Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The time I nodded my head yes I was pregnant...

Today (like many days) I walked to the post office from work.
My local health food store moved locations and is now RIGHT across the street from the post office! This is great for me. After I crossed the street, I looked down at my phone. I kind of saw a guy walking near me. Then I heard "Ashley Maiden Last Name"  and I turned around as I was in the door of the health food store and met eyes with him. I smiled and said hi.
It was a guy that my dad  knew.  I haven't seen the guy in a decade, at least.
He had a big hiking back pack on...downtown.
He looked me up and down and said "Oh Wow, You are Going to be A MOM! Congratulations!"

I was so shocked, that I just smiled and nodded my head yes.
Maybe I was embarrassed too.  He said "That's Great" as I walked into the store and as soon as my back turned I just started laughing. 
I knew this dress was not the most flattering dress, but wow!
I bought the Vera wang dress at Kohls for $7 when I was newly pregnant with Anika. I thought it would fit while I was pregnant and it worked great that summer. Its not a maternity dress though.
Well, Its now in the trash.
This is a small town area.  So, I called my dad to tell him if he hears rumors I'M pregnant, Its not true.
I just didn't know what else to say in that moment.

I was going to skip the gym tonight, but after that I made myself go!

I have 5 new books on my night stand I REALLY want to read.
I also got sucked into a show on Netflix or Hulu called Switched at Birth. Its from ABC Family. Yup,watched the whole series. Now, I'm watching Pretty Little Liars.
Its sad. Really sad. I'm watching more tv now that I don't have cable.
I do watch Parenthood on Hulu the next day after it airs.  IT IS MY FAVORITE SHOW on tv. I love it.
I also watched the Fringe season premiere on Hulu this past weekend.  We have a Roku that hooks into our tv, so it streams shows on line through the tv. 
I miss things like Bravo and E! but I find plenty to watch  with what I have :)

This weekend I went to my friend's annual Swap Party. You bring clothes, shoes, hand bags, house goods, beauty products, etc. that you want to get rid of.  This was the biggest one I have been to and I brought home some new items!  Two dresses, a basket, snow pants (for Andrew), yankee candle tarts for my warmer, books, etc.   Anything that people don't want at the end of the night gets donated!  I always have a hard time coming up with things to bring, but each guest is supposed to bring 10 things. A lot of people brings BAGS of stuff.   A lot of the clothes and jackets were VERY Nice, but also WAY too small for me! Last time I went I got an awesome ring.
The party was at my friend's house in Salem, MA. Andrew and Anika came with me, but they went out with my guy friend (the host's husband) and their 6 month old boy while us girls did the swap party, ate great food and drank wine!  The guys were out longer than we expected. I guess they got a lot of attention... and its not normal to see Two  handsome men with two beautiful babies out to dinner on a Saturday night. I was surprised that people were surprised since it was a urban area and it IS 2012! They came back around 9:30 and Anika came right into the party, up to a wine glass and said "Mummy's wine!"  ugh.  I don't even drink wine around her so Andrew obviously has taught her that to be funny. ha.  Andrew said she reached for the waitress' necklace and said  "necklace" as she grabbed it! hahha. She can ID and say earrings, ring, watch, bracelet, and necklace. She loves jewelry!
She really cracks me up with the things she says and does.


  1. Nice Parenthood plug!

    I am all booked. The night of the 23rd in NH!

  2. Netflix is my biggest downfall. I can't tell you how many shows I have watched full seasons of! Addicting...

  3. I totally accidentally thought this girl from high school was pregnant and it was just her flowy maxi dress. I wanted to die!!!

  4. When I was studying for the bar, a lady working at Dunkin' Donuts asked when I was due. I said "I'M JUST FAT!!", burst into tears, and ran out of the store. And then I threw the shirt I was wearing away. You handled this far more gracefully than I did!

  5. I cannot believe you said yes preggers, lol. Funny girl and yes trash the dress ...