Monday, January 23, 2012

My 10 Month old Ski Racer!

MISS ANIKA,  I CANT Believe my bub is 10 Months old!
You have been one busy little girl.
You were walking a little on your 9 month birthday, but now you are running! of this Sunday- SKIING! haha. Kind of.
ON Sunday, we went over to our local Mt for a fun race sponsored by Mt. D*w.  I have participated in this race MANY MANY times  in the last 20 years. The race has been going on for 21 years.  The race crew said you are officially the youngest competitor they have ever had in 21 years :)   You were just going to watch me race...but, then after my run, we decided to borrow some boots and skis and let you try. Nona hiked up the trail with you in the Ergo. I carried the skis and boots up the chairlift with me.
The boots were a little big, so you had your regular shoes on as well inside the boots! haha
We are in the start gate to the right...You were smiling for the crew taking pics.
"Racer Ready. 3, 2, 1...GO!"
Mummy's legs were BURNING when I had to bend down and help you go the whole way.  IT was a perma squat.  I work my legs a lot too, and this HURT! When we were near daddy (3 or 4 gates from the bottom) I just had to stand up to give my legs a break. When I stood up, I also picked you up and the weight of the skis on your legs must have hurt because you started to whimper, but then before I put you back down, ONE ski fell off! LOL. It went down the course and through the finish and You finished on ONE SKI! :)

As you can see, this was a very easy course. I went very slow ;)
After your run, we went in the lodge to warm up. YOu were happy. This snow suit was Mummy's when I was your age ;) 

We went back out to watch Nona and your cousins race too.

Later in the day, we waited for the award ceremony.
YOU GOT A GOLD MEDAL! ANd, when they called you up, I let you walk up there and get your medal. YOu were ALL smiles- NOT SHY at all! The race crew guys were giving you high five and just loved you and you loved them.  SO, sure you were the only girl in your age group and that is why you got gold!  They also gave you an awesome chair and a sweatshirt.  AND you qualified for the finals that will take place at Mt. Snow in March! Free ticket for us. You really do just go TO ANYONE!  SO friendly ...but a little touchy and other kids don't really like that. haha

Eating your Gold with Nona.  Gold Anika- We like gold :)

AND, MUMMY GOT GOLD for her AGE group as well. I ALSO got best female time of the day :)  I get to go to the finals too.  Too bad I cant get 1st in my other leagues!

Mummy and you- The Gold Girls :)

Cousin K got bronze for her age :) 

So proud of you girls.
I tried to take some photos this morning, but you wanted to take your sticker off and when I wouldn't let you, you just cried. haha

Tonight, we tried again with daddy. I was blowing your belly and daddy got this pic. Daddy doesn't like ANY nakey or remotely nakey pics of you on I just added these circles! lol. BUT, they make it look even worse...but too funny not to post :)
But then I just made this one ...

And, these pictures were hard to get too...Just picked up lenny the lion

Taking that sticker off!

hhaha. It looks like I'm scolding you, but I really wasn't. I'm not sure what was going on but its funny looking.  We generally don't even scold you but try to use positive discipline with you AND redirection works AMAZING!

Well, Miss are a JOY to be around.  In the past week, you have started to actually LOOK where you are walking so you walk OVER things instead of just tripping over them. I have seen you step over things and look where you are going :)  You are saying dog, dada, doll, (dada says you say duck)...nona said you said better.  I have heard you say hi and down.  But, one word NO ONE has heard you say is ANYTHING sounding like MAMA!   You wont use a sippy cup and I have tried A LOT of them. I don't know if you cant figure it out or you just don't like them?   You get into EVERYTHING you can.  You love to explore around our house.  You really are such a sweetie and you light up any room. 
You have ZERO interest in TV. I didn't want you watching TV before you were 2, but I have tried a few PBS shows and even the Baby Sign language DVD- and NOPE! You have better things to do than sit in front of the TV!  WILL not do it.  I guess that's ok ;) 
You are still going on the potty when we are home. You eat all of your food by yourself when you are with me.  You love brown rice and chicken that I make. You ate 2 cups of it on Sunday. Chow hound!

You love the spice drawer. It used to be alphabetised.  ITS NOT anymore!! I find spices ALL over the house now.  I taped you getting into the drawer this month....


  1. I love that she went skiing!!! And love the boob shots. Hahaha!

  2. I LOVE that she is on skis! My parents got me up on skis as soon as I could and I am so grateful that they did! I'm still skiing to this day!

  3. Congrats to both of you thats so awesome!! And so precious of Anika on skis at such a young age! Anika is ten months already! She is getting close To that first bday :) hopefully She says mama soon!! (lexi said duck quack quack this week- once! Then she wouldnt repeat it so No one believes me! Meanie) lexi still doesnt watch where she is walking and still trips over EVERYTHING! have you tried straw cups with Anika?

  4. OMG!! Love this post! You'll have to include these in her rehearsal dinner slide show one day! Love the coconuts too! LOL!!

  5. I can't believe you put the black spots on your 10 month olds "naked" chest. Tell andrew he is being ridiculous. the kiddy pornos can see the same stuff on a gerber jar!!!

  6. OMG...Her on those skis...I'm dying...SO darn cute!

  7. She is too flipping cute! I love her on skis! And do you realize you'll be having a 1yo in just 2 months! Craziness, right?
    Good job on your golden medals ladies!

  8. 1st - let me start by saying you look FANTASTIC!
    2nd - the nakey pics with the coconuts and black spots just make me laugh out loud so hard I almost peed my pants!
    Love that A did her 1st race - so fun to see all 4 of you girls raced together - what a family day!
    She definitely has daddy's big round blue eyes - but has your crazy long eyelashes - lucky girl!
    Congrats on bringing home the gold! Andrew must have been very proud of his ladies:)