Monday, July 22, 2013


I was 24 weeks last Wednesday.
The picture on the left is me after spin class.  The picture on the right is me at my midwife appointment. The baby is true to size for this far along.
I look hot because it was SOO hot here last week. 100's all week. A lot of people don't have AC around here. We don't have it.  We have one unit in our bedroom we turn on a few hours before bed. Anika just has a fan so she goes to bed in her room, but wakes up hot and shows up in our room a lot. We sleep naked. ha.  
 I was up 13 pounds at my apt. More than I want to be at this point but my mouth just wants cookies and ice cream a lot!! The sweet tooth is really bad right now.
My workout routine is basically dictated by what classes are offered before and after work AND when they/I have childcare.  SO, this summer, I have been doing this schedule:
Monday: Spin class before work
Tuesday: Tabata class after work (strength and cardio in one class)
Wednesday: Spin before work
Thursday: boot camp before work
Friday: Spin before work.

I prefer to get my workouts done in the morning. I hate doing them at night.
We also had roofers at our house early last week! They were trying to beat the heat as well, so came early.  So, we now have a new roof and a lot less money in our bank account! IT had to be done.
Anika was invited to do a book exchange several months ago. She has received more books than I thought she would. Last week she received another one- I think this is her 7th book she has received in the mail. She loves to get them. This was a really sweet book. A little silly, but the message is great.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend. We did an overnight at my parent's rustic secluded camp. Pictures to come.


  1. No A/C? That wouldn't work down here. A lot of our friends in CA don't have A/C either. Not really needed out there in certain areas.
    So, are you liking the midwife more than what you did last time?

  2. Book exchange is such a good idea for a kid. Something that isn't junk!

    Mr. NH has AC at his house. You must live in the boondocks :)