Thursday, October 20, 2011

Piri -Did she "Lassie" up?

I have a little confession about my first born child- If you don't know- that would be our dog, Piri.
I loved her from the second I saw her on the rescue website.  We treated her like our baby.  I wasn't even a big dog person, but I quickly became obsessed with little Piri. In fact,one of my very first posts was when we decided to adopt her. (2.5 years ago). 
You see, these days, SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY. Ok, I said it.  I know SOO many other new moms to human babies, who had furry babies before the human came along. No one else seems to share these feelings I have. I used to be obsessed with cuddling Piri and dressing her up in one of her 25 scarves. We would wear matching bandannas when we went for walks or runs. Piri has not had on a scarf or bandannas since the day Anika came home with us for the first time.  I haven't even made Piri homemade treats since Anika has been born.  I used to love Piri cuddling with me on the couch or in bed.  NOW- Now she smothers me.  She is CONSTANTLY up in my shit. She will just sit ON me while I am trying to nurse, change, or play with Anika.  I am CONSTANTLY telling her "OFF" and she just doesn't get it. I feel a lot of guilt for this. When Piri used to get away and run through the woods and be missing for hours, I would cry. I would go out driving around and walking down the street calling her name over and over.  She has pulled the same shit a few times since I have had Anika- and I just wait it out until she comes home. Andrew still loves Piri just as much, so that is a good thing. At least she still gets the same amount of love from him! But, I am the one home with her all week and she is just NON stop NEEDY!  I almost like having the gates at the top of the stairs for Anika now, so I can "OOPSY" close it and leave Piri on the other side.  I really hope these feelings pass. I really do. I feel horrible. Anika Loves Piri and Piri seems to love Anika, so at least they have each other! haha

There is something from Monday  night I forgot to write In my previous post.  You see- before Anika fell down the stairs, Piri was barking.  She never barks for no reason. Usually, she only barks when someone is at the house, or there is an animal outside in the yard.  Well, right before I Heard the Bang BANG Bang (of ANika falling) Piri barked and I remember thinking "Oh, there must be an animal outside"  BUT, maybe- Piri was trying to tell me something.  I was telling Andrew on Monday night after we got home with Anika from the ER, that Piri should have "Lassied" up and saved Anika from falling, but when I told him how she barked, he thought she was trying to tell me. I mean, Piri could have used those fangs  of hers and grabbed onto Anika's shirt or nappy to stop her...NO? 
I was telling
DSS this (she thinks her cutie, Louis, rolls in shit on purpose so he can get free baths at daycare-smart pup). And as she put it:  I'll bet Piri was trying to warn you!!!  Piri considers her part of her pack.   So I'll bet A was crawling over to those stairs and Piri was saying "hold up there partner!  mom!  mom!  someone stop this small 2-legged thing from crawling to the stairs!"

I would like to think DSS is right. That Piri was trying to warn me or stop Anika.  I wont lie- it did enter my head that maybe Piri got jealous and pushed her, but I know that is just horrible. She would never do that.  She has been nothing but gentle with her since the day she came home.

I may not have a lot of patience for Piri these days, but I am going to take her for an extra Long walk this weekend (HER favorite thing to do) and slip her some special treats :)


  1. Hand on the Bible...I really do think Piri was barking to alert you :)

    Now, about this not loving Piri the same. Poor muffin :( She probably is overcompensating *by smothering you* because he still wants to matter. She's not dummy. She knows that Anika is the new baby in town, and she just doesn't want to be forgotten. I think taking her on a walk, and giving her some treats will go very far with her. Maybe she'll even give you some breathing room once she knows you haven't forgotten her :)

  2. Holy grammer/spelling disaster above. Eeeks!

  3. I am sure she was. Give your dog some love for goodness sakes.

  4. ImSorry but your dog situation kinda makes Me laugh lol!! But maybe she was trying to warn you, dogs are pretty Smart And have like that sixth sense or what not. Anika is part of her 'wolfpack' (from hangover haha)! Too funny!!

  5. I so glad your precious Anika is okay. Hugs to you.

  6. Yo, I think she was trying to warn you! Awwww... how sweet is this!
    First I was going to say "My pets get almost no love at all. We actually kicked them all outside. So don't feel to bad." But now I'm gonna tell ya "damn it woman, go give that midget dog a hug!"

  7. I'm surprised your mom-friends with dogs DON'T feel annoyed with their dogs now that they have a baby. ALL of my friends feel like that. I actually think I am the one that has the most love for my dogs post-baby than anyone I know. But, they are ANNOYING. I feel bad but we yell at them a lot and they do not get NEARLY as much attention as they used to. Poor things.

    I definitely think Piri was trying to warn you though!

  8. I definitely think Piri was trying to warn you - she is damn smart! And don't feel badly - I don't feel annoyed by my dogs - but they don't get nearly as much attention, grooming, etc and we get frustrated with bad behavior much easier now and end up yelling at them:( It happens. Your priorities change! Before I had Fi I couldn't imagine loving my "human baby to be" more than my dogs because that is just how much love I felt for them. I used to spend many hours a week on the floor with them wrestling, playing, grooming, snuggling. Now, sometimes when I go to bed at night I realize I haven't even touched them all day and forgot to pet them "goodnight":( a long walk and some extra cookies will go a long way with the divine miss P:)

  9. I hear the same thing from so many Moms about their dogs.
    I can't imagine.
    I might eat my words but I hope to God Buddy doesn't get kicked to the curb.
    The pooch has been through turbulant times with me and has been my comfort.
    He's special and I know a child will be more special but he won't just become 'the dog'.

  10. LOL-I totally do the same thing! I love my Minnie and I feel bad....but GEEEEEZZZZZZZ can I get five minutes without the baby and my dog requesting crap from me! Well written post my dear!

  11. Aww this makes me sad, I'm with DSS on this one. Bondi gets very upset when Joe and I tickle fight. I am sure he would be concerned with anythign out of the ordinary and Piri would have thought that Anika going down the stairs was NOT cool. Give your poor dog some credit! She misses her MAMA! :-)