Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I have been Writing a blog post for the past 1.5 hours!
I still don't have it done so I'm giving up for the night. Ill finish it tomorrow. Its full of information.
 So, I leave you with photos from our weekend.

Watching daddy play rugby.

Our Fall CSA started. Yummy organic veggies and herbs from a farm right up the road!  So excited. We made a crock pot soup so far with lots of the veggies.

We went to the Fair.
 She rode a real pony, but didn't like it.

Played golf with daddy.

Oh man, she is a riot. She is obsessed with poop right now. Likes to point out my butt, Andrew's butt, Piri's butt, her dolls but, etc.  and then say poop. She also likes to inspect her dolls and ME to make sure we have undies on. When she sees undies, she likes to say the word over and over. She is asking me WHY?  That is fun.  She is just a hoot and I think she was put on this earth as our entertainment. ha.

Be back tomorrow night, I HOPE!


  1. Do you think that amber teething necklace really works? I was thinking about getting one for Hadley. She has been pretty wicked with her molars coming in.

  2. She is getting so big! And her hair! Love it! Cooper is obsessed with poop. He HAS to look at his diaper every time. And, he follows me and Lee into the bathroom and says "mama poopoo" or "dada poopoo" and if we say we aren't doing that, he gets mad, HA! Kids are weird but so cute :)