Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Years 2012

This photo is actually the day before New Years. My friend Jen was down in my area from upstate NY for a wedding. Molly was home for the holidays from CA.  JL was around from VT and the other 2 of us live around.  We met for lunch Friday. I was at work but we met very close to my work :)
It was a fun meet up!

And with E's boys in the pic.
Saturday evening, Andrew and I dropped our daughters off at my parents house (Anika and Piri).
We headed to the seacoast.
In the past we have just slept at Ry's house, but we are older now, so we got a hotel room. Actually, Andrew booked us one...for him, me, my friend Molly and her sister A.

My outfit. I tried on a MILLION things before we left home. I am just having a hard time covering that baby pooch.  I wanted to wear a dress, but I just felt it may still be too I switched it up.
We checked into the hotel and then went over to Ry's apt. for apps and drinks. Oh, and we were supposed to order dinner at some point and never did...bad move!

Ry's baby went to the grandparents house too :)

We made Andrew and Ry's husband take like 500 photos of us girls posing.

I must have been doing something to make them laugh...oh ya..I wanted to switch sides to capture my good side. haha

I look so skinny here. Its a trick...but Ill take it. thanks.

A pizza did come and it was HUGE so we posed with one of the big slices...but I never ate any.  We were going to order from another place...and never did.
Um, crazy eyes!

Molly doesn't even eat meat so this was a total fake photo.

Me and my hubby. He wasn't in the mood to he stayed nice and sober unlike us girls.

This was at a bar...I think the 2nd one.
And to read more, go HERE -My old/private Blog :)

 IM a week behind on this blog. BIG things happened this past weekend and I hope to blog about it in the next few days :)


  1. You look great, Ash! I totally laughed at your "good side" comment. I do that too. LOL!

  2. Woman you look so good!! Seriously. You lost so much weight!
    And one thing I know. You know how to party!

  3. So much to say.
    #1. you do look skinny! Baby pouch or're looking hot!
    #2. Not eating + boozing = hammer time
    #3. Andrew not in the mood to drink? Was he hungover?
    #4. I have a good side too!
    LOL! going to check out the private blog!

  4. I'm pretty sure the crazy eyes photo is my favorite, and I like the pics of you and Andrew! Looks like you had a fun NYE. :-)

  5. What? Hubby not drinking on NYE? That's crazy talk!!! So what is the secret super skinny trick? Heading over to K&C now.

  6. Spanx...a post prego's best friend. Seriously they tuck and hold everything in. I like the tank tops..they're like $60 but worth every penny. I've tried the off brand kind and they don't work nearly as good as the real deal.

  7. Look at you skinny mini!!!!! You look awesome and it seems as though you had a splendid time! I miss reading blogs and trying to catch up :)

  8. This looks like it was a blast!! And you look fantabulous my dear. I want your arms!