Monday, January 2, 2012

Our First Christmas as a Family of Three

This post is way late.  We've been busy around here.
Christmas Eve we went to my Aunt's house.
I took a photo of her white house ornament tree.  

I forget what year this one is, but I like it.
Anika got to sit in a VERY Old high chair to have her dinner. There were 10 kids there :)  She was the youngest, but only by 5 months.

Hanging out with Nona.  I got lots of pictures of A playing with her cousins and my cousins' kids.  She really loves playing with other kids. I love watching her.
After dinner and presents, we headed home. IT was the first Christmas Eve I spent at My own house. EVER.  I have stayed at my parents in the past.  When we got home, we put Anika in her Christmas jammies and opened our ornaments from each other.
Opening the one from me.

It was a Baby's First Christmas ornament with a photo from our xmas card in it :)

Andrew gave Anika a Monkey because she is such a monkey. Climbing up on everything all the time.
I gave Andrew an ornament with a Kiwi and NZ flag on it. I should have given him a US flag to represent him becoming a Citizen this year...but didn't think of it in time. We wrote the year on the back of all of them.

Andrew gave me this ornament. IT says "All you Need is Love. And Boobies" haha. To represent my year of breast feeding? lol.
After Anika went to bed, we put the presents under the tree.  A lot of the gifts were for Andrew and Me. We didn't go too overboard for Anika.  SANTA wrote Anika a letter and left it for her :)  The piano was from Santa. That's it. hahaha. IM not letting Santa give her EVERYTHING. I want credit too :)

Christmas Morning. SHe was pretty excited!

Daddy gave her that ugly doll. As you can see, she thought it was ugly too. lol.
I got that headband on etsy. Its darling, but too tight. The seller is sending me a bigger one.  She was trying to drink the baileys from my stocking :)
My mom and dad stopped over for a bit.
I have to admit, i was expecting a certain gift from Andrew. I thought for SURE I was getting it, so when I didn't, I was upset. HOWEVER, he got me a lot of PRACTICAL great gifts, but I thought I was getting a NON practical gift :)
He got me a new Washer and Dryer! It gets delivered this week.  He also got me a small electric heater for the basement since there is no heat down there and I like doing my crafts and stuff down there. It gets too chilly for Anika to be down there with me.  he got me some new windshield wipers. And, a new pair of ski racing mittens! I have wanted these new mittens for years to replace my old pair which I have had for 12 years! They are expensive mittens, so the perfect gift. Although, they are not hte exact ones I wanted. He said they were sold out of my size and he got me the top of the line ones...but the top of the line ones are not the ones I wanted. haha. I know, Im a biatch.  He also got my locket engraved with an A on the other side (for Anika) and tons of batteries (I always complain he uses all mine!) haha. And a Dvd player.  I was totally spoiled, but it took me a day or 2 to realize that.
He got Anika these little drums.  Look at my cute daughters.
We went to my parents house for brunch later in the day and to open presents. My mom made lobster eggs Benedict- YUM!

My brother, his wife and my other niece did not come over until the next day, but look at all the stockings at my parents house :)  And, sorry about the dead animal Jenny. Its a Fisher cat by the way. Speaking of dead animals, my dad gave me 2 fur headbands (made of Fox) and one is pink and one purple. Anika also got a fox fur scarf but I want to have it made into a hat instead.

Anika got some happy baby food in her stocking. I think she likes the food I make better :)

I wrapped up TONS of boxes in a big box for my niece. In each box was a $5 or $1...last year she complained when all the presents were unwrapped, so this kept her busy for a while! haha

You cant tell, but I had Anika wrapped in a blanket she got as a gift. I called it her woobie. I had a blanket/woobie :)
Nona gave Anika a back pack with her name and matching lunch box.

Her big present from NOna was this Vtech train. Its very cool with all the letter blocks and you put each block on the side and its says what it is and a word that starts with that letter. She got Elf on a Shelf for next year too! AND, LOTS AND LOTS of books from nona and from daddy.  Nona got her a really cute personalized book about fairies.
This shirt came from Andrew's sister from NZ.   They have so many NZ made clothes and its so hard to find made in the USA clothes here.  We actually heard something on the radio this weekend about how easy it is to find made in NZ products in NZ and the opposite in America.

 This shirt came from Auntie Liz in NZ. Rapaki is a Maori community where Andrew's family owns a holiday home. They are the only white people to own a home/land in the Maori community.  I spent some time at Rapaki with Andrew when we first dating. It is a special place. I take photos of Anika wearing or playing with all her gifts for her Thank you notes!  We finished all her thank you notes while I had some time off last week.

 Hoodie from my friend Molly who is in grad school at University CA, Santa Barbara.
Shirt from Andrew. Same as my ornament :)

My aunt sent this hat to Anika. SO CUTE!

 She got this hat from my aunt too  and this is her train from my mom.
These ruffle pants are darling and also came from NZ :)
She got this popcorn toy from my aunt and uncle. Its noisy!

This is me at my parents house the day after Xmas. We went back there for dinner with my brother, his wife, other niece and my dad's parents. We did more presents and ate more food.  It was kind of weird because my dad's parents (my dad's dad and his wife actually) were really late and the expensive meat my mom bought was over cooked.  my mom was mad and it just made for an awkward night I guess.

My little walker!

See this bell? She loves it. Well, on Friday something funny happened. We got home and she needed to nurse. I took off my dress and bra because my dress was high necked. Also, I don't wear nursing bras anymore, so its just easier.... After she was done she went over and played with her toys. I continued laying on the couch topless and turned on the TV. A few minutes later I look over and I see Anika running at me Ringing her bell! The look in her eyes was hilarious...she came over grabbed my boob, put it in her mouth. Took a few sips and looked up at me and laughed. Then went back over to her toys and tossed me like last week's garbage!! The whole bell ringing and running at me had me laughing my butt off.  Andrew worked late and missed it. I reenacted it for him when he got home. I hope she doesn't think she needs to ring her bell when she wants dinner! LOL.

haha. my girls :)

My mom had gotten that bib for Anika. I kept forgetting it at our other holiday meals.
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas as well.
I will have to write my New Years post this week. I Might have to put it on my old (private) blog due to the content. I will let you know : )


  1. Looks like she really enjoyed Christmas!! I still havent posted about Christmas! My lovely hubs broke my laptop :(

  2. You were spoiled! You got a on of stuff. The windshield wipers are very fun :)

    My mom has a White House ornament tree too!

    Happy New Year!

  3. What was the gift you were wanting? Love that boobies ornament! Lol!

  4. holy smokes! Your daughter is GORGEOUS! love her blue blue eyes. It was our first christmas as a family of three too :) It was a dream come true.

  5. the bell ringing incident cracks me up - what a shame Andrew missed it! I feel like Rick always misses the funny things too and then when I try to reenact or to get Fi to repeat it it isnt nearly the same:(
    dying to know what the "ungiven" gift was?!?!

  6. It sounds like Anika's first Christmas was fabulous! I absolutely adore her Christmas dress, and am always floored by how blue her eyes are. :-) And the boob + bell incident...too funny!!

  7. Anika is adorable as always, and you must have been a very good girl this year because you were very spoiled. Just saying. Also, fox fur? Really? uNless your dad is killing those foxes (humanely) himself... oh dear. they come from china and it's pretty brutal!