Monday, October 15, 2012


Our Medicine cabinet! Some things were moved from the fridge just for the photo. 
There are also a few things in A's room, but here are the basics.
We will start at the top left, like a book :)

Vitamin C chewables for Anika.  When people around us seem to be getting sick with colds and the flu,  she gets one a day.

Baby's DHA with Vitamin D3-Omega-3 Supplement made from 100% Artic Cod Livers.
It supports brain and visual development. Made by Nordic Naturals.
NExt to that is MY Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil, EPA+DHA with vitamin d3.
I also have a bottle of Children's DHA for when the baby's is out. Anika is ready for the Children's.
DHA is short for docosahexaendic.
Anika takes this Daily.
Fish oil has many health benefits, like prevention of heart disease, improving cognitive function and even helping with inflammation. In really high doses, it can help with depression.  (We don't really use it for any of those reasons, yet). If I were to get PPD, I would definitely take a lot of this though.  
DHA is Important for pregnant people to take because it is essential for neurological development and early visual development. I took it daily while pregnant with Anika. I try to take it daily now, but I often forget. I do eat fish AT LEAST once a week though.
Omega-3's are also used to make breast milk and women are often deficient of Omega-3's after pregnancy, so I continued to take it and some passed through my breast milk, although not much.
I started giving Anika a dropper full of the Baby's DHA when she was a couple months old. 
According to the American Pediatrician Association, adding DHA to the diet of pregnant women has a positive effect on cognitive development, language and may even reduce the risk of allergies, prevent pre term labor and lower the risk of precalmpsia.
Omega-3's are a healthy fat which any baby needs. Did DHA really play a role in Anika's  language? I don't know. Many studies say it helps, many say it does not make babies smarter. So you can decide that for yourself, but its something we take. 
Oh, I just use the dropper to drop it in her mouth. She acts like its candy. For me, no way. I add it in a smoothie or something. ha.

Silver sol- The natural antibiotic. Also, great immune support.  We all take this at the first sign of a being sick or when we have been around a lot of sick people.  I also have put it on cuts and scrapes.  I put it in Anika’s ear when she had that one mild ear infection. We never would have known she had it if she wasn't already at the dr.   We have used two different brands of silver sol: Biotech and Natures Sunshine. 

Next to the Right is Coconut Oil.
Coconut oil has So many uses. IT is great for cuts, scrapes, rashes, skin moisturizer, cooking, toast, diaper rashes (cloth diaper friendly), etc. I'm going to just link THIS if you want to see 52 uses.

Next Row Down.
Oil of Oregano (OOO). An herb. The oil is different from what you use for cooking, although it does smell the same. The oil is very potent. It provides many health benefits: antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic. It can reduce pain and Inflammation and fight off infection. It improves respiratory health and strengthens the immune system.
What we use it for?  At the first sign of a cold. We would give it for other illnesses too if she had them.
A few weeks ago EVERYONE around us was sick. Coughs, runny noses, etc.
I started treating us all with immune boosting supplements, like this. Anika sneezed for a few days, woke up in the night stuffy one night...and that was that.  That was the extend of her "cold".
My SIL uses Olive Leaf which is used very much the same ways as this.
I have the potent essential oil of oregano which is not to be taken orally (some people do, but they are under more guidance and supervision).  I use that and DILUTE IT A LOT with olive oil and rub it on her feet.  You can see the jar of oil- that is olive oil and just a couple drops of the OOO. We also have the oral option. I just give her a drop mixed with water. I take it the same way, but take a lot more, obviously.
There are other uses as well.

Herb.  We take this as a tincture and what you see with the white label came from my local farm. They made it! Echinacea helps boost the immune system as well. It has also been studied for anti cancer effects.

The one next to that is Echinacea and Goldenseal in one.
Goldenseal is an herb.
It is yellow and it STAINS!  It kills many kinds of bacteria and it strengthens the immune system. Its been called a natural Antibiotic. It has been used to treat UTI's. I thought Anika had a UTI once and the natropath suggested this if she had one, but she didnt. I just needed to strip (Deep clean) her diapers! ha. the urine smell was just strong her in her diapers and she was fine.

Elderberry   An antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral remedy.   It stimulates the immune system and is great for respiratory infections, colds, etc.  We use this at the first sign of a cold (we have only used it once so far).  I have never had the flu or the flu shot, but research shows that Elderberry syrup can relieve flu symptoms and can reduce the severity of the flu.  The flu doesn’t worry me. My parents have never had the flu shot and haven’t had the flu in at least a decade.  I think exercise, eating healthy, getting plenty of vitamin D, sleep,  and washing your hands is a good way to protect yourself. 
Vitamin D- Research also shows that getting enough Vitamin D is more effective at avoiding the flu than the flu shot.  Anika takes one drop of Biotech vitamin D every day except in the summer. She is outside so much in the summer, she gets enough vitamin D naturally from the sun. If  I thought she was getting sick in the summer, I WOULD give her the drops as well. I also take 10,000 IU of vitamin D 5 days a week, in pill form.   I would take more if I felt like I was getting sick. Anika takes the brand Biotech vitamin D and I got it from our natropath, but its available on amazon as well.  This isn’t just a hippie dippie thing, even Anika’s MD pediatrician recommends she take vitamin D.

ProbioticsI take a pill form 5 days a week. I keep my supplements at work on my desk. I take Nutrition Now PB8 Acidophilus.  Andrew takes a probiotic with colustrum. One of his doctors suggested it for his IC condition.
Anika takes a powder version probiotic we mix in her food: HLC neonate. 
A Harvard study states that probiotics can treat gastrointestinal issues, delay the developmeont of allergies in chilren and treat and prevent UTI's, any yeast (Candia) infections.  If you take an antibiotic you should always take a probiotic as well to repalce the good flora and bacteria antibiotics kill.  Many people get yeast infections after antibiotics- thats why.  Probiotics shorten stomach bugs as well. 
Probiotics inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and support a healhty immune system.

We have the complete Hylands Kid's Kit- Homeopathic Medicine.
Arnica stick for bumps and bruises. Andrew used the arnica on his sore muscles after his big rugby game last weekend.
 Aconitum napellus-for colds and fevers (we havent needed it)
Arnica tablets for brusing and muscle soreness
Belladonna- fevers and inflmations (teething)
Ferrum phos. -fevers and inflammations- havent used.
Pulsatilla- colds and runny nose (havent used).

And, there you have it.
We are lucky and we havent really had any illnesses and had to use much of this stuff.
Anika has had western medicine.  She was on antibiotics because she had an infected boo boo.
We didnt really try to treat it (even with homeopathic remedies) until it was too late. We used manuka honey and some silver. The first MD said it wasn't bad enough to need antibiotics. Then, it didnt heal for another week, so we did a round of oral abx.  Even our natropath said there are times that we do need antibiotics and it was one of those times.  Anika was never phased by her infected boo boo, but it looked bad.
We have regular MD's, so that is where we got the antibiotic script.

I am not a professional, but I learn from trained professionals.  The information I passed on is what I have learned from them and from my own research. I suggest everyone does their own research :)
I am going to a class in November on herbs for women's health and I am excited about that.

Knock on wood, I haven't been sick since last Dec. Not even a cold. I hope I don't jinx myself.
Anika has had a 12 hour thing here and there, but nothing really.
She also doesn't drink pasteurized cow's milk which is linked to a lot of respiratory colds and sickness.  She does eat cheese though and ice cream when she can get her hands on some! haha
While I'm at it, I may as well just get this fun fact out of the way while you already think I'm crazy.
We havent had a microwave in 6 months!

I was sick of cleaning it and it was on our counter and I hated it taking up space, so I moved it to the basement.
THen Andrew told me about how it rearranges the molecules of our food. He showed me a few things,  and I was ike- ya, we dont need it. HA. He said He has used it once in the basement for leftovers. I use the oven and stove top at home. I really don't miss it at all.
BUT, I have used the microwave at work when I need to heat my lunch up.
There is ONE more thing I want to share, but ugh, I think I would need to drink half a bottle of wine do divulge it on the internet. Its another "natrual" change I have made.
Man, I wish I had the nerve to post about it, but I dont...not yet.


  1. Oh my God! LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I will be referring back to this many times. Love it, thanks!

    Hadley takes the chewable Nordic Naturlas in strawberry flavor. She asks me multiple time a day for her vitamins, she would eat the whole bottle. We also use the powder probiotics. I've used it in high doses for ear infections but it just wasn't enough we needed antibiotics but maybe in conjunction with some of those other things. Cool post!

  2. I'm really curious what your other natural change is? What did you do? Stop showering or something????

  3. You are so smart! I almost can't even follow all of these things and keep them straight! What should I give Cooper for his runny/stuffy nose and coughing? It seems like there are a bunch of things he could take, but I'm not sure. He does drink pasteurized cow's milk, but Lee wouldn't go for stopping that. I've suggested it before :/ And you have to tell me the other thing. :) The only thing I can think of is the diva cup instead of tampons?

  4. You have to tell me the other natural change! I'm going to email you next time Chase gets sick. I've been so paranoid now that I went back to work and he got croup and then had a runny nose for like another week after that. What should I take to make sure I don't get sick and don't bring things home to him?

  5. This is awesome! I will refer to this when I fill up our medicine cabinet some more! I have the Hyland's Home remedy kit (not the kid version) and we've yet to use it, but glad we have it!
    Funny thing is, our microwave flipped out on me a couple months ago and we never got around to replacing it yet...I only miss it occasionally!
    I really want to know what you're afraid to divulge!! Tell us, ha ha!

  6. Did DHA really play a role in Anika's language? I don't know. Many studies say it helps, many say it does not make babies smarter. So you can decide that for yourself, but its something we take.