Tuesday, August 13, 2013


 Anika and I went to my 28 week Midwife apt. this morning.  She came with me because it was early.  I had my glucose test. I ate a blueberry pancake (made with our home grown blueberries) with NH Maple syrup (made from my dad's maple trees) and some orange juice.  Then, my blood was drawn couple hours later. MUCH easier and better than the orange drink I had to do with Anika. Also, my MW is so local, so I don't have to travel far for everything anymore.   I always take a photo with the baby with where I am. The photos are actual size of the baby this far along. They Velcro in a much bigger book and are VERY neat and educational :)
Everything is looking good- BP, no swelling, no issues, etc. I have just gained a lot. I had to grin and bear it when I stepped on the scale since Anika was watching EVERYTHING I did very closely. She asked questions as I peed in the cup, tested my own pee, had my BP taken, listened to the baby, etc. She is VERY curious and asked my midwife everything she was doing.
Some morning snuggles before we got out of bed this morning with Leni (the baby).
Have I told you my inlaws are here from New Zealand? They are. They arrived two weeks ago. They are here until mid October!  When they leave, I will be full term, so the rest of this pregnancy will fly by, I bet.  This weekend after spending the day out our beach, we all went to a nice dinner. I had lobster ravioli for my main and we shared the BEST calamari as an appetizer. Anika loved the calamari too!
Finally got Leni a baby book to start filling out! 
Anika in her "pool"  haha. Look mommy, I made a pool!
I came home to this last night. I told Andrew not to fill the water so high. The fish jumped out and landed on my floor! It was stiff as could be when I found it.  Luckily, Anika isn't phased at all. She even told me that was funny. She said the same thing when Koda #1 died and I flushed it.  Nice kid.


  1. You don't look like you've gained that much?? And, did I miss something? Do you know the gender of the baby? Is his/her name really Leni??

  2. When are you due again? I keep forgetting!! Is baby head down? Abram is still breech. We are having health issues so we have been having a ton of appts and testing! Anika looks ready to be a big sis!

  3. I can't believe you are already 28 weeks going by so fast! Where are your in laws staying for that long?

  4. You look great! You have a cute little bump there!

  5. Lol to Dees comment about the name. You do look good! My mother refused to get weighted with my brother. Ha.

  6. You look fabulous Ashley, and love that pink halter dress!!
    Love Anika's reactions to stuff like the fish - that girl just isn't going to be phased by anything in life!:)