Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rafting in nz and weekend review

So, last weekend was not my FIRST time White water rafting.
I actually went in New Zealand with my mom 7 years ago.  My parents came over to visit me while I was studying abroad.  We traveled up to the North Island. My dad fished. A lot.  My mom and I found things to do. The thing is, I DON'T REMEMBER it.  Yes, I was sober. I just don't actually remember doing it. But,  I did find some gross photos of me. Fatty face and all. 

dont know that girl.

I don't think I will forget doing it this time- from last weekend. Not with that hottie hippie. lol. And a great group of friends.  At least I hope I dont forget!  
The rest of this post is randoms. Surprise, Surprise :)
Speaking of white water rafting, I left out something from last weekend.
one of you asked, and I figured some others might have wondered.
Yes, I was away from Anika for 40 hours and I was camping. I brought a hand pump. I did use that Saturday night but it hurt my hand a lot after a while. Sunday morning I hand expressed. Yes, I walked up into the woods a bit (just like we had to to go to the bathroom) and I just started expressing it out into the woods. At one point, Andrew came up to check on me.
I had accidentally squirted some milk on my face. When I walked back down, that probably looked bad.
That was pretty much all I did.  Once we got back into the swing of things back home, everything went back to normal. Breast feeding is Supply and Demand. A newborn demands a lot, so you make a lot. A toddler who just nurses nights and mornings (like mine) doesn't demand a lot. It is all pretty simple. Our bodies are pretty amazing. Any other questions about that?
Oh, one of my readers had her 2nd baby last week!  She has a baby a few months younger than A as well. I am over the moon- she is tandem nursing!  So proud of her. 

 MCW shared a great pandora station, and I want to share too.  I don't actually have my own pandora account, but I do use Andrew's. I should just get my own. lol. I have only used it recently with the iphone. But, Pop and Hip Hop Power workout Radio is GREAT for working out! 
I did turn my cable off and i miss it at nights. I am trying to get used to it. ONe day at a time.

Yesterday we were home almost ALL DAY. That NEVER happens.  We pretty much let Anika go diaper free at home. She does a really good job using the potty when diaper free. Well, not really good job- she does OK. haha. We don't pressure it, but we can tell when she has to go so we just say "Go to the potty" and she runs to the toilet and sits on it. Dont get me wrong- she also peed on the deck yesterday and a little on me! Yesterday, she ran into the bathroom one time. I let her be and went in a few minutes later. She stood up and there was a huge turd. Andrew was right outside the door in the garage, so I opened the door and I said "Go Tell daddy what you did?" all excited. (that bathroom is RIGHT next to door that leads to garage).  I turned around to dump the HUGE turd into big toilet, and it was GONE!
UM, wtf.  Oh, HELLO PIRI. YES, my SICK, SICK dog just ate her turd- just like that. I started to gag and almost vomited- ew.
By the way, we are using plastic trainer pants for her as well.  They are washable and super easy. This is actually what I GOT.
Sometimes I think IM doing everything right. But, also Sometimes I get frustrated. Its true. Im not perfect- SURPRISE! :)  Andrew shows me  new ways to do things...sometimes I let him show me, sometimes I don't. ha. Last night was one of those times I listened and learned.
I was showering Anika.  She hates to have her face washed so she was screaming. Andrew came in the bathroom and asked what she was screaming about. I said I was trying to wash her face (there was food caked on it).  He saw me put the whole face cloth on her face. He asked for the cloth and said "how about this way?" And he GENTLY dabbed her little cheeks with the cloth and made cute little nosies as he got the food off, and she just smiled as he did it. WTF. I mean, it seems so obvious, but here I am- frustrated night after night washing her face as she screams. HE then took the face cloth and put it over my entire face and started scrubbing my face and I could barely breath through it! ha.  I guess I now know why she screams when I try to wash it my way.
I also have a lot of battles brushing her teeth.  I tried one of his tactics on that, and so far, We are having a much better go at that too.   He may not be here often, but when he is, he sure does pull his weight. Its also easy for me to write about how wonderful he is when he is not bothering me.  lol. He annoyed me saturday. I cant remember exactly why now, but he did.  
This past weekend,

Anika plays with her flash cards daily.  She brings them to me. We go through them. Actually, looking at the heart reminds me- she says "hawt" and then taps her chest. Ugh. so cute.
Well, she never rips them or ruins them.  But She did RIP the cake one! lol. I thought that was ironic. She also took one of an ant and told me it was trash and put it in the trash. 
Speaking of food, Anika had hot dogs this weekend. Oh yes. If I think about what is in hot dogs, I want to vom- not as much as when i think about what my dog did. But, ya, we were at a cookout Sunday, and she MOWED a dog.  She also got into chips and MOWED them.  She kept going back and saying chips. ugh. I knew I couldn't keep the junk food away forever.  At least we don't have that stuff at home.

Saturday, we did a 4.2 mile charity run, but we walked it as a family of 4.  I started to run with Piri and Anika but then I knew Andrew was annoyed since I told him to come do it with us and I left him behind. ha. So, we waited and walked with him.
We had lunch on the lake with my Gram after.
Then we went to a 1st birthday party on the lake later that day. Andrew met a new Kiwi!

Sunday we went to the local river to meet up with friends.

We had a bbq after.  And, as I said before,  Monday we pretty much did stuff around the house.
It was nice to spend so much time together after Andrew and I were gone last weekend.
Anika is still sleeping on her floor. I got her a toddler bed rail but nope. Wants the floor. 
Summer is over. I hate how it gets dark earlier. BUT, on the plus- less summer social events means I can get back on track with food, maybe?

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  1. You are such a dedicated breast feeder! I don't know if I would ever have the patience to do that for so long!
    That station is the best. Make sure to fist pump when call me maybe comes on.