Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Yes, this photo was mostly staged. I told Anika to kiss my belly. ha.
We went to a fair on Saturday.  She made sand art with my niece. She put Dora on top of it. WE went with my friend and her family, but my mom, Gram and niece were there too, so that was nice.  My gram actually  gave Anika the hand painted outfit she has on. Gram brought it back  from Maui for Anika, so I am glad she saw her wearing it.  We rode a horse too! I told Anika all about my old horse, Rex.  It was fun being on a horse again- even for a few minutes going 1 mph! haha

We spent most of the weekend doing a lot of work in and out of the house. My inlaws arrive this week so we have been making the yard pretty and cleaning the house.  I got into some deep cleaning projects. 
I went out to get in my car to get shelf liners for a project I decided to start in my kitchen and Andrew and Anika were washing my car. She LOVES to help us.  I was VERY VERY happy she chose to help Andrew outside a lot this weekend! Gave me a ton of time to get my indoor stuff done.

He went out to get laundry off the line and came back with this! haha
We cleaned windows in and out. I got a ladder out and cleaned the outside when Andrew and Anika were out doing errands.  HE came home to find me on the ladder with paper towels and he said newspaper was the way to clean.  So, I tried that. Worked well.
I also took off all the things...what are they called? The things that click into windows to make the boxes (see below)
 Ya, I took those off the windows to clean and left them off the kitchen window.  There was also a LONG cheapo curtain bar thing above the kitchen window- I took that down, patched in the holes and painted over the holes since Andrew  is never going to let me put a curtain in the kitchen anyway! He said it blocks his view! ha.  So, I took down that nasty thing- I didn't get a before pic, but there is another empty one in the bathroom for you to get an idea- see below. That one needs to come down too unless I put a valance on it. I might do a valance.
I did a lot of organizing and cleaning. Andrew and Anika planted a lot of stuff outside. I still feel like my house needs so much work though! Never ending.
I took Piri's bedding to the laundry mat to wash it.  Too nasty to do in my machine! ha.
We put it where her ottoman was and Andrew tipped up the ottoman for now.
Well, last night when we got home from work, Anika started climbing it!
She said, "Look I'm climbing my climbing wall"
uhh. I moved it to the garage for now.
When Andrew called home to talk to her she told him "Mummy naughty. she took away my climbing wall"
I will be happy if we don't need this for her anymore. I was going to make a cover for it, but now I might not have to if she is happy with her real dog bed!

Monday, July 22, 2013


I was 24 weeks last Wednesday.
The picture on the left is me after spin class.  The picture on the right is me at my midwife appointment. The baby is true to size for this far along.
I look hot because it was SOO hot here last week. 100's all week. A lot of people don't have AC around here. We don't have it.  We have one unit in our bedroom we turn on a few hours before bed. Anika just has a fan so she goes to bed in her room, but wakes up hot and shows up in our room a lot. We sleep naked. ha.  
 I was up 13 pounds at my apt. More than I want to be at this point but my mouth just wants cookies and ice cream a lot!! The sweet tooth is really bad right now.
My workout routine is basically dictated by what classes are offered before and after work AND when they/I have childcare.  SO, this summer, I have been doing this schedule:
Monday: Spin class before work
Tuesday: Tabata class after work (strength and cardio in one class)
Wednesday: Spin before work
Thursday: boot camp before work
Friday: Spin before work.

I prefer to get my workouts done in the morning. I hate doing them at night.
We also had roofers at our house early last week! They were trying to beat the heat as well, so came early.  So, we now have a new roof and a lot less money in our bank account! IT had to be done.
Anika was invited to do a book exchange several months ago. She has received more books than I thought she would. Last week she received another one- I think this is her 7th book she has received in the mail. She loves to get them. This was a really sweet book. A little silly, but the message is great.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend. We did an overnight at my parent's rustic secluded camp. Pictures to come.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Replacing the TP!!! And camping

This morning Anika did something for the first time that surprised me and made me smile.
Last night, I went pee before bed. There was no toilet paper left on the roll, but I was so tired, I just used a tissue from the box behind me. 
When Anika wakes up in the morning, she takes her nappie/diaper off herself, and uses the potty by herself and then comes and gets in bed with me, naked.  That's her routine. Sometimes she comes to my bed first (VERY EARLY in the morning if its still dark out)  and lays with me for a bit and then goes to use the toilet later. She uses a stool and gets on the big potty with those little seats that attach to the regular one.  She also has a small potty in her room. She uses both. 
 Well, when I got up this morning, there was a NEW TOILET paper roll on the holder!!!  She took the lock off the bathroom cabinet (There is nothing toxic in there, but lotions and toilet paper and stuff) and got out a new roll, put it on the holder and it was even going the right way! ha. She had a LONG piece hanging down and that's what caught my eye. I looked and I asked her if she did it (Andrew is away, so It could only be her).
I laughed because Andrew doesn't even replace the roll when he sees its empty!  She is such a helper and so independent when it comes to all her "jobs". She has a few things in the morning she does upstairs, like turn off her night light, "make her bed", make sure her toys and books are cleaned up from my room and in hers. She puts her night nappies in the diaper pail and her dirty clothes in her hamper.  Last night she told me it was her job to pick the blueberries.  She sets the table and clears her plate for dinner. I love how excited she gets to do her "jobs"  :) For now!!
She likes to pick out her clothes and shoes as well.
Anyway, we spent a few days in Maine. Sunday-Tuesday. I got up at 5 AM Tuesday and drove home, unpacked car, dropped Piri off, showered,  packed Anika's lunch and bag, brought her to sitter and then went to work. LONG day, but worth it!!
We met my parents at their house around 11 on Sunday. Andrew couldn't go because he had to work super early Monday in MA.  I left my car at my parent's house and rode up with my mom in her truck and she pulled her camper.  We stopped for lunch and I got a lobster roll.
Anika didn't eat much when we stopped for lunch and wanted a wrap later at the campground.
We went swimming in the pool when we got to the campground and then I DROPPED MY PHONE in the pool while trying to video tape her swimming. It went in and has no real cover. I picked it up and then it went in again because it slipped out of my hand. I turned it off right away and a lady saw and said she had rice at her camper. She brought it to me later and it was a small microwave bag, so I sent my mom out to get me a big bag of rice. I put it in the rice from 4 pm until 7 AM the next day and it WORKED!! I was SOOO grateful. It was a long time without a phone I'm usually attached to. I used my mom's phone to call Andrew and he was like "good" because he thought it would be great for me not to have it. blah.
   My aunt gave her the chair above for her 1st birthday. It comes in a bag and easy to transport.
That night, we had lobster. 3 lobsters for $21!
 As with EVERTHING, "I want to do it myself"  so she tried to get into her lobster herself : )

Monday, it was SOOO HOT. We took the free shuttle about 7 minutes to Old Orchard Beach.
The beach was so crowded for a MONDAY!
I had my phone in a zip lock bag and there are no photos of us swimming, but we were in the ocean for over an hour!! Riding the waves. She loved it.
Cooling off Nona's feet!
We went back to our campground (Bailey's Campground) and she fell asleep on the 4 minute walk back to our camper from the shuttle drop off! ha.
A big seat!
We went for delicious ice cream!!!
Then, my dad showed up with Piri! He drove my car up and brought Piri since Andrew was gone at work. Anika was quite excited to see her.
My mom stayed at the camp site with Piri and her dog and we went to the pool. We weren't sure if Piri would bark at people who walk by,  and you aren't supposed to let your dogs bark a lot in the campground.  Anika and I swam and swam and then she swam with Gampa.
She would swim in circles and say "IM a swimming ballerina" or she told my dad she was a paddle boat when she was kicking and moving her arms. haha
After dinner, we had a camp fire and she roasted her first marshmallow.
Then, on Tuesday we got up at 5 AM and got in the car to drive home. Just Anika, myself and Piri.
 We stopped and got a bagel and I would guess this is Anika feeding Piri some of hers! ha.

Short, but sweet!!
My mom goes to this campground in August for a week, so I am sure we will go back again. Anika went to this campground her 1st and 2nd summers as well. There is so much for older kids to do. My niece LOVES it, but she is at camp this week and didn't go this time. This was a last minute trip.


Friday, July 12, 2013

America's Birthday Long weekend of Fun!

Oh, you know me. Late with posts :)
I am not late with other parts of my life.

Last Thursday (America's Birthday) we got up and went over to a town right next to where I grew up to watch a parade. It was a small parade and Anika's first! Good thing it wasn't too overwhelming! haha.
When I was younger, this parade used to be HUGE. My family used to make amazing floats!
Dare float. When people started to throw candy, she was like, WHAT??
And, then she got into it and kept bringing her candy back to where I was sitting (I was sitting on a towel sweating my ass off. Literally DRIPPING sweat). 
It was all about the gathering of the candy and waving. She talked about all the candy she collected all day...but never asked for any! hahahaah.  I ate plenty, don't worry. Even when she asks for lollipops, she takes a lick and then is done.
After the parade we went over to the lake my grandparents live on. Both sets of grandparents have houses on this lake actually and we went to both that day.
We had a BBQ at one place.  Here is Ani with my dad. She asked "Gampa, do you like my babing suit?"
She helped my Gram do some yard work on the Gator on the other side of the lake.
Daddy played baby ring toss with the floats.
We walked down to get ice cream cones from the ice cream shack my cousin is working at this summer. I also worked at the same place a bit as a teen :)

We left the BBQ on that lake and went home for a bit to refresh and then went to one of the lakes in our town  (THE BIG ONE in our state)  to watch the fireworks!! I haven't been to fireworks in years.
We parked at my office and walked own, otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to get a park. There were thousands of people! So weird for me to see in our town. haha
When Andrew sat on the stone wall, she called him Humpty Dumpty. bah.
Oh, by the way, Anika's 4th outfit was made by someone and given to her when she was born. The matching hat was adorable but the bloomers still don't fit, so she just wore the dress and hat.
waiting for them to start!
She wasn't THAT excited about them. She said she was, but she didn't act it. haha.  At one point she laid down and said she was tired, but got right back up. She had NO NAPS that day and the fireworks started at 9:30. She usually goes to bed at 8 and has naps. Actually, I lie. We don't do a lot of naps on weekends unless its in the car driving somewhere. 
On Friday, Andrew had the day off, but I had to work, so I got up and went to my normal Friday morning spin class.
I Never wear shorts, but I pulled some out-  they belonged to an ex boyfriend actually.
ANdrew AND Anika separately asked me if I was wearing these out? Ha. They never see me in shorts!
Me at 22+ weeks after the class. I am 23+2 days now.

While I was at work, Andrew took Anika to York, Maine for the day. About 2 hours away to York's Wild Kingdom. They went to the zoo part. Andrew was expecting more of a zoo. It was like 100 degrees and very hot.  They brought home this photo and I took a pic of it! ha. The snake!

I picked up my Local CSA up after getting out of work early,  and it had garlic scapes! I have never had garlic scapes before. I have been making pasta dishes and salads with them all week. I chopped some up and added to cream cheese as a spread. I am going to make garlic scape pesto this weekend.
My loves being hot and silly.
Our garden is doing well. We used 7 year old cow poop this year and we have had LOTS of rain!
Salads I made Friday night with lots of local produce, meat and eggs!
On Saturday, we went back to the lake I grew up on and went to my friend's island for the day.
SOOO peaceful and the weather was perfect.
I sat and read an entire US Weekly magazine. I haven't done that in AGES!!!
This is a photo of their island and little house from google images.
I went paddle boarding again. I did a few weeks ago too. I am getting better.
 We got home late that night and then SUNDAY, we got up to head to a water park!!
Walking around a water park in my bathing suit did not sound fun, but here I am before we left almost 23 weeks pregnant.
This makes me look smaller than I am. HA. The water park signs said no pregnant people on slides, but I just passed as overweight :)
This is when Anika spotted the slides from the parking lot.
We met our friends and went to get our tickets. We definitely had some SERIOUS Sticker SHOCK to the price! WOW! was not expecting that.
There was a slide all 3 of use even went down in a 3 person tube thing.  I went on more slides than Andrew (wimp). haha.
Me in Anika's towel. She told me to wear it. Haha. I didn't mind the extra coverage.
This was from the 4th. Anika pointed out spots to me on the floor and used her spray bottle and towel to scrub them up!! she uses her spray bottle and towel to "clean" a lot.  She is so funny. It is just water in her bottle.
this was the night after the water park. Fell asleep ON Me in a headlock! ha.
This was Monday night. Andrew was actually home!! She was upstairs with me and would NOT go to bed. I was putting away laundry and she told me she wasn't tired. She didn't wanna go to bed, etc.  She went down to see daddy and I walked down to this 10 minutes later. SOUND asleep. Daddy was looking at Cabella's and she was picking out shoes for herself. haha
She did this. Put her tooth brush on my electric tooth brush charger!! haha. She told me it was charging. Her way of telling me she wants a toothbrush like mine?  silly girl.

ANd, now its time for another weekend!!!  WE LOVE OUR WEEKENDS!
Hope you have a good one!