Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Randoms: Food, TRIP and Affection

A few random things to post tonight.

Anika and I are going to Chicago this fall!  We are going to visit some of my close girlfriends. One friend, C, has lived there for a while. YOu may recall I went the weekend right before I found out I was pregnant with Anika.  I then went for her wedding when I was about 18 weeks pregnant.  Recently,  my old college roommate just moved there too! We don't know all the specifics of what we are doing yet, but we have time to figure it all out. I LOVE cities and I love what I have seen of Chicago so far.  I know we will have fun no matter what we do.
And, seeing good friends? YES!
We are really excited. 
We are flying Southwest, so I can take two checked bags for free. Ill take a suitcase and my pack n play for checked bags .Then, it is free to bring car seat and stroller of any kind. I think I am going to bring my infant seat instead of the convertible one. The infant seat is easier to carry and less bulky.  This is when it is good that A is small. ha. The height limit is 32 inches (she is 30) and the weight is 35 pounds (she is 23).  The straps will be a tight fit though.
I realized that my childless friend had NO idea what a pack n play was after I mentioned that I was bringing one with me and she kept giving me options of places for Anika to sleep.  It finally occurred to me that kidless people don't automatically know what a pack n play is. ha. or a bumbo or bobby or any of that other baby crap.
I miss cable. I sad it.  I would be happy with basic channels! Just something to turn on and watch. Like news.
Remember I told you how Anika mowed down a couple hot dogs Labor Day weekend? Well, I found something hot doggish for her.  They are organic turkey dogs.  The ingredients are good. No nitrates, etc and Anika LOVES them.  I was thinking about how I said hot dogs are gross. The last hot dog I had was actually IN Chicago at a White Sox vs. Cubs game 2 days before I got that positive pee stick.  It was like the only thing to eat there and everyone else was having one. Ill admit, when I stopped thinking about what was in them, it was pretty effing good.
We usually try to buy farm eggs. We used to get them from our neighbor. When we don't get farm eggs, I get them at the grocery store. I usually get the organic ones but Ive wondered about organic or cage free?
This weekend, someone from Nellie's Cage Free Eggs and Pete & Gerry's Organic Eggs was at the food festival.  Andrew asked what is better- cage free or organic. ha.
For these particular brands, ALL chickens are cage free, but the Organic eggs come from chickens that are cage free AND fed organic grain.  I thought they would be fed something more..., well natural.
Anyway, the organic eggs are 40% more money to buy, but I think the are the better eggs.
These are pictures of coupons so I could show you what I was talking about. haha. don't try to print them and use them.

Andrew and I have not been the most affectionate people in the past several years. I guess, I am not that affectionate by nature.  Well, when Anika wasn't a very affectionate/cuddly baby, I wondered if it was because she wasn't really learning it from us. I mean, we cuddled her bunches, but we barely kissed or hugged  each other, or held hands in front of her! A while ago, we started doing those things!  Hugging and kissing in front of her. She would always smile when she saw it. 
It was kind of a show I guess. But, Now, we don't "fake it" and its  just happening naturally between us!
I have to admit, I'm happy to have a bit of affection back in our marriage.  I don't know why we let it stop to begin with!  Just a hug out of nowhere or grabbing each others hands really is nice. It makes me think of the early days of dating...you remember those right? Haha. 
Anyway, Anika has been more affectionate too. It may just be because she got older and she changed.  But, maybe because she saw us doing it!
Either way, its just one more little way that Anika has been the source of our marriage getting better/back on track and us being happier. Weird how that works, isn't It?
Andrew taught Anika this cute little thing where they give each other knuckles. She comes up with her fist and says "knuckle" and goes to Andrew first, then me and then Piri! ha.
She kills us sometimes with her cuteness.
When I opened the fridge tonight she pointed and said "Mumma's wine"
I DONT even drink my wine when she is awake, so OBVIOUSLY, SOMEONE else taught her that thinking they were funny.

I leave you with another 30 year old dress :)

Oh and her new Toms. That Andrew got too big.


  1. We just bought 2 chickens!! Mmmm eggs :)

  2. YAY for a trip! One of my best friends just moved to Chicago and we're already planning a girl's trip up there for next Summer. Or, so..that's the plan!

  3. Just hold her in your lap! Are you really paying for an extra seat??? And no one puts kids in car seats in cabs :)

  4. Oh my gosh! Mumma's wine! I die! Chase loves when we kiss and it does help on days when I'm pissed off at his daddy that part of Chase's bedtime routine is pushing our heads together so we kiss.

  5. Hadley says daddy's beer all the time. She knows that's his drink.

  6. I love TV and hot dogs. Don't know how you live without either :) And I know what a pack and play is!!

  7. I guess you gotta fake it till you make it! Good for you for getting more affectionate with each other. Maybe Miss A will have a little sibling coming along from all this :-)