Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer coming to an end...

I cant believe its Labor Day next weekend! 
I am 29 weeks. My only symptom still continues to be weight gain- lots of it :)
Oh, and my nails grow when I am pregnant. NO other time! They are always stubs. Since they are nice and long (For me) I got OPI gel nails! LOVE.  First time for me.
We only have a few blueberry bushes at our house, but we get this many every other day. Its insane. 
We also have A LOT of zucchini. I mean a lot. I made 3 loaves of zucchini bread last weekend. We used honey instead of sugar- delicious. Andrew's suggestion actually, but I Just googled a recipe for zucchini honey bread.
I made zucchini bites- shredded zukes, added egg and cooked quinoa and parm cheese and herbs and then baked. I put a piece of fresh basil and mozzarella on top when I baked. Anika said it was yummy in her tummy. I also cut up some raw zukes and squash and let it sit in lemon juice over night and the lemon juice and rice vinegar kind of "Cooked" the veggies a little. It was good.
Andrew put in an electric dog fence last weekend around our property for Piri!  Its been something we needed for a long time. Right now, She has to stay in or be hooked up outside because she takes off.  Anika lets her out a lot if we have the garage door open because Anika can open the door to the garage. Then, I have to go after her and she will not come to me- I follow her miles up the dirt roads near our house. Also, we WANT her to be able to be free in our yard and not hooked up all the time. She needs to burn off energy and run around- just not on the roads!!
I started the training with her Monday after work- just walking the perimeter of the boundary Andrew set up.  I then saw our peach trees are loaded!  Last year animals got ALL of them before we did.  They are not ready to pick yet, but looking good!

My fridge drawers last Saturday night and then a bucket Andrew picked from our garden! Seriously.  I cant keep up! I love all the fresh veggies though.
Andrew and I went up to Maine after work on Friday to meet my parents who had Anika up there.  They had gone up Thursday and Anika slept over with them- which is rare. Anika hasn't been away from me over night in...well I'd say a year!   She had a blast. So much fun that when Andrew and I got there at 6:30 she was half asleep. We walked up to the pool to have lobsters at the campground café and this happened!
She didn't even wake when we got her into jammies.

The next morning, she was up nice and early.
Her and I walked up to the café to get Andrew a coffee and she of course wanted one.
We were in line waiting and she kept saying, "MOM, I NEED my coffee" - everyone was laughing.
At home, Andrew makes her "coffee" on weekends- he warms her milk (she drinks goat milk) and adds a tiny bit of  nice quality coco.  The campground had a hot chocolate machine so I ordered her one and then dumped half and added colder water -it was way too hot for her and she was not patient.  SHE WAS IN HEAVEN!!
Walked back to the campsite telling everyone she was drinking her coffee.
We took the campground trolley to the beach.  Anika wanted to switch kiwi hats with dad. ha.
She took a nap on the beach. Shocking to me, but she does this for her sitter a lot.
There were French people sitting behind us talking a lot. She was so perplexed by them and asked me what they were saying. ha
She really wanted to go on the "round and round" - so we went to check it out.  It was $5 a person so just her and I went and dad waited. Funny, dad works on heights but I went! My stomach turned the whole time!! I was holding her tight and she wanted to sit alone. Um, no.
Oh, this one is out of order, but her sleeping on Leni at the beach :)
and her and I  :)  We stayed there until 4 and then packed up and drove home, which is 2 hours away.
AND, now its already almost the weekend again!  We are going tent camping Friday night very close to our house. We will probably head over after I get out of work and daddy will meet us later when he gets home from work (much later than I do). 


  1. Aww! How cute! We were suppose to be going camping at the beach for Labor Day but the whole thing got canceled this week because our one friend has to work :(
    We couldn't see going all the way down there to camp by ourselves with Shelby so we're skipping it :(
    We're going in the FAll though camping by ourselves!

  2. I love that picture of her listening to the French people. So many veggies! They would go bad at my house...