Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Yes, this photo was mostly staged. I told Anika to kiss my belly. ha.
We went to a fair on Saturday.  She made sand art with my niece. She put Dora on top of it. WE went with my friend and her family, but my mom, Gram and niece were there too, so that was nice.  My gram actually  gave Anika the hand painted outfit she has on. Gram brought it back  from Maui for Anika, so I am glad she saw her wearing it.  We rode a horse too! I told Anika all about my old horse, Rex.  It was fun being on a horse again- even for a few minutes going 1 mph! haha

We spent most of the weekend doing a lot of work in and out of the house. My inlaws arrive this week so we have been making the yard pretty and cleaning the house.  I got into some deep cleaning projects. 
I went out to get in my car to get shelf liners for a project I decided to start in my kitchen and Andrew and Anika were washing my car. She LOVES to help us.  I was VERY VERY happy she chose to help Andrew outside a lot this weekend! Gave me a ton of time to get my indoor stuff done.

He went out to get laundry off the line and came back with this! haha
We cleaned windows in and out. I got a ladder out and cleaned the outside when Andrew and Anika were out doing errands.  HE came home to find me on the ladder with paper towels and he said newspaper was the way to clean.  So, I tried that. Worked well.
I also took off all the things...what are they called? The things that click into windows to make the boxes (see below)
 Ya, I took those off the windows to clean and left them off the kitchen window.  There was also a LONG cheapo curtain bar thing above the kitchen window- I took that down, patched in the holes and painted over the holes since Andrew  is never going to let me put a curtain in the kitchen anyway! He said it blocks his view! ha.  So, I took down that nasty thing- I didn't get a before pic, but there is another empty one in the bathroom for you to get an idea- see below. That one needs to come down too unless I put a valance on it. I might do a valance.
I did a lot of organizing and cleaning. Andrew and Anika planted a lot of stuff outside. I still feel like my house needs so much work though! Never ending.
I took Piri's bedding to the laundry mat to wash it.  Too nasty to do in my machine! ha.
We put it where her ottoman was and Andrew tipped up the ottoman for now.
Well, last night when we got home from work, Anika started climbing it!
She said, "Look I'm climbing my climbing wall"
uhh. I moved it to the garage for now.
When Andrew called home to talk to her she told him "Mummy naughty. she took away my climbing wall"
I will be happy if we don't need this for her anymore. I was going to make a cover for it, but now I might not have to if she is happy with her real dog bed!


  1. Where did that little belly come from?! :)

  2. Cute belly picture! Buddy is all about his dog beds. He has one on each floor of our house. :)

  3. Love your little belly!! Catching up, but I love your new living room!!!

  4. Staged or not staged, that picture is adorable! :)