Monday, October 10, 2011

Crafts and The Crawler-videos

I started this post last week.  I made the pumpkins for my grandparent's 60th Anniversary party this weekend. I got the idea from this blog- the post was 2 Octobers ago, but I remembered it. H is for my grandparent's last name. I just used modge podge and scrap book paper. I did spray paint the middle pumpkin white because I could only find one white pumpkin at the time (right).

I also made one for Miss B. Well, I said Anika made it for her :)  The 60th anniversary is the diamond anniversary (Andrew informed me of this). In my opinion it should be way before 60 years!! I cant believe I'm supposed to wait that long!? But, we had this huge fake diamond ring so Andrew said I should put it in the pumpkin like it is a ring box :) Cute idea I thought. I also put some crystals on to make a 60.  The crystals are actually swarovski crystals left over from my wedding veil! ha- my mom wasn't exactly thrilled when I asked for the crystals to put on a pumpkin but I barely used any.
My ring for special occasions ;)

I got some stuff to make Anika one too, but haven't had time yet. Just find a font you want. Print it out in size 350 ish and then use that as a pattern to cut out the letter or number on pretty paper. I am not good at cutting and even I did it!  I used a foam brush to paint the modge podge.
Oh, and I put a few on my phone :) haha. I could have done better on that.
This was from last week when my friend and her daughter came over to play.
Anika in a knit sweater and hat my old roomie gave her. Super cute.
See that little double chin? My babe is finally pudging up??

THis past weekend was PACKED FULL. We had plans Friday night (Twins' 1st birthday). Saturday we had an all day New Zealand family day. We watched Andrew and his bro play a rugby game and then went to a Hangi (Where they cook food in the ground). There were about 300 people there-kiwis and their families from around New England. AND, we met a guy from Andrew's home town that actually worked for Andrew's mom 30 years ago! He didn't know his mom had passed away, but he said she turned his life around and got him on the right track. His mom was kind of a social worker. It was emotional to hear and to meet this guy in little old New Hampshire. Small world I tell ya.
Sunday we had my grandparent's anniversary party all day  and we were there early to help set up. Then, Monday we went to the fair and Anika rode a pony!!  Pictures from this weekend will have to wait for another post.
We got this video of A crawling, but even since then, she has picked up her speed. She is ON the go and has me on my toes. I have her in her high chair eating snacks so I can write this post :)

ps. the ugly bathroom floor came with the house.

She is in the dog bowl all the time and as I finish this up, she is climbing up the stool I am sitting on...then she will let go because she thinks she can stand alone, but she cant.


  1. OMG, she is going to be walking before you know it!! And, I'm madly in love with her double chin. lol.

  2. You are so crafty with your pumpkins!

    Can't believe there are enough Kiwi's in NE to have a huge reunion!

  3. I can't believe she's old enough to be crawling already! They grow TOO fast! And those pumpkins are too cute. I can't believe you used Swarovski crystals for them though. That ish is expensive yo!

  4. Your pumpkins came out darling!!! And the ring box one, priceless and precious!! I love her new little outfit thats too cute! She is getting so big!! Glad to see she is gaining weight :)

  5. 1st of all - love the pumpkins - especially the ring box:)
    Anika's outfit is adorable!!!
    So neat you are able to get together with other New Zealand families - must have been a blast. and what a nice surprise to hear a sweet story about Andrew's mom - must have made his day:)