with being a preemie. I just rolled my eyes. :)

  2. One of my best friend's daughter turns 1 year old in a few weeks and she's getting the same treatment.
    She's so over it as well.
    I think it's your decision, just as fertility treatments are as well. People need to mind their own business and quit giving advice and opinions unless asked!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  3. I think that's totally normal to breast feed a 10 month old. My daughter got breast milk until 13-14 months. I exclusively pumped because she never learned how to latch but I would have kept pumping but we wanted to get pregnant again so I stopped. When this baby comes in May I plan on giving my 19 month old my breast milk again...not a ton but 1-2 cups a day. I produced tons of milk so she might as well get some more of it...and it helps me burn TONS of calories.

  4. Absolutely nothing wrong with breastfeeding a 10.5 month old, but you already know that because you're a smart momma! I haven't had this happen to me yet, and to be honest, most of the people that I know that have struggled with this live in the States. I'm wondering if it's just because Americans are so much more outspoken.

    I think it's really cute that the waitress wanted to bring her back :-) That's part of the appeal of living in a rural area, in my opinion (hopefully we'll get there someday!). I'm more cautious/suspicious, so I might have said, "Sure - I'll go with you!" and followed them, but I think that it entirely depends on the situation. If you were comfortable with it and it was a small little cafe, then it was probably fine!

  5. I hope your husband gets feeling better! That is so frustrating! Also frustrating - people making negative comments about breastfeeding! I had someone make a similar comment to me the other day (my daughter is the same age as yours) - "Wow, you're still breastfeeding? Good for you" - this was not in a nice way. I also hate that people think the day every baby turns 1 year that you should automatically stop, like babies come with a pop up timer telling us everyone should be done BF at the same time!

  6. I seriously cannot believe people give you a hard time over the fact that you still breastfeed A! That's crazy! It's not like she's 4. I once saw this youtube video of an 8yo breastfeeding and I must admit, I gagged.
    But anyway, I think your natural ways are keeping your child healthy, and that's what matters. You go Ash!

  7. I'm so proud that I'm nursing Chase still, I kind of want people to ask me about it! Everyone tried to tell me I would quit when he got teeth. He has 4 teeth and we are doing great! He had a blow out poop and I didn't have an extra outfit for him. Curtis washed his pants in the bathroom but he still SMELLED! So gross!