Tuesday, September 25, 2012

8 Years

8 Years Ago, I laid eyes on my Future Baby Daddy!!
I had seen photos, but it was 8 years ago today that I met him for the first time.
His brother introduced us. He had no idea that I had seen photos and thought he was quite a hunk.
This was him... 8 years ago as Best man at his brother's wedding.

That was me the NIGHT before the wedding. I was  in Boston, but my cousins came up from MD and spent the night in Boston and then we rode up to NH for the wedding the next day.
My older cousin (2nd actually) took me and a bunch of my friends out for a big meal and drinks.  It was SO, SO generous. He is a very special cousin.
Anyway, so the next day, we drove up to NH to attend the wedding. I was excited to get my eyes on "the brother" (aka:Andrew) I had asked my mom several times during the week prior if she had seen him yet (and the rest of the Kiwi family in town) and she kept talking about one of the kiwi cousins being cute! ha! Nothing about Andrew.

 (Check out my old school phone in the pic above)
This is the only pic I can find of ME from the wedding.  ITs not very good, but its me and my dad.
WHen Andrew's brother introduced us, Andrew shook my hand and then asked his brother if he could take his suit jacket off.  Ha. He seemed high energy to me. My dad made a joke (well, he was kind of serious) that he seemed like a crack head! lol.
(PS. my parents LOVE him now)
Andrew offered to buy me a drink later in the evening at the wedding. I said no thank you and walked away.  I had my guy bff come pick me up because he was down the street at his parents' house for the weekend. He came and stayed at the wedding and we got our party on. Andrew thought he was my boyfriend. NOPE!   But still, Andrew had a long term girlfriend back in NZ when he was here for the wedding. I knew that, and I knew he wasn't available.

IT wasn't until I went to NZ 9.5 Months later, that I actually TALKED to him.  By then, he had broken up with his girlfriend (unrelated to me! haha) and the timing was just right for me to sink my claws into him.
ANd, I'M sure he is so grateful for that!
And, I didn't go to NZ for him. I was already signed up through my college when I met Andrew at the wedding, by the way. I wanted to study abroad in NZ or Australia. Since my cousin's fiance/husband was from ChCh, NZ I decided to go there..you know, so I would have his family....being on the other side of the world at that age, its nice to know SOMEONE.
Andrew's dad picked me up at Uni on my first Sunday there and took me around town and then up to his house for dinner. Andrew's sister and her bf (Now husband) were there. Andrew arrived a little late and we had Indian for dinner!  That night, ANdrew's dad asked if Andrew could drive me back to my Uni dorm.
The rest is history.
And, what did my baby daddy do for me this weekend?
HE painted this pine night stand for me. Actually, it was originally part of my desk I had in my first off campus apt. but Ive been using it as a nightstand. IT didn't match anything.

And, the other afternoon, it got quiet upstairs and I found this!
SHE NEVER falls asleep on me.


  1. Happy 8 years! I've got to tell you that that seems like such a long time, but I can only imagine how quickly it has flown by. :-)

  2. That is so sweet! and I love the pic of A and A - too cute!

  3. 8 years? Holy hell.

    Um...are those cigs in your hand?

    And Anika does look so big in that picture!

  4. Daddys girl! MCW always spots the darndest things!!