Friday, August 9, 2013

Wedding tables

I am putting these photos up to share with a friend. We were talking about wedding tables and I told her how my mom made my table cloths for my wedding. I found some photos and this is the easiest place to post them all.  For the rest of you, Enjoy. lol.
 My mom did the table settings- all the details for the most part.  The ferns are because the fern is NZ's country symbol. OUr wedding had a lot of NZ things to make Andrew feel welcomed :) Plus, that's where we started our courtship! ha

Granny Smith Apples are a big NZ product, hence the vases filled with them.
Head table embroidered with our name and date and ALL table cloths has ferns embroidered on them, but hard to see them on the round table pics.

Head table

The favors were a little bit of me and a little bit of him.
New Hampshire Made maple syrup candies MADE BY my 1st Grade teacher and her husband!
The other favor was NZ made Goats milk soaps! Andrew and I picked up the goat milk soaps when I visited him in November before our wedding in May!  Made in Christchurch, Andrew's city! We went to the lady's house to get them!

The wood thing you see is from NZ- and wine bottles went in them and they stood up but this was before wine was out.

 I love the seat covers and sashes with ferns- my mom picked all those and put them in.

Our bouquets were used as decorations ON the head table after we arrived!  Just put them in white painted clay pots with bottles of water in the center!

You can kind of see here in this pic.

I still love the details 6+ years later :) and all my mom's work.