Monday, October 24, 2011

7 Months Old and a video that makes me LOL

(I think this is funnier with sound )

Miss Anika, you are 7 Months Old!! These months are just flying by!!
You have been walking back and forth with your little squeaky wooden wagon. Daddy and I picked it up at one of our favorite 2nd hand stores.  Of course, when I tried to video tape you, you got distracted along the way...but I still captured the main idea of what you have been up to. It might just be me..but, I LOL when I watch this video. Just my 16 pound baby pushing her baby doll in her little push cart.  YES, there is a baby doll in there...that you put it there! Daddy put a blanket in there just in case you fell forward...(the toy is made of wood) We didn't want you to hurt yourself (Again).  You put some of your toys in there...and I noticed the doll was in there...I mean- I UNDERSTAND the logic of pushing your baby doll IS  NOT there...It's a coincidence, but a funny one I THINK.
The one thing that is consistent about you my dear, is that you are NOT consistent. Your sleeping patterns at night are not consistent. Some nights you sleep through the night, and others you are up just 3 hours after going to bed. We do not let you cry it out, but I will wait a few minutes to see if you put yourself back to sleep. Most times, I peek in your room, and you are standing up in your crib. I try to sooth you back to sleep. Sometimes, just feed you back to sleep.
You take a couple good naps at Miss B's house each day.  Daddy and I are TRYING to be better nap givers on the weekends :)

Your food intake is not consistent. Some days you just want to eat Solids all day. Other days, you are all about liquids.  IN the past few weeks, you went from wanting to be fed to wanting to eat on your own (solids). We give you pieces of food every night and you usually feed yourself. You have never choked and you chew quite well. Some days you want nothing to do with nursing and other days you are all about it. You always want to nurse at night though. ha..  You also grind those top teeth of yours with your bottom teeth. The sound of that makes me squirm.  You do NOT eat when you are not hungry, but when you are hungry you will devour lots and lots of food. You still throw up quite often, but I am pretty sure that is because you are so active after you eat.  Last week, you decided you didn't like peas or asparagus (you had like them before) so I added sweet potato and you ate it.  I just have to trick you :) I can also get you to eat if I take a taste and say "Yum yum" and then you trust me...and you will give it another try. I love that about you.  You are reaching up for me and you reach for me when I pick you up at Miss B's or gym daycare. You also recognize other people- like 2 girls from Miss B's house...when we ran into them, you got so excited. You already have some friends and that is pretty darn cute.  So far, I like the moms of your friends too! So, good job Anika. haha

You are Active and everyone says I think it is true. I mean, I have nothing to compare you to, but everyone says we have our hands full....even the ER doctor and nurses.   You are just on the go all the time and into everything. You did visit the ER this month....and I wrote about that 2 posts ago. We do not need to go there again. I was very over protective over you for a  few days after, but I am trying to let you play and do your thing.
You found the toilet paper this month, but I stopped you from unrolling the whole thing. I am sure it is your right of passage as a pre-toddler/toddler, and I am sure you will get the chance to try again. I gave you two baths this weekend so you could play with tub toys. But, during the week, it is showers with mommy still.  That is what we have time for.
Your Daddy and I can just sit and watch you for a long time. You are our entertainment. Watching you learn new things and experience everything just brings the biggest smiles to our faces.
We did your 7 month photos the morning of your 7 Month Birthday before I had to go to we didn't have a lot of time...

Then, a few more the next morning...

BUT, you wouldn't sit still....

Up in the chair...

I decided to video you instead to capture what you were REALLY Like....

Oh, I feel like I have so much more to report on for this month...but I kind of write as we go. You have 4 teeth. You weigh about 16 pounds. You wear clothes ranging in size 3 months (hah- I can make things last) up to the 6-9 month size. 6-9 month clothes work well with your cloth diapers, but the arms seem a bit long. I put you in size 2 shoes and size 3.  You still don't poop a lot. I guess you use a lot of your food as you don't have a lot of waste. Your daddy is the same way...but Don't tell him I wrote that on the Internet :)  You got into the liquor cabinet last week and people said "Like mother, like daughter" You didn't open any bottles of course-Just opened the cabinet.  You still drink breast milk most of the time, but have had some goat's milk and water as well.  You like to play with containers and a wooden spoon while I am in the kitchen. YOu tried to climb up on the dishwasher, but only got one leg up and then you were stuck.  You will stand at the door and watch Piri eat her breakfast and dinner outside...and watch her go to the bathroom. You talk to her while she does all her business. You use my leg ...or any one's leg to pull yourself well as ANY other object you can. 
Daddy gave you some salmon off his plate last week, and you liked was only a tiny bit. I wonder if you will be obsessed with salmon like your mummy :) haha You certainly have gotten used to it... from getting it from being in my belly and breast milk.
Your personality ...I think you are a spitfire. You are charming too. You do NOT give up on what you are trying to do-you are SO persistent!  Noni (My mom) thinks you have a temper at times, but I don't really think so. I think you cry when you get frustrated, but I don't think it is a temper. You are so easy to soothe (most of the time) and that little girl, is a blessing to me. There is NOTHING a little boob cant soothe.
We just love you so much. I know all parents are just in Awww of their babies....and it is no different here. We are in aw....times a million. Your daddy is always telling you how cool you are. When Daddy is gone for the week, you talk on the phone with him. I put it on speaker and he tells you stories and you smile and sometimes will talk back to him. 
  I know many of our friends say they feel bad for us that we have to deal with your activity level already, but we don't really mind. Ok, well I say that now, but I guess I have complained before. lol. I want to be honest! haha. Mommy and Daddy are busy people. We like to be busy and we like to stay you are really just a product of us :)  Auntie C always says "Busy people are the most productive people"  Mommy agrees with Auntie C about that!
This weekend we had no plans going into it...for the first time in a long time. So, we made plans! There will be a separate post later, but you experienced some culture and learned some history!  We love being able to take you everywhere and anywhere.  Watching your face experience so many things and places is so special.

You have a few sets of flash cards you received as gifts. They are in your toy box (Well, you have a toy wheel barrow and a toy basket).  You have taken them out of the package and tossed them all over the floor. I have seen you pick up one card...examine the front and back and then put it back down and pick up another one. Haha. I have watched you do this from afar to make sure they don't go in your mouth. Daddy asked me if they were too old for you, but I said as long as she is just looking at them, she is fine! Most other things go in your mouth though, so I don't know why these don't.  I think the Jumperoo is over. You dont like being confined in there.  Like the swing, time to retire to the basement.
I am sure I am forgetting some VERY VALUABLE stuff, haha, but I will have to edit to add later when I remember them.
I still have my post on milk coming...I know some readers are interested and I know others could care less.  It is like writing a research paper though- I need to make sure my facts and opinions gathered are all organized in a logical manner to present to my readers.
Another cause for celebration....Andrew had his US Citizenship test this morning and he PASSED.  He studied the 100 questions all weekend and they ask 10. He had to get 6 right. He only had to answer 6 because he got them all right! The Immigration officer told Andrew that his wife (ME!) did an excellent job filling out the application and supplying all the paper work ahead of time.  He said I was very thorough  :)  that must be why this whole process has gone a lot faster than we expected. I cant wait for Andrew's swearing in ceremony....well, he has to get approved first, but the officer said there is no reason why he shouldn't. Well, there is ONE little thing that needs to be done because I was brutally honest about a few tidbits, but they should be taken care of soon :)
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.


  1. I know what you mean about having an active little booger!! Lexi doesn't ever stay still!! I think that is so adorable that she put her baby in the walker and pushed it haha smart girl!!
    still excited for the milk post :) and congrats to Andrew!! That is so awesome!! What a wonderful wifey he has!!! I saw your post on fb but wasn't sure what you were talking about!!

  2. OMG. She is just the sweetest thing. She is so pretty. I am excited for the milk post too!

  3. Cute, cute, cute. It's all preciously cute :) She is amazing, and Piri loves her unconditionally. That first vid brought me to tears.

    But then again...I'm a dog person. No babies here yet :) hahaha....

  4. I can't believe she is 7 months already!!!

    Still cute as a button!! Love that first video..those little socks/tights are adorable!

  5. She is so adorable! And she's so bald like AG - so cute! I can't believe they are already 7 months!

  6. Happy 7 months big girl! She is so darn cute! I love that first video with her pushing the baby stroller. She's got so much energy! I need to buy Giada one of those strollers and have her take her energy out on it. haha