Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fun Stuff

Again, Ive been gone too long.
What have we been up to?

Well, I am making Kombucha at home...
ITs brewing:
We finally got a TV stand. Our Tv has been sitting on my desk from college foreEVER!  I could not stand the wires showing.
The new dark tv stand hides wires and it matches our espresso wood blinds.
At some point we will mount the TV, but we need to get new furniture first (Couches)...and who knows when that will be.
The top is before and the bottom is after.
The speaker still had to sit next to it.
I went out with my girlfriend J Friday night!
I was out until 1 AM! WHOA.  We had a plan and Andrew said he would pick me up when I was ready to come home. He did! He just put sleeping Anika in the car and he put her right back to bed when we got back home. She is awesome.
UM..BIG news. WE BOUGHT a house in NZ. Last night! We had to buy one with the insurance money from ANdrew's house in NZ that was ruined in the earthquake. It has been a stressful almost 2 years since the quake, but its all coming to an end!
IT IS AN AWESOME House. I wish we were going to live in it!!
It will be rented out though. Maybe ONE day I will be able to leave my parents to live there. Maybe.
THIS is the outdoor fire! LOVE.
I started Juicing!  I am loving it and so is ANika (sometimes). I got the Breville from amazon. It was certified refurbished. Joe from the documentary "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" used this model juicer. 

I also wanted to add a few things from my "Medicine" post.  I didnt talk about garlic tea or Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).  At the first signs of colds especially respiratory, drink garlic tea!! I make my own but you can buy it.  ACV helps fight off the sickies too!  I would say the garlic tea and ACV are more for adults than kids though :) The garlic tea is much easier to drink hot or warm- not cold. Sometimes I use my leftover garlic tea as the liquid in my crock pot soups. It works great.

I also have a ton of pictures from apple picking from this past weekend. It was so fun. Halloween activities coming up this weekend.
Andrew threw his back out yesterday and he is on bed rest so please pray for him.  My computer also broke and I need to go buy a new one. I think I will go to Best Buy after work tonight. Eh. Not the best timing to spend money on a new computer.


  1. You bought a house??? So exciting! Must be kind of torturous that you can't live there. A woman I worked with talked about that documentary. She started juicing. However she went from eating CRAP all the time to juicing. I have a feeling she will go back to eating crap again.

  2. Buying an house in New Zealand?! I'm so jealous! I have never left the united states haha. Juicing sounds good, but not for me ;)

  3. That house looks awesome! Do you guys ever go there and visit??

  4. I've though about having my hubs pick me up at the bar with the kiddos but I wasnt sure how that would go. I usually con one of my friends to drive and use the Mommy excuse in that I never go out anymore.

    I've been wanting to juice for a while now but I just can't break down and spend the money on a good juicer.

    And how awesome is it that you have a house in NZ! That's so cool!

  5. OMIGOD, that place looks gorgeous!! I want to move to your new house:) So what is Kombochu? Looks like it doesn't taste very good...but the juice looks yummy!!