Sunday, October 16, 2011

LAST weekend Review-LOTS of Pictures

This is long overdue. I have so many things I want to post about, but just don't seem to have the time.  I also have been lacking motivation to post because I just don't feel like people are reading anymore...basically since I moved sites. Maybe it is because I am boring now.  Who knows. BUT, I am forcing myself to post, because if nothing else- I want all these things recorded for my own memories.
The other posts I have in mind coming up have to do with milk- yes, milk. I have been obsessive about milk and researching it a lot lately-as well as other foods.  I also started reading a book about positive discipline. Anika is extremely mobile now and into EVERYTHING. I am trying to figure out how to deal with these toddler behaviors she is exhibiting even though she is still young. I am sure her mind is not up to speed with her body?
Anyway- that is all for other posts and hopefully I find time this week.
LAST weekend, we went to the twins' first birthday party.  I forgot my camera but got a pic on my phone of Anika playing with her cousins.

You can only see one of the boys in this pic. 
On Saturday we went to the all day NZ day, as I mentioned in my previous post.

My SIL was smart to bring along the pack n play to keep the busy kids in one spot, if needed.

Anika with her nz shirt on, although it had food all over it after her lunch.
We watched daddy and uncle D play a game of rugby. Daddy has not played in 5 years but he did quite well!  Very fast guy, he is.

Andrew is the one crouching over

Rugby is a pretty hands on sport. Lots of physical contact.  OUCH! Andrew thinks he broke a rib....

There are lots of moves like this.

After a tackle?

Uncle D taking one of Many breaks :)

A scrum?

The NZ team above.  WE WON!! It was against the "Americans" although the American team consisted of a lot of guys who play on rugby leagues. There were Americans on the NZ team as well. There was actually a guy who was actually a NZ allblack many many years ago! People told Andrew he should play on one of the leauges, but the games are far from where we live,  and with his work schedule, it would never work :( I wish it would because I think it is great for him! He is so good! And, it is great for Anika to see him doing it.

Anika and Andrew At the Hangi after the game.  There were so many people there and it was a gorgeous day. A kiwi man hosts the event every year at his house. 
Me and one of the twins. I needed my sling because he is heavy! I had an Allblacks jersey on earlier in the day, but it was just too hot!

My BIL gave a little speech before we ate.  The host asked him to. My BIL has the gift of public speaking. His best man toast is still talked about to this day. The host (on the left) in typical kiwi fashion, just put a suit jacket on over his rugby outfit to spruce up!

My necklace is from NZ. Andrew gave it to me when we were dating. It is made of paua and has a carved koru in.
Also, I am wearing green stone earings (aka: nz jade).
There were lots of kids to play with. One of the little girls asked me why the twins had no shoes or pants on! Lol. I told her to ask their mom. The girl asked my SIL and she said because they were too hot. I told her because they were bogans. THAT same girl asked me how I knew Anika was a girl. I said because she has pink on. Then she asked how I knew she was a girl to PUT the pink clothes on her.  I responded that she had girl parts. The girl asked me how I knew she had girl parts, and I told her to ask her mom.

This is when they were taking food out of the hangi. It had all been put in the ground early that morning. They do this in Hawaii too.

Potatoes, onions, yams, turnip, squash and lamb. It was all very juicy, tender and good.
Then on Sunday we went to my Grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary party. We got there early to help set up.

I made this! Apple Cider in a pumpkin. I put Cinnamon sugar on the rims of mason jars. There were sliced apples in the pumpkin. There was spiced rum on the side to add :)

And Cinnamon sticks in the glasses.

Rum to add...and I got the idea from Pinterest...picture below is from Pinterest
Anika ready to get her party on.
Got that bottle cap from Etsy and added it to a bow.
Before the guests arrived.
One of the pumpkins I made.  It was a perfect fall day on the lake.

Anika and her cousins.

Although, I am not looking in this pic- and I am stuffing my face...when I saw this pic of me, I could actually see that my weight is coming off (although slowly).  Those boots I have on- they stopped fitting at the end of November last year when I was pregnant...and I wasn't swollen (EVER)..just fat.  I was excited to get back into them.

My mouth was full :)

My niece took this. It was me in front of my Gram's wedding dress with her veil on :) I was holding a picture of my Gram and Grampa on their wedding day.  My gram has a manikin in her hall that she dresses up for different seasons. HA- the weekend before, my Gram and I attempted to put the wedding dress on the manikin, but IT WOULDN'T Fit. My gram was SOO skinny. SHe weighed less than 100 lbs when she got married so we had to just hang the dress instead.

Monday, Andrew had to work :( But, I didn't :)
Anika and I went to the fair with my mom, Gram and niece.  Anika loved looking at the animals. Horses, cows, goats, chickens, bunnies, etc.

That yellow sweater was mine  :) Someone made it for me, and now Anika gets to wear it :) I had to pair it with pink so she wasn't mistaken as a boy.
Gram and Ani.

First pony ride!

First time riding in the Ergo on my back. I have to say- I cant get her in the Ergo alone- I always need help. I wish it was easier. She also rode in the BOB most of the time.

Tuesday, Anika discovered the dishwasher.  On Wednesday, I found her with one leg up on it...and stuck....trying to get a knife out of the utensil thing. Since then, she is everywhere. It amazes me how active she is. 

oh, whoops the picture below must have gotten out of order. THat is Andrew shaking hands with some guy he played rugby with.

AND- that was our weekend- LAST weekend. This weekend we went to a baby shower.  I also  used my new steam mop and played with my little buddy, A LOT. We went to sushi Friday night and Anika sat in her high chair the whole time. She was an angel, which was nice.  Sometimes she gets antsy. We also went grocery shopping and Andrew's mouth dropped when he saw the prices of the organic foods I buy. He knew we were going that route, but usually he is not with me to witness it :) 
 Saturday night, Andrew and I went out to dinner with a friend of mine and her husband. It was kind of last minute. I didn't want to leave Anika, but we ended up having fun. We went early so we were at my parent's picking her up by 8.  It was a Japanese steakhouse where they cook the food in front of you.  We rode with my friends and then Andrew drove after that, so I had a couple stiff drinks.  Anika was sleeping when we picked her up, slept the whole way home and went right to bed when we got home. THEN, she woke up 2 hours later...and wanted to nurse, but I didnt want to nurse her since I had drank earlier...I tried giving her water and a bottle of goats milk..but no- she watned me. She was PULLING my shirt and sucking my face hard out (She does that when she wants to nurse).  Basically, we were up with her for 2 hours and it was torture. Andrew didnt know what to do because we never have to deal with that.  I told him to deal with her- it was NOT our best hours. Thank God when she woke up again at 4, I was clear to feed her. She may not be really into nursing during the days these days, but she lives for night time nursing. So note to self- Let her sleep at Noni's when I want to drink heavily again :) 
Today, we were supposed to go apple picking but Andrew had to deal with some work stuff, so I really played with Anika all day. She just lights up and is so full of joy. She is SOO happy with herself these days and she just melts my heart with all her big smiles and "talking".  We never take baths, but we did tonight and it was quite fun.


  1. You telling the little girl to ask her mom made me laugh out loud. Kiwi party looks like fun. And I cannot believe Anika doesn't pull off the sunglasses!

  2. still a reader, but I knw what you mean about lack of readers, haha i have maybe 10 but im okay with that :))
    Loved all the pics! She is way too cute!!!

  3. love all the photos of her and her cousins - what cutie pies! sounds like 2 fun weekends in a row - minus the nursing issue this weekend LOL:) Fiona is now not nursing well during the day on my days off with her - she's too busy looking around and also I think bottle lazy from I pump except 1st thing in the AM and in the evening. I couldn't imagine it being that way when you mentioned about Anika in much earlier posts - but man - once they are busy its hard to keep them focused on nursing!