Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Can you Believe Im posting this??

First, THANKS for all the sweet emails and comments about my last 2 posts. I know the last one was long, but I wanted to get it all down and recorded. I even forgot stuff I have added since I originally posted. Andrew is home and feeling better, but still waiting for answers and waiting to get into the specialist.  I will keep you posted on what we find out.

I have been discouraged about my weight loss lately. I haven't lost any weight in a month!   I didn't work out for SIX days last week due to Andrew being in the hospital.  I could definitely tell when I got back to the gym on Monday.  I was feeling down and I found some old pictures I took. I am so happy I HAVE THESE, otherwise, I seriously would have forgotten about how far I have come.  I am currently down 58 pounds since the day I had her.   I have a long way to go, but I have to look at where I WAS, and that helps me look to the future!
I don't even have a photo of my bare stomach RIGHT after I had Anika. I wish I did. I do have one of my back side, but I cant find it anywhere. Andrew snapped it without me knowing when I was walking away holding the baby, topless.  Maybe I deleted it?

THIS first picture was taken the first day I went back to the gym after having Anika-IT was 6 Weeks post partum.
AHHHH- SO Scary.

The 2nd picture wasn't 32 weeks PP but 36 WEEKS PP. I Messed it up but cant figure out to fix it.  Also, the coloring looks different. The first photo was taken during the day time (our bedroom has a big sky light and another window) and the 2nd photo was taken at night with lamp lighting. Big difference in lighting.
I didn't have stretch marks until the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy (40 weeks-42 weeks) when she dropped VERY fast and left those beautiful marks on me. I thought for sure they were there to stay!
BUT...LOOK- they are GOING AWAY!!  I haven't put ANYTHING on them. I am so pleasantly surprised.
I hope to have EVEN BETTER Pictures by this summer!  My original GOAL was to be at my goal weight by Anika's 1st Birthday. That is about 15 more pounds to lose.   THEN,  I will reevaluate.  I definitely want to lose 15 more before getting pregnant again.

AND, the side shot ...I still have a baby pooch from the side.

AND, me at 36 weeks post partum looks the same as ME 14 WEEKS preggo below...
At least my mirror was cleaner AFTER having a baby! That is sad.  But, our bed is not made in EVERY picture. That is also sad since we used to both make our beds before we were married! whoops. I also wish I had belly shots BEFORE I was pregnant or at least before 14 weeks pregnant, but I dont. WHOOPS.

I don't know how long I will leave these up here, but  I do want to share this journey to getting my body back. 
Has anyone else had a hard time getting their body back? 


  1. Girl look at you!!!!! You look great!! Your hard work is def paying off! I like your tat :) my stretch marks didnt go away :/ meh i guess im A tiger that 'earned my stripes' haha! But i feel like since having lexi i will always have a 'pooch'. I guess its bc the excess skin- boooo!!!

  2. So many bloggers just put the pretty and polished out there, I appreciate you for being raw and honest. You are doing great!!! AND you have a perfect little girl :-) Totally worth it.

  3. Holy smokes!!! You look amazing!!! Your tummy is like, FLAT!!! I'm jealous!

  4. Girl you are looking GREAT! Seriously, I commend you for working so hard to lose weight! I also admired how much you worked out during your pregnancy.

  5. Chica, you are doing an amazing job. You are a great mom, a caring wife, a wonderful daughter and a thoughtful friend. I am in awe at how much you fit in to your busy schedule!! I think you need to continue to look at how far you have come and use it as motivation to get you to your goal. Just try not to come down on yourself too hard! PS. I don't even have an excuse for getting to such a high weight and having stretch marks!

  6. You seriously look great! Your stomach is practically flat!!! I'm not just saying you look good but you really do and you can't even hardly see the stretch marks any more. You must have good skin and look how it all snapped right back into place. Nothing is even sagging or hanging. Awesome!

    We never make our bed, never.

  7. So jealous! You look AMAZING, lady!

  8. Girl you did a total kick ass job! You should be so proud of yourself. You look amazing :-)

  9. you look great! do you want me to add you to a facebook mom group? they were all talking about doing weight watchers and trying to get their body backs.

  10. You seriously look AMAZING! You should be proud of yourself for working so hard!

  11. You look great!!! Don't be discouraged, look at how far you've already come! You'll start having losses again soon. No gym plus all that stress is to blame for at least a part of that month.

  12. You look soooo good!! Seriously, can't even tell you had a baby!!